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High Precision Modular 3D Printer

Feature: F1 modular DIY robotic arm linear guideways assembled 3D printer can also be transformed into other functions such as laser engraving machine, fun jams machine, paintbrush robots (contact asliu@robotdigg.com if you need to upgrade the printing head. More details can be found in our news. F1 Modular DIY 3D printer SET RobotDigg Presentation

Assembly structure: Gantry structure
Design: full metal modular assembly kit
Fixed base: steel plate mechanical holes fixed
Function realization: 3D printer( Laser Module Laser engraving machines, food printer, Smart Brush, etc.)
Printing precision: 0.1mm (100μm) within minimum print layers: 0.05 mm (recommendation> = 0.1mm)
The fastest print speed: 120mm / s (recommendation <= 40mm / s)
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Support Supplies: PLA
Supplies Diameter: 1.75mm adapter
Power supply: 110-220V, 50-60HZ
Data Entry: SD card, USB interface supports file formats: Pcode slice
Software: Pango
Print Size: About 110 * 120 * 125mm
Package Size: about 376 * 386 * 196mm
Operating System: Windows7
Housing (value-add): 3D printing and dispensing machine frame, multicolor acrylic bezel

Structure: Mechanical arm
Features: Modularization parts
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm Works With: PLA
Positioning Precision: 0.02(with100mm)
Power: 110-220v
Connect: SD card Compatibility: windows7

Package Size: 376*386*196mm

Software: Pango with independent intellectual property rights
Delivery status: Delivery of spare parts assembled

Packing List:
F1 assembled 3D printer
1roll PLA(1.75mm)
1pc Laser engraving head
Pando Software

Shipping within 7 working days after deposit this Modular 3D Printer

SHF1-Z Z-axis Linear Module (1 of the 4 linear modules)
Modular 3D Printer Z-axis

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