Wireless touch probe for detecting edges or dividing center

M2.5, 3mm Tungsten probe
M4, D3*30 Agate probe


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Wireless touch probe

The default of touch probe includes a 3mm tungsten steel probe. Optional ruby tip has a diameter of 2mm.
The probe tip is installed with M2.5, and can be replaced with tips of your preferred.
The size of the shank is 6mm, the distance and field of view of the IR sensor (angle) is 2 meter, 60 degree.
About the battery, the touch probe uses a 900mAh lithium battery, and there is a complete protection board for low voltage, short circuit, and charging protection. Cals use a minimum of 500 charge-discharge cycles, according to it's about one-month recharging request, it can be used for a long time. Additionally, even if the battery malfunctions, replacement is relatively simple. It can be easily disassembled, the new battery can be re-soldered, and the accuracy can be adjusted after the replacement.

F20mm/min speed accurate measurement results, the error is probably within 0.005mm, and can reach the nominal accuracy within 0.01mm
Touch Probe Accuracy
Instructions for use:
Probe screen v2 master for LinuxCNC
Touch Probe
1: Use the typical Type-C interface to charge. It can output 5V1A for both fast and slow charging. It takes about an hour to fully charge (Do Not use the type-c of the Apple/iPhone different definitions may cause damage.) The indicator light is red when charging and green when fully charged.
2: The normal indicator light is green when the measurement is triggered. When the battery voltage is lower than 2.9V, the trigger indicator light will turn into a red indicator light. A reminder that it needs to be recharged. (The red indicator light can still be used for about 3~4 days and needs to be charged as soon as possible)
3: Do not turn on the spindle rotation when using the probe, as it may cause damage to the probe.
4: Receiver 5-core signal output line, respectively power supply 5~24V+ (red) GND (black) COM (white) NC (green) NO (yellow) Supports NPN and PNP normally open or normally closed modes. Among them, V+ can be connected to the power supply interface in the 5~24V range on the system, and the operating current is only 50ma. COM According to the probe signal input method supported by the system When the system is NPN, COM is connected to the system signal GND, and the system probe input signal is connected to NC or NC according to normally open or normally closed. NO on When the system is PNP, COM is connected to the system signal VCC, and the system probe input signal is connected to NC or NO according to normally open or normally closed. superior In general, if the system supports it, it is recommended to use NC normally closed wiring, which has a relatively shorter delay.
5: Receiver installation requirements. The receiver is generally installed on the side or top of the machine in an unobstructed area. You can use the back magnetic After the suction is temporarily fixed, press the hand-held probe to trigger and test whether it can be received normally (when receiving the signal, the receiver The red light is on), determine the appropriate installation position, and drill holes to install M4 fixing screws.
6: The probe concentricity will be adjusted to within 0.05 before shipment (because of transportation vibration, even if it is adjusted to 0.01, it cannot be guaranteed after receiving the goods. (certified original accuracy), you need to adjust it to 0.01 after receiving the goods.
Probe Wizard for Mach3, GrblGru for GRBL 1.1
Touch Probe Mach3 or Grbl

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