DC motor or stepper motor Peristaltic Dosing Pump




Peristaltic Dosing Pump

1) Unique design
2) Low cost
3) High quality manufacturing and materials
4) Simple structure, less spare parts
5) Quick tube replacement (no tools requirement)
6) Cover lock for bi-directional operation
7) Quiet operation (low decibel)
8) Dry turn accepted
9) High quality Pharmed BPT as standard
10) Long maintenance free operation life
11)Wide customization options
12)DC geared motor or step motor
1) Voltage (V):DC 12V or 24V for the DC geared motor, 12-36VDC for stepper motor
2) Flow rate: according to your exact requirement
Dosing Pump
Factory set tube size 3*5mm
Stepper Motor version coming with
NEMA17 40mm
analytic machine pump

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