NEMA11 ball screw stepper motor linear actuator



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Ball screw and linear rail NEMA11 linear actuator

NEMA11 34mm body stepper motor
Step angle 1.8, two phase bipolar, 1A rated current
0602 2mm pitch TPI ball screw
HIWIN MGN9 linear rail
Repeating accuracy +-0.02mm
20mm/s thrust 70N, 120mm effective working length.
Option: encoder and handwheel 75USD added.

Stepper Motor Linear Actuator

DG282-120 120mm working length nema11 stepper motor linear module as below
Ball screw NEMA11 linear module

Ball screw linear stepper motor NEMA11 11HY3411L-150LG0602A
ball screw nema11 linear

NEMA11 high end dual guide rail linear modules
Working length 30mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm
nema11 linear module
nema11 linear module with encoder
NEMA11 linear stepper motor C5 ground ball screw
High end linear rail single or dual pieces
servo stepper linear modules

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