20 captive or non-captive PM linear stepper motor



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Non-captive PM Linear Stepper Motor

NC20-BYZ is 12V DC less than 300mA phase current non-captive pm linear stepper motor
Step angle 15 degree and step increment 0.0254mm, pull force 10N at 200PPS.
Non-captive Linear Stepper
NC20-BYZ-5V is 5V DC less than 700mA phase current Non-captive size nema8 20mm pm linear stepper motor
Step angle 7.5 degree and step increment 0.0125mm and the max stroke 80mm
Other options of Non-captive NEMA8 pm linear stepper motor please leave us message or email us for query.

Captive PM Linear Stepper Motor

C20-BYZ is captive nema8 pm linear stepper motor
12V DC phase current less than 300mA and step increment 0.0254mm
Max stroke 8mm, 8N pull force at speed 200PPS.
NEMA8 Captive Linear Stepper Motor

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