Linear Stepper

External Drive Linear Stepper, Non-captive Linear Stepper n Captive Linear Stepper

Threaded Rod or Linear Steppers NEMA14, NEMA17 n NEMA23 are not only used on reprap 3d printers but also for many other linear applications: CNC mill, cnc lathe, cnc engrave, etc. It's also known as External Drive Linear Stepper Motors.
No Coupling is needed, Integrated Linear Motion, Precise Solution for Line of Applications.

Acme Leadscrew of RobotDigg Threaded Rod Stepper is made of #304 Stainless Steel. Say NO to poor quality of C15 low carbon steel screw.
Anti-backlash Nuts are available for RobotDigg Tr8*2, Tr8*4 n Tr8*8 Linear Steppers.

Nema14 w/ 180mm Tr5*2 linear stepper is for small desktop 3d printers like Huxley and Foldarap.
Threaded Rod Stepper with ACME Lead Screw 70mm, 150mm, 210mm, 280mm, 350mm n 500mm are in stock, in the same time, RobotDigg put more Tr8*2 n Tr8*4 Self-locking n Tr8*12, Tr8*20 Faster linear steppers in stock for quick response.
CUSTOM Threaded Rod Stepper Motors can be produced size from nema8 to nema34.