IKO Linear Rail LWL9/12 with metal component carriage



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High-temperature use linear guide

The IKO linear guide adopts metal components carriage/wagon. The carriage/wagon is made up of a bolt cap, Retainer, bottom seal, end seal, and end cap.
The metal parts of a recirculating linear guide include the bearing housing, recirculating balls or rollers, guide rail, scraper plates, and various fastening and mounting screws. The makeup of these parts can encompass three or more different types of steel, stainless steel, and — in some cases — aluminum. So it’s important to understand which type of metal each component is made of and what temperature range it can withstand.
In many cases, manufacturers recommend using stainless steel wherever possible when the application falls outside the normal operating temperature range, especially if the temperature is very high (above 150° C) or very low (below 0° C). One of the reasons for this recommendation is the possibility of temperature fluctuations, which can cause condensation and lead to corrosion.
IKO high-temperature linear guide

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