Stepper motorized KCM Peristaltic Pump



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Stepper Motorized Peristaltic Pump

KCM Peristaltic Pump
High precision,small pulse,stepper motor
Experiment,Filling packaging,Laboratory,Research institutes,Food
stepper motorized peristaltic pump Features:
1. Delicate and charming,Cool colors
2. Stepper motor,Higher accuracy
3. Suitable for viscous, non-viscous liquid transport
4. High precision, small pulse
Installation mode: ODMA
Other parameter
High degree of integration, high reliability
Interface using ultra-fast optocoupler isolation, high frequency interference ability
A variety of subdivision optional(1,1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32)
Overheating automatically turn off the output protection
Output current is optional:0A-1.8A
Automatic semi-current lock
Support offline, enable, lock and other functions
Note: Considering the mute and comprehensive effect, it is recommended to use
1/32 subdivision, 1.2A current
The default shipping is 1/32 subdivision, 1.2A current.
peristaltic pump

Stepper controller included KCM-S164RDG

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