BLDC servo motor with built-in driver and planetary gearbox



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BLDC Motor with built-in driver and planetary gearbox

CANBus or RS495 protocol built-in motor driver.
Pulse and direction signals.
1. Isolate CAN communication (EasyCan protocol, simple, quick to use, rate 1M). Support contour position mode, and, cycle synchronization mode.
2. 15-bit absolute encoder, pulse up to 32768 per revolution.
3. Multi-turn absolute value (battery required). Pulse mode: automatically return to the power-off position after power-on again.
Communication mode: power off and record location.
4. Multi-stage DD motor structure, large torque output.
5. Integrated servo, simplified wiring, ultra-small volume.
6. Low noise, low vibration, high-speed positioning and high reliability.
7. FOC field-oriented vector control, support position/speed closed loop.
8. It can work in the zero-lag given pulse state and follow the zero lag.
9. 16-bit electronic gear function.
10. Provide a serial port host computer, which can monitor the state of the motor and modify the parameters.
11. Position mode, support pulse + direction signal, encoder follows
12. Speed mode, support PWM duty cycle signal speed regulation
13. With locked-rotor, over-current protection, and over-voltage protection.

Planetary gearbox ratio 10, 30 or 40

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