Injection Molding Machine Screw and Barrel



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Injection Molding Machine Screw and Barrel
Injection amount: 30g-50000g
Screw diameter: Ф18-Ф250 type
Clamping force: 250KN-32000KN
Material: 38crMoAIA, quenched and tempered. Qualitative. Nitriding, surface
Hardness: HV ≥ 900 Nitriding depth: 0.5-0.8mm

Material special stainless steel, quenching, hard HR55-58. Suitable for a variety of transparent and corrosive materials, improve the service life of the screw.
Our professional to provide customers with a variety of special design screw, such as PVC, PC, nylon plus glass fiber, bakelite, ceramic powder, halogen-free and other special screw.

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