Foot-measuring 3D scanner




3d foot scanning system (foot measuring instrument) can be applied in measuring foot type by three-dimensional scanning, high precision foot type 3D data acquisition, and generate 60 sets of personalized parameters to support upload and download, Widely used in footwear industry and medical rehabilitation.

★ all-optical closed system, 8-angle omni-directional scan
★ scan objects: feet (barefoot or wear socks), plaster model
★ intelligent one-touch operation: the system is simple, one-click scan, without manual intervention, the file automatically saved;
★ non-contact laser scanning, the human body and the eye without any harm
★ The industry's smallest, lightest quality, easy to transport and carry

★ support WeChat public access
★ customer information cloud management
★ Scanning speed (one foot scanning <10s)
★ high precision (standard error <0.5mm)
★ automatic extraction of feet 60 sets of parameters: automatic extraction of foot characteristics of several parameters 60, resulting in measurement reports; foot-type can be a single cross-section of data analysis
★ foot can be inside the valgus and arch deformation evaluation
★ directly generate STL triangular mesh data
★ data can be directly used for 3D printing: scan data can be imported 3D printer, direct print samples;
★ Support SQL database
★ Cloud automatic shoes selection and customization services
★ meet the custom needs of women's high heels: the heel can be increased after the foot scan, foot deformation parameters collected for the purchase of high heels and custom;

3d foot scanning system - experiential marketing vehicle
◆ Experience: 60 sets of intelligent extraction of foot sets of parameters, digital feet
◆ services: customer information cloud management, customer segmentation, one to one service
◆ marketing: support micro-public access to the public, real-time push marketing information
◆ Sales: Cloud platform automatically selected shoes and customized services, anytime, anywhere, any order

Product parameters:
model LSF-350
Scanning method Non-contact line laser scanning, no harm to the human body and eyes
Scan range (x, y, z) 350 × 170 × 150mm
Scanning error ± 0.5 mm
Scan time <10 s
Machine size (l × w × h) 570 × 390 × 310 mm
Application FeetScan
Output format ASC, STL, OBJ, etc., support EasyLast, ShoeMaster, rhinoceros and other software
Operating system Windows XP / Windows 7
Power requirements AC 220V, the proposed user-owned 500W power ups power
Rated power 240w
weight 20KG

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