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LDS series desktop 3D scanner

Application Industry:
Reverse engineering, industrial design, education and teaching, toy model scanning, 3D printing, jewelery, industrial parts, ceramics, game making, electronic products, handicrafts, stone carvings

Working principle:
LDS series of desktop 3D scanner using 632nm linear laser scanning, its working principle is to project a linear laser stripe to the surface of the measured object, laser stripe by the object contour modulation deformation, then use high-definition camera to record laser fringe images, the computer will reconstruct the outline of the object according to stripes image. The scanner uses a rotating scan of the object 360 ° omni-directional automatic scanning, matching with two laser emitters for the formation of dual-angle scanning

Three-dimensional laser scanning technology
Dual-angle scanning
High-precision three-dimensional laser scanning technology, the human eye without injury
The transmitter to form a dual-angle scan
Multi-angle automatic stitching
High precision, data stability
Integrated structural design, operation more simple
Integration of structural design, a correction, without human intervention, create 3D models only
Point cloud scanning accuracy, accuracy 0.1mm, point cloud resolution of up to 0.19 mm;
Scanning speed, scanning speed: 2000 points / sec, is the market similar products in the data
Precision of the most stable products
Can arbitrarily extract any part of the data
Design space more spiritual live.
3D slicing procedures -3DSlice
Comes with our own research and development of 3D slicing program 3DSlice, with the majority of 3D Printer seamless docking.
Can support the maximum amount of data > 1G

Technical Parameters:
Scanning method Noncontact double laser rotation scanning
Scanning range (L * W * H) 208mm * 208mm * 210mm
Scanning accuracy <= 0.1 mm
Resolution 0.19 mm
Camera resolution 2 million pixels
Splicing method Automatic stitching
Scanning speed Single laser: 2.5-4 minutes, double laser: 6-7 minutes
Maximum carrying weight 5Kg
Scanning software ScanSec scanning software (optional 3D slicing module)
Export the file ASC, STL, OBJ, PLY, WRL
Support for operating systems Windows XP, Windows 7
Power Adapter In AC100-240V 50-60Hz, Out DC12V2A
Communication Interface USB2.0
Appearance size (L * W * H) 500mm * 400mm * 200mm
Packing size (L * W * H) 560mm * 460mm * 260mm
Package weight 3.5KG

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