Robotdigg Online Storehttps://www.robotdigg.comRobotDigg Equip Makers and Empower Engineers, Motorize and Linear your 3D PrintING, Benchtop SMT Machines, CNCs, Robotics*2.1mm Male or Female DC Power Connector Terminals<title><description>Terminals for CCTV Camera or 5050 LED Strip to Controller 10pcs in a pack 100% brand new DC power connector Outside diameter: 5.5mm Inside diameter: 2.1mm Conductor Material: zinc alloy Insulation Material: Plastic...</description><link>*2.1mm-Male-or-Female-DC-Power-Connector-Terminals</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.30 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer Mixer 3000rpm 100-240VAC<title><description>Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Input AC 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz Output DC 12V 1A Speed 0-3000 RPM Max volume 3000ml Motor power 0.86W Working table 130*130mm Table material 316 stainless steel plate Weight: 490g...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>BioRobo silk like 3D Printing Filament in colors<title><description>Silk Like 3D Printing Filament for Glossy Prints Colors: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue and Orange...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5V 2A or 4A Miniature Switching Power Supply<title><description>Switching Power Supply Miniature Size 70*40*30mm, 85*60*33mm Power Input: 110-220VAC Output 5V 2A or 4A For CCTV monitoring, LED or laboratory use.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>CANopen stepper controller equipped servo stepper motor<title><description>Closed-loop Servo Stepper Motor CANOpen protocol stepper motor controller, peak current 3A per phase Two phase bipolar Nema17 48mm stepper motor 500 line resolution optical encoder, 2000 pulse per revolution. Nema23 servo stepper motor closed-loop with encoder CANOpen protocol is available....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>135.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>20 captive or non-captive PM linear stepper motor<title><description>Non-captive 20-BYZ PM stepper motor linear actuator The pm linear stepper accept Custom request, please leave us message or write us email of Rated Voltage, pitch, working length, velocity and pull force....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>10.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Nema17 stepper motor with 1000 line rotary encoder<title><description>Nema17 stepper motor with incremental rotary encoder Nema17 40mm or 48mm hybrid stepper motor Holding torque: 0.4N.m or 0.44N.m 1000 line AB incremental rotary encoder</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>27.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Robocults integrated stepper motor with driver<title><description>Integrated Stepper Motor with Driver Nema17 Integrated Stepper Motor 12 to 32 VDC Voltage Input 0.4A to 2A per phase support Full/Half/Quarter/16/32/64/128 microstep Idle current setting 0 to full load ajustable Common cathode, common anode, differential, one clock pulse/direction, double pulse CW/CCW, encoder following 250KHz maximum pulse rate inpu</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>36.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Desktop Pellet Filament Extruder<title><description>Desktop pellet filament extruder More than 5pcs, can make OEM. Main Difference between Model A,B and C. 1, Extrude Speed: A,B:300-650mm/min; C:1800-2500mm/min 2,Adapt Materials, A,B:Nylon,PLA ,ABS, PVA,PVA,PS and wood-plastic etc. C:Nylon,PLA ,ABS, PVA,PVA,PS and wood-plastic etc.(Normal Temperature type),PEEK, PEI etc (High...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>299.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>T5 polyester with steel reinforced endless belt<title><description>T5 5mm pitch polyester with steel reinforced endless belt. 15mm wide 340mm pitch length Timing belt for your electric skateboard?</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Manual Name Plate Engraving Machine<title><description>Manual Engraving Machine Introduction YKA01 is a manual metal engraving machine, assembled with German movement,and it was designed with patent. It works at a mechanical movement, suitable for aluminum Name Plate, do not require electricity. Simple and convenient!...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>380.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V waterproof light bar for 3d printer<title><description>Waterproof Great Wall light bar for 3D Printers Color: Cool White or Blue Size: 24CM, 48CM or 72CM The 12V light bar can be used to decorate either your automotive car or 3d printers for daytime and night. 24CM @1USD per piece, 48CM @1.6USD per piece, 72CM @2USD</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>N20 geared motor w/ drive gear for 3d pen<title><description>3D Printer Pen N20 Geared Motor The material of the gear for this 3d pen gear motor is 46# steel which is industrial strength level. Quite smooth solution for 3d printing pen Product type: 3D printing straight angle output N20 gear motor General parameters without loading: Voltage 3V output speed 3rpm Voltage 6V Output speed 5rpm Volta...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>7.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>720 coreless motor with prop<title><description>720 coreless motor with prop 2pcs a pair of 7*20mm coreless motor with props Power: 3 to 4.2 VDC Current: 1.9A Speed: 50,000RPM...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Roller bearing ball screw stepper motor linear module<title><description>Roller bearing carriage linear module 100mm, 200mm working length with NEMA17 stepper motor 300mm, 400mm with NEMA23 stepper motor 1204 Ball Screw n Nut Carriage 4 roller bearings Aluminum extrusion seat, motor mounting plate, ball screw nut, rigid coupling...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>49.00 USD</price><sale_price>48.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Drag Chain 10*15mm Inner<title><description>Drag chain for 3D Printers Drag Chain, also known as energy chain or cable carrier which is widely used in XYZ cnc machines, are guides designed to surround and guide flexible cables and hydraulic or pneumatic hoses connected to moving automated machinery. They reduce wear and stress on cables and hoses, prevent entanglement, and improve operator safety. Drag Chain: 10*15...</description><link>*15mm-Inner</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3.00 USD</price><sale_price>2.80 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3D Printing Pen with ABS/PLA filament pack<title><description>3D Printing Pen for Children The most popular 3D Printing Pen or 3D Stereo Drawing Pen in China for the world kids and children. Please use under parents' guide. Enjoy the builds, Kids. :-) Specification: RP-100B Operating Input: 5V 2A 1.Extrusion Mode : Fused Deposition Modeling / Melting 2.Formation: 3D 3.Material used :ABS PLA 4</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>24.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Single-channel screen touch peristaltic pump<title><description>Single-channel peristaltic pump is mainly used in laboratories, research institutes, industrial-grade precision flow transmission. With advanced ergonomic design and full touch screen operation, users is easy to operate. ; Features: True color LCD display, touch screen plus key operation; Dosing three operating modes; Precise motor rotation angle control technology, reducing the &n</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>500.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>KH0824PP KH1026PP or KH1228PP Linear Bearing<title><description>KH0824PP, KH1026PP n KH1228PP quality Gcr15 steel linear bearings If you feel overwhelmed with carbon steel linear bearings LM8UU, LM10UU n LM12UU, especially the long-playing X n Y axis, the linear bearing is an option of quality linear motion part. KH0824PP 8x15x24mm KH1026PP 10x17x26mm KH1228PP 12x19x28mm KH0622PP, KH2540PP, KH3050PP, KH4060PP, KH5070PP...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.60 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RDG460 robotic palletizer<title><description>4-Axis Robotic Arm Simulator This is a model of 4-axis ir460 robotic palletizer using SERVO, it's assembled item for education, demo and hobby only. Servos 3pcs MG996 and 1pc SG90, power supply Arduino uno r3 controller, etc Mechanical parts...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>129.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3.5mm wide endless belt 2gt 102-134mm<title><description>102mm, 110mm, 112mm, 120mm, 122mm, 124mm, 126mm, 128mm, 130mm, 132mm, 134mm length 3.5mm wide closed gt2 beltTooth Profile: 2gt belt Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Width: 3.5mm Type: Closed-loop Belt 102mm GT2 closed belt Tooth Number: 51 Length: 102mm 110mm GT2 closed</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.25 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Ribbed poly v belt 4PJ457<title><description>Ribbed Poly-V Belt Type: PJ Pitch: 2.4mm Belt width: 2.4mm*4 Height: 3.5mm Rib Height:1.5mm 4PJ457 457mm...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Surface Mounting PnP Head for OpenPnP<title><description>Surface Mounting PnP Unit for Open PnPNema8 SMC Motor Equipped PnP Head Includes: 2pcs Nema8 hollow shaft stepper 1pc Nema17 40mm Stepper Adaptor for JK Nozzle 2pcs HIWIN origin linear rail w/ carriage Mounting block plate...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>79.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>25W reprap cartridge heater<title><description>25W Cartridge Heater Wires: 1 Meter Heater element: 6*20mm 12V or 24V 25Watt Blue teflon coating 40W is overheating for materials what it really require and put the 3d printing in danger. 25W is a proper cartridge heater for this....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.25 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>B45MXL,B47MXL,B49MXL or B52MXL endless mxl belt<title><description>MXL Belt, Closed-loop, 91.440mm length, 45 teeth, 6mm width Tooth Profile: MXL Profile Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2.032mm Tooth Number: 45 (B45MXL) Length: 91.440mm Width: 6mm Type: Closed-loop Quantity: 1 piece B47MXL-6 95.504mm endless belt...</description><link>,B47MXL,B49MXL-or-B52MXL-endless-mxl-belt</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.30 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>20 Tooth 2GT Pulley 10pcs per lot<title><description>2GT 20 Tooth Pulley, 5mm, 6.35mm or 8mm Bore These timing pulleys are smaller profile than our normal supply. And it's NOT all aluminum material and anodized BUT zinc-plated steel flanges. Timing pulley which are made from toothed aluminum extrusions. Before placing an order please make sure the quality meets your need, we don</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>7.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Flanged Ball Bearing F623ZZ<title><description>F623ZZ Ball Bearing:3mm x 10mm x 4mm 10pcs per pack flanged 3mm bore bearing...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>4.50 USD</price><sale_price>4.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RAMPS 1.4 or RAMPS 1.5 Board<title><description>RAMPS 1.4 Board This board is to carry the A4988 stepper driver as breakout board (BOB). More information please refer to The price marked is for the assembled Ramps 1.4 Board only, stepper driver is Not included. You can buy A4988 stepsticks or DRV8825 stepper driver separately from RDG. Note: Ramps1.4 c...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>7.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>A4988 stepper driver<title><description>A4988 stepper driver Each piece in a sealed static-free bag Small piece heatsink for the chip is included. The A4988 is a carrier board or breakout board for Allegro’s A4988 DMOS Microstepping Driver with Translator and Overcurrent Protection; we therefore recommend careful reading of the A4988 datasheet (380k pdf) before using this product. This stepper moto...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.90 USD</price><sale_price>1.50 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PTFE Teflon Tape<title><description>PTFE Teflon Tape for Hot End P.T.F.E Teflon Tape can be used from -190 centi degree to 370 centi degree for thread seal. Specification: 6 grams 20 meters per roll. Teflon Tape is another tape beside Kapton Tape widely applied in 3d printer to seal the thread and to preseve heat. It can be used to Tape the thermal barrier tube to help melting the Filament....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.30 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>S2M 2mm pitch Timing Belt endless or closed-loop<title><description>S2M belt is a little different from GT2 belt, JIS Japan Standard round tooth profile. Pitch 2mm, width 6mm Neoprene rubber with fiberglass reinforced Pitch length 108, 112, 118, 126 or 132mm Please use S2M pulley instead of GT2 pulley to couple. 108-S2M-6 112-S2M-6 118-S2M-6 120-S2M-6 122-S2M-6 126-S2M-6 130-S2M-6 132-S2M-6 144-S2</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.40 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Open Ended 6mm Width GT2 Belt<title><description>Open Ended 6mm Width GT2 Belt Order No.: GT2-B6 The GT2 Belt is 2mm pitch, 6mm width, the order increment is 1M, 1.8USD/M for any order below 50M. Open ended 5M, 10M or 50M per roll were put in stock for quick response. That means if 25 meters ordered, you will receive 10 meters a roll of 2 and 1 of 5 meters roll gt2 b...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>9.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>COM4T, COM5T, COM6T radial shaft spherical plain bearing<title><description>Self-lubrication Radial Spherical Plain Bearing Type: radial spherical plain bearing Model number: COM3T, COM4T, COM5T or COM6T. Marking: Neutral Please research the item to ensure it fits your application....</description><link>,-COM5T,-COM6T-radial-shaft-spherical-plain-bearing</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>24V 4000RPM 42BLS BLDC Motor<title><description>42mm Brushless DC Motor Winding type: star Hall effect angle: 120 degree Number of poles: 8 Number of phases: 3 Rated voltage: 24VDC Rated speed: 4000RPM Rated torque: 0.125N.m Rated current: 3.5Amps Motor length: 61mm...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>24.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>NEMA17 0.6N.m or 0.8N.m closed-loop stepper motor<title><description>2 phase closed-loop stepper motor Size NEMA17, length 48mm or 60mm pluse 22mm encoder Rated current 2.3A Encoder 1000PPR AB output Holding torque 0.6N.m or 0.8N.m...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>44.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V 2A or 5A Miniature Switching Power Supply<title><description>Miniature Switching Power Supply Input 110-220VAC Output 12V 2A or 5A Dimensions: 85*60*33mm, 110*78*36mm</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>25 captive or non-captive linear pm stepper motor<title><description>25 pm stepper motor linear actuator The pm stepper linear actuator accept Custom request, please leave us message or write us email of Rated Voltage, pitch, working length, velocity and pull force. Captive pm li</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>11.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5M Endless Belt 235mm to 295mm<title><description>5M or HTD5M Endless BeltNeoprene rubber with fiberglass reinforced. 5mm pitch round tooth profile, 9mm or 12mm wide and closed-loop timing belt. 5M235, 5M245, 5M250, 5M255, 5M260, 5M275, 5M280, 5M285, 5M295. High torque timing belt for electric skateboard, electric bicycle, etc. T5 or XL polyester with steel reinforced or neoprene rubber 5mm or 5.08mm pitch endless timing bel</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.85 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Nema17 ball screw n linear rail linear module<title><description>Linear Guides of Ball Screw n Linear Rail Nema17 0.44N.m 48mm stepper motor 1204 ball screw working length 100mm or 200mm Hard...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>68.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Pneumatic metal carving machine<title><description>Metal marking machine electromagnetic scribing label printer(Nameplate special) Lifting height 320mm Marking area 170*110mm 250*150mm Marking speed 50mm/second Needle Hardness HRA92...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1180.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>2.5 inches 12V marker lamp<title><description>12V Round LED Marker Lamp Size: 2.5 inches Round LED Marker Clearance Light with 12 LEDs Built-in flange, Right Angle 2-Pin Male Plug is included....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Reverse output N20 geared motor<title><description>N20 geared motor for automatic lock Reverse output shaft 10mm long 2mm diameter flat shaft</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Kentstrapper ZERO<title><description>Origin: Italy MAIN FEATURES Printing area:...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3088.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Ultraflat stepper motor for feeder or stirrer<title><description>Ultraflat stepper motors for SMD Feeder and more (with Gears) 10mm long motor shaft Nema11 0.3A 18mN.m Nema23 0.8A 60mN.m...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>18.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Single-channel Peristaltic Dosing Pump Separate LCD control<title><description>Split-channel peristaltic pump can split the series peristaltic pump, which is mainly used for precise;traffic flows laboratories, research institutes, industrial grade. With advanced ergonomic design and full touch screen operation, users is easy to operate. ; Features: True color LCD display, touch screen plus key operation; Dosing three operating modes; Precise motor rotation ang</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>550.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>KH1630PP linear bearing<title><description>Product Model: KH1630-PP Structure: Linear Ball Inside Diameter: 16 mm Outside Diameter: 24 mm Thickness: 30 mm Size: 16x24x30mm (dxDxB) Material: Frame ST14 and bearing Gcr15 Weight: 0.028 KG KH Linear Bearings are good for heat di</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RDG 6-axis robot arm<title><description>This is an assembled 6-axis robot arm / 6 DOF model using Servos and Arduino Controllers. The robotic arm is a Hobby Model of ABB for education, demo and play only. 6pcs servos: 4pcs MG996 and 2pcs SG90 Arduino uno r3 controller, power supply CNC Machined mechanical plastic parts Note: It cannot put any load. It cannot work co...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>159.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Nema11 SMC Motor PnP Head for OpenPnP<title><description>Pick n Place Machine Surface Mounting HeadTo multi-function your 3D Printer's construction to be PnP Machine that project know as OpenPnP. Nema11 SMC Motor PnP Head Includes:  2pcs 11HY3406 Nema11 hollow shaft stepper...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>309.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>136mm to 186mm 3.5mm wide endless gt2 belt<title><description>136mm 140mm 150mm 154mm 158mm 160mm 172mm 180mm 186mm length 3.5mm wide endless gt2 beltTooth Profile: gt2 belt Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Width: 3.5mm Type: endless Belt 136mm GT2 endless belt Tooth Number: 68 Length: 136mm 140mm GT2 endless belt T</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.25 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Digg Desktop Injection Molding Machine<title><description>DIGG precision desktop injection molding machine Description: The machine is micro and improved one compared with traditional injection molding machines, it’s small and easy to be moved, it’s suitable for the production of small sample for academic usage or DIY . The product includes mold clamping part, sol injection part, body, heating systems, control systems and charging device. It</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>8100.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Low temperature 3D Printing Pen with PCL filament pack<title><description>Low temperature 3D Printing Pen with PCL filament pack Temp: 60~110 Deg C Low Temperature Indication: Orange LED Compatible 3D pen filament (1.75mm) PCL Power: DC 5V, 2A, supports Power Bank, Laptop, PC, ipa</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.20 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3D Printing Pen PLA<title><description>1.75mm PLA 3D Printing Pen Filament Color: Blue, Red, Green, Black n White Diameter 1.75mm and 10 Meter per color....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.00 USD</price><sale_price>4.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>SG90 RC Servo Motor<title><description>SG90 Servo High quality and high cost performance. Size: 12*23*23mm All Nylon Gear. 245mm connector wire. Large stall torgue of 1.6 Kg. Small size and light weight. With 3 sets of servo horns and fittings. color: blue Operating Speed (4.8V no load): 0.12sec/60 degrees Stall torque: 1.2kg / 42.3oz(4.8V);1.6 kg / 56.4oz (6.0V)operating voltage: 3.0-7</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.20 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Flexible V Ribbed Belt 3PJ406, 4PJ406 or 6PJ406<title><description>Flexible V Ribbed Belt Type: PJ Pitch: 2.4mm Pitch number: 4 Belt width: 9.6mm Height: 3.5mm Rib Height: 1.5mm Length:4PJ406 406mm...</description><link>,-4PJ406-or-6PJ406</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.50 USD</price><sale_price>1.20 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Drag Chain Inner 15*20mm or 15*40mm<title><description>Drag Chain, also known as energy chain or cable carrier which is widely used in XYZ cnc machines, are guides designed to surround and guide flexible cables and hydraulic or pneumatic hoses connected to moving automated machinery. They reduce wear and stress on cables and hoses, prevent entanglement, and improve operator safety. It's different from Spiral Cable Wrap, Fabric or Plastic In...</description><link>*20mm-or-15*40mm</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>4.50 USD</price><sale_price>3.90 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>6V DC diaphragm pump<title><description>6V DC diaphragm pump Motor diameter: 24.3 MM (370 motor) Total height: 58 MM (motor + pump head) Voltage:6V Current: 0.28 A...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>9mm wide open end GT2 belt<title><description>9mm wide open end gt2 belt10 Meters a roll Tooth Profile: GT2 or 2GT Round Profile Material: NeopreneRubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Width: 9mm Type: Open End Quantity: 10 MetersGT2 Pulley and Idler for 9mm wide belt are as links: 16</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>22.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>B53MXL or B54MXL 6mm wide mxl belt<title><description>MXL Belt, Closed-loop, 107.696mm length, 53 teeth, 6mm width Tooth Profile: MXL Profile Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2.032mm Tooth Number: 53 (B53MXL) Length: 107.696mm Width: 6mm Type: Closed-loop Quantity: 1 piece MXL Belt, Endless, 109.728mm length, 54 teet...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.30 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Twin Pulley GT2 20 Tooth 8mm Bore<title><description>Double GT2 Pulley 20 Tooth 8mm Bore Tooth Profile: GT2 Tooth Number: 20 Type: Twin or Double Bore Diameter: 8mm For X&Z or Y&Z axis slave drive by 6mm wide gt2 belt</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>DRV8825 Stepper Driver<title><description>DRV8825 Stepper Driver DRV8825 is for high torque stepper motor like Nema17 60mm. Compared with A4988, DRV8825 can stand for up to 45VDC power supply and output 2.5A per phase. It's same with A4988 as bipolar stepper driver BUT DRV8825 gives you better resolution, full, half, 1/4th, 1/8th, 1/16th and 1/32th microstepping.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.50 USD</price><sale_price>2.10 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Arduino Mega 2560 R3<title><description>Control Board for 3D Printers The Mega 2560 R3 is a microcontroller board based on the Arduino ATmega2560. It's for kinds of diy machines, are widely used in delta robot 3d printers and other Reprap 3d printers. USB is provided as kit with Mega2560 board for free. Note: It's a shame that Mega 2560 R3 is Not that durable as Ramps...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PTFE Tubing 1mm thick<title><description>2mm or 4mm ID PTFE Tube for Thermal Tube of 1.75mm Filament Polytetrafluoroethylene known as PTFE is the main material for medical use Tubes. It's 3d printer makers' creativity to use PTFE Tube to lead the Filament and to use it to get a better Extrusion. You will get a better result to use this PTFE Tube in a remote extruder or in a Thermal Tube. Sp...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.20 USD</price><sale_price>0.90 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Idler F624ZZ Flanged Ball Bearing<title><description>F624ZZ Flanged Ball Bearing The price marked is for 10pcs F624ZZ Flanged Ball Bearing, it's one of the best and cost effective Timing Belt Idler Pulley for 5, 6 or 6.35mm Timing Belt. 10pcs in 5 pairs as 5 Idler Pulley, you save at least 3USD. You can use a F608ZZ Flanged Ball Bearing with a M8 Washer as Idler Pulley for a 8mm Rod or...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.00 USD</price><sale_price>4.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Reprap Cartridge Heater for 3D Printer<title><description>Cartridge Heater Wires: 1 Meter Heater element: 6*20mm 12V or 24V 40Watt Unit Price: 1.5USD For order over 100pcs, please contact for discount. If you suffered an oversize mounting head cartridge heater and uncertain watt from any other suppliers, please try out RobotDigg heater cartridges. 24V 40W cartridge heate...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.20 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>BLD70 24V 70W BLDC Motor Driver<title><description>BLD70 Brushless DC Motor Driver Features: - Reliable brushless DC motor driver - Three phase full bridge, PWM controlling mode - Full hardward design, high speed, anti interference ability - Small volume, low heat radiation Functions: - Lack voltage, over heat protection - Block to auomatic protecion - Error protecion - Support built in p</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>20.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>2 or 3 phase NEMA23 closed-loop stepper motor<title><description>4 lead wires two phase closed-loop stepper motor Size NEMA23, length 76mm or 100mm pluse 22mm encoder Step angle: 1.8 degree Rated current: 3 or 4A per phase Encoder 1000PPR Holding torque: 2N.m or 3N.m 3 lead wires...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>55.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V long strip single output switching power supply<title><description>Single output slim or narrow body switching power supply Input: 100-220VAC Output 12V 8.5A or 10A 100 or 120W output for led strip, lighting box, etc.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>BotDigg Robot Arm<title><description>Pick and place, draw robot arm BotDigg BotDigg Arm Robot open source 8 bit microcontroller, A4988 stepper drivers CNC machined metal parts mechanical body Geared stepper motor 3 pieces for powerful robot arm...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>399.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>20W Enclosed Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine<title><description>Benchtop Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine Shipping cost included by FedEx, DHL or TNT, 3380USD to Australia, Canada, USA and Western European countries, please confirm shipping address and provide delivery contact number when pay through Paypal. USER Manual</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3199.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>28 captive PM linear stepper motor<title><description>28BYZ pm stepper motor linear actuator The pm linear stepper accept Custom request, please leave us message or write us email of Rated Voltage, pitch, working length, velocity and pull force. 28BYZ linear motor with longer life time,  and low nois</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>X-CUBE LCD based SLA Resin 3D Printer<title><description>SLA Resin 3D Printer X-CUBE Online needs to connect with PC or Tablet PC via USB X-CUBE2 Offline USB or Ethernet network. Offline support Raspberry i3 and Photonic3D More reliable frame and mechanical construction from SGR15 rail, li</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Nomad 883 Pro Desktop CNC machine<title><description>Origin: United States Free Shipping to Continental US and Canada. In Stock - Orders ship within one day. The Nomad 883 Pro is our second generation Desktop CNC machine. It includes: Nomad 883 Pro MeshCAM 3D CAM software Carbide Create 2D CAD/CAM software Power supply MDF Wasteboard 1/8" ER-11 Collet and wrenc</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2499.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>6 or 12V DC 370 Motor Micro Air Pump<title><description>370 Motor Micro Air Pump DC Motor 370 Rated voltage: DC6V (3-6V) Rated current: 4000mA @ 12V Inflation Time: <10 Second (in 500cc container, pressure from 0 to 300mmHg time) Maximum Pressure:> 450 mmHg (unit conversion values:> 60Kpa> 0.6KG) Airtight: <3 mmHg / minute Flow:> 2.0 L / min Noise: <65 dB...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Slim head set screws for linear rails<title><description>Linear Rails Secure Screws Material: SUS304 Packing: 10 set screws per lot Specification: M2*3*3, M2*6 3mm head suitable for MGN5 linear rail and carriage M2.5*6 4mm head suitable for MGW5 linear rail M3*8 or M3*12 New arrival M3*10*4.5 carbon steel Small head m2, m2.5 screws 8, 10, 12mm long that fit in MGN5, MGN7 linear rail</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.15 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5M Endless Timing Belt 305mm to 395mm<title><description>Neoprene rubber with fiberglass reinforced 5M or HTD5M Timing Belt. 5mm pitch round tooth profile, 12mm wide and closed-loop timing belt. High torque timing belt for electric skateboard, electric bicycle, etc. 5M305, 5M310, 5M320, 5M330, 5M350, 5M360, 5M365, 5M375, 5M380, 5M390, 5M395 T5 or XL polyester with steel reinforced or neoprene rubber 5mm or 5.08mm pitch endless timing b</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.20 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>TMC2100 Silence Stepper Driver<title><description>MKS TMC2100 SilentStepStick Stepper Driver Driver-IC: TMC2100, noiseless operation (in certain modes) Motor voltage: 5 to 45VDC Hardware compatible with Step Stick and Pololu A4988 1.25A RMS continuous current (equivalent to about 1,77A Imax) Step Pulse/Direction interface with micro-step function (interpolation of up to 256 micro-steps) The dr...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>9.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>N20 micro geared stepper<title><description>N20 Micro Gear Motor All metal micro gears 12V 100RPM 3mm diameter 10mm or 20mm long, 2.5mm single flat M4 screw 55mm long N20 Gear Motor Micro Gear Motor...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3.60 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Nema23 stepper 300mm linear guide module<title><description>Ball screw, linear rail n stepper motor Linear Module Nema23 56mm thick 2.8A stepper motor 1.2N.m 1204 Ball Screw n Nut MGN12 Linear Rails n Carriage Aluminum extrusion seat, motor mounting plate, ball screw support bearing unit, ball screw nut seat (black anodized), rigid coupling 300mm working length, in total 470mm long including motor Nema23 56mm</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>99.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Rope Lights Round 18<title><description>This is suitable for personal DIY decoration, road, outdoor decoration Parameters Led Numbers: 18 Light Strip Type: Round Strip Diameter:12mm Voltage: 220V It is cuttable by meters....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.60 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Color Mixing Machine 50<title><description>Power(KW) 1.5kw(2HP) Capacity 50KG Voltage 380V/50HZ, can tailored Motor Geared Motor Speed( r/min) 65 Blade Thickness 8mm Stainless Steel Barrel Wall Thickness 1.2mm Stainless Steel...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>650.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Precision Pipetting System Single Chanel<title><description>Single Chanel Precision Pipetting Systemcan be used for chemical analysis, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, clinical medicine, biotechnology, molecular biology, food industry; Typical customer: environmental, petrochemical, marine, construction and steel industry analysis center; measurement, quality inspection and environmental agencies; hospital, CDC, blood and forensic</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2950.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>KH2030PP linear bearing<title><description>Bearing Model KH2030PP Type Linear Ball Bushing Bearing Description Quality 20mm smooth rod Linear Bearing Dimensions 20x28x30mm d 20 mm D 28 mm B 30 mm KH Linear Bearings frame ST14 and bearing Gcr15 Chrome Steel are quality for h</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Quadruple PnP Head for Open PnP Machine<title><description>Dual Pick n Place Machine Head for Open PnP Included: 4pcs 11HY3406 Nema11 hollow shaft stepper function as SMC Motor 2pcs Nema17 40mm Stepper for leverage 4pc</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>569.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>2mm or 3.5mm wide gt2 endless belt 188 to 208mm<title><description>188mm 190mm 192mm 194mm 200mm 202mm 204mm 208mm length 3.5mm wide closed gt2 beltTooth Profile: 2gt belt Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Width: 3.5mm Type: Closed GT2 Belt 188mm GT2 closed belt Tooth Number: 94 Length: 188mm 190mm GT2 closed belt Tooth Number: 95 Length</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.28 USD</price><sale_price>0.25 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>MG996R Servo<title><description>Size: 40.8 * 20 * 38mm Weight: 55g Speed: 4.8V@0.19sec/60° 6.0V@0.18sec/60° Torque: 4.8V@9kg-cm >6.0V@11kg-cm Voltage: 4.8V-7.2V No-load operating current: 120mA Stall Operating Current: 1450mA Pulse response time: ≤5usec Angle deviation: gyrus error 0 degrees, around the 45 ° error ≤3 ° Gear: 5 Metal Gear group...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3D Printing 1.75mm ABS Pack<title><description>1.75mm ABS 3D Printing Filament Color: Blue, Red, Yellow, Black n Transparent Diameter 1.75mm and 10 Meter per color.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>4.00 USD</price><sale_price>3.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Flexible v-ribbed belt 4PJ380 4PJ381<title><description>V-ribbed belt Type: PJ Pitch: 2.4mm Belt width: 2.4mm*4 Height: 3.5mm Rib Height:1.5mm 4PJ380 4PJ381...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.60 USD</price><sale_price>1.50 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Taurino Power 24V Mega 2560 R3<title><description>24V Mega 2560 R3It's time to upgrade your 3d printer to 24V power supply using Ramps 1.4 or Ultimaker Shield breakout board for more power. Taurino Power is improved version of the Arduino Mega 2560 R3 controller, made for the 3D printer community. Taurino Project is open source and the files are available on github and under Compared with Arduino MEGA2560, th</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>15.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Metal Corner for Kossel of 2020 Profile<title><description>Alu Corner for Kossel 1-3 Sets 54USD/Set 4-9 Sets 48USD/Set, BLUE color 45USD/Set 10 Sets 45USD/Set 6pcs a SET: 3 thinner for upside Top Vertex and 3 thicker for downside Bottom Vertex of Kossel of Kossel Min using 2020 Aluminum Profile. Comprehensive solution for crack and unstable structure caused by print co...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>45.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Cartridge heater 40w right angle with 1 m leads<title><description>3d printer heaterType: Cartridge Heater 12V 40Watt Wires: 1 Meter Heater element effective: 6*20mm...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.70 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Twin Pulley GT2 20 Tooth 5mm or 6.35mm Bore<title><description>Twin GT2 Pulley 20 Tooth 5mm BoreTooth Profile: GT2 Tooth Number: 20 Type: Twin or Double Bore Diameter: 5mm For X&Z or Y&Z axis slave drive by 6mm wide gt2 belt...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>B55MXL, B56MXL, B57MXL or B58MXL endless mxl belt<title><description>MXL Belt, Closed-loop, 111.760mm length, 55 teeth, 6mm width Tooth Profile: MXL Profile Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2.032mm Tooth Number: 55 (B55MXL) Length: 111.760mm Width: 6mm Type: Closed-loop Quantity: 1 piece MXL Belt, Endless, 113.792mm length, 56 teet...</description><link>,-B56MXL,-B57MXL-or-B58MXL-endless-mxl-belt</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.20 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Nema8 High Torque Stepper Motor<title><description>Nema8 (20mm) L30mm High Torque Stepper Motor Order No. 8HY001-20 File Specifications: Two phase bipolar 4 lead wires, miniature nema8 stepper motor Holding Torque: 18mNm...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Light rigid coupling L25 5mm<title><description>Light duty rigid Coupler5mm motor shaft to 5mm, 6mm, 6.35mm or 8mm linear shaft or threaded rod L25*14D with M4 Set Screw Hole Metal Coupler made of Aluminum Rigid coupling for applications</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>F625ZZ or F695ZZ Flanged Ball Bearing<title><description>Flanged Ball Bearing F625ZZ or F695ZZ Bore Dia (d) 5.0mm Outer Dia (D) 16.0mm Flange Dia (Df) 18.0mm Width (B) 5.0mm Flange Width (Wfs) 1.0mm F695ZZ 5*13*4mm</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PTFE Tube 2*4mm or 3*5mm 10 Meters<title><description>10 Meters PTFE Tube Beside the ID2*OD3mm PTFE Tube 2 Meter Pack, you can get this thicker ID2*OD4mm PTFE Tube for better experience and longer life span. 3*5mm F4, PTFE, Teflon Tube....</description><link>*4mm-or-3*5mm-10-Meters</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>9.00 USD</price><sale_price>7.80 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>S2M Timing Pulley and Timing Belt<title><description>S2M Pulley The price marked are in USD per piece, 20 teeth 5mm bore S2M Pulley for 5-7mm S2M Belt. We only accept Machining Service for this S2M PUlley and all kinds of S2M, S3M or S5M pulleys. The Minium Order Quantity is 100pcs, the lead time is 12-18 days. S2M Belt RobotDigg can supply you with S2M belt, 6mm width, 6.35mm width or 9mm w</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>15.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Mach3 4-axis pendant or 6-axis Joystick Rocker Electronic Handwheel<title><description>This CNC engraving machine controller is specially designed for Mach3 system. Easy to use, no need to install any software or drive, connected by USB port and the cable can be stretched to about 3 meters. The controller has all commonly used functions for Mach operation, and can move both axles simultaneously. Integrated function keys including emergency stop, cycle start, spind</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>36.00 USD</price><sale_price>28.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Metal retainer LM8GA, LM10GA or LM12GA linear bearing<title><description>Metal retainer linear bearing Model:LM08GA Type:Metal Retainer Shaft: 8 mm Inscribed bore diameter:8 mm Outer diameter:15 mm Length:24 mm LM10GA 10x19x29mm LM12GA 12x21x30mm Why metal or st</description><link>,-LM10GA-or-LM12GA-linear-bearing</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.70 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V DC inflate Air Pump<title><description>12V Air Pump Rated voltage: DC12V Rated current: 500mA Inflation time: <5 seconds (From 0 to 300mmHg in 500CC sealed container) Maximum pressure:> 140KPA Airtight: <10 mmHg / minute Flow:> 6 L / Min Noise: <65 dB Diameter: Φ4.2mm Size: Φ32 * 75 mm Applications: Widely used in massage chairs, leg machines, massage belts and other needs of in</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>8.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>X-CUBE SLA 3D Printer resin bath or lift platform<title><description>X-CUBE or X-CUBE2 SLA resin 3D Printer parts Resin Bath, at most 400ml CNC Machined aluminum inside 18cm*8.5cm Bottom is film size 242*147mm Lift Platform Film is PET 242*147mm</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Anodized aluminum bracket or Armour 60cm tall for Kossel<title><description>Aluminum machined 60 centi-meters tall Black or blue anodized bracket or Armour To decorate your Kossel 3D Printer</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>32.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>BLD120A 24V 120W BLDC Motor Driver<title><description>BLD120A Brushless DC Motor Driver 30VDC 120W BLDC Motor Driver It can be applied to the host computer (PLC or SCM) PWM or analog speed control Can be manual speed control mode (own potential, also can be external potentiometer manual control) PIDSpeed loop, current loop control Start stop control (EN), Reversible control (F/R), Braking Fast stop (BRK) Overload p</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>27.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>IP67 12V 10W or 60W Power Supply<title><description>Waterproof power supply Input 110-260VAC 50/60Hz Output 12V 0.83A 10W or 4.17A 50W Waterproof IP67 Dimensions: 97*29*20mm, 157*43*32mm Applications: LED, CCTV or projects.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>2 or 3 phase closed-loop stepper motor driver<title><description>Two Phase Closed-loop Stepper Motor Driver It's used to control NEMA17 and NEMA23 closed-loop stepper motor...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>64.00 USD</price><sale_price>63.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RDG802A-X or RDG802B-X built-in computer benchtop pick and place machine<title><description>Built-in Computerized 2 Heads Pick and Place Machine RDG802A-X or RDG802B-X The main upgrade for X version from the standard RDG802A or RDG802B is that the X version with built-in Computer(Processor). You do Not need a computer or a notebook pc for your benchtop pick and place machine anymore BUT only a Display is needed. Note: Display device, keyboard and mouse are N</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3500.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V 35 captive or non-captive linear pm stepper motor<title><description>12V captive pm stepper motor linear actuator The pm linear stepper accept Custom request, please leave us message or write us email of Rated Voltage, pitch, working length, velocity and pull force. 35BYZ-G linear motor with low noise, high precision and longer life time. Widely used in banking office equipments, telecommunications equipment, printers, copiers, fax machine</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Robocults ball screw n smooth rod linear module<title><description>Ball screw and smooth rod drive linear module Nema17 48mm or Nema23 56mm stepper motor 1204 or 1605 ball screw 2080 aluminum profile base plate 12mm smooth rod or linear shaft DUAL Ball screw nut carriage, rigid coupling...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>69.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>LV8729 silent stepper driver<title><description>LV8729 high resolution silent stepper driver One of the four through hole stepper driver for 3D Printing, A4988, DRV8825, TMC2100 and LV8729 Power supply: 6-36VDC Full, half, 4th, 8th, 16th, 32th, 64th and 128th microstepping Factory set 0.8A, at most 1.5A current per phase Working under 12V or 24V DC, 64th or 128th microstepping is highly recommended for silence ans smoot</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.40 USD</price><sale_price>5.60 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>4 Axis Scara Arm Robot<title><description>Please note: The price is only for Scara ontology. Controller, stepper driver and power supply is Not provided. ABB, arduino robot, 7bot, dobot, uarm or mearm Item Parameter Power: all four-axis are used 42 stepper motor Work Load: 2kg including actuator...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>698.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5M endless belt 405mm to 500mm<title><description>5M Endless Belt Pitch: 5mm Tooth profile: 5M or HTD5M Width: 12mm Material: Neoprene rubber with fiberglass reinforced. 5M405, 5M410, 5M415, 5M450, 5M460, 5M465, 5M470, 5M475, 5M500. Endless 5M Timing Belts for electric skateboard or electric bicycle builds.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>GT2 profile Pulley made from Brass for high torque<title><description>GT2 profile brass pulley 30 tooth, Brass or Cooper Timing Pulley Bore diameter: 8mm Belt width 15 or 18mm gt2 belt. Or two directions (XY) 9mm wide belt.  It's designed for Open PnP projects New arrival: brass gt2 pulley 20 Tooth 5mm, 6.35mm or 8mm bore for 6mm or 9mm wide gt2 belt 50 tooth 5mm bore for wide 6mm gt2 belt....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.60 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Geared NEMA8 Stepper Motor<title><description>Geared Stepper NEMA8 Nema8 30mm long stepper Rated current: 0.6A Planetary gear ratio: 19:1 New arrival: gear ratio 4:1 nema8 geared stepper motor...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>36.00 USD</price><sale_price>35.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3-channel servo motor controller<title><description>3-channel PWM servo controller Power supply: 4.8-7.4VDC Current: 1A per servo at most Size: 25 * 36mm Accuracy: 10 (that is, the output signal is divided into 1024 points, Common servo controller output is only 256 points, which is the 8-bit p</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>8.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Dual-channel Peristaltic Dosing Pump<title><description>Dual-channel Peristaltic Pump is mainly used in laboratories, research institutes, industrial-grade precision flow transmission. With advanced ergonomic design and full touch screen operation, users is easy to operate. Features: True color LCD display, touch screen plus key operation; Dosing three operating modes Precise motor rotation angle control technology, reducing the  t</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>880.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Desktop 20 single screw extruder<title><description>Desktop 3D Printing Filament Extruder US, Canada, Australia Free shipping by DHL/Fedex Screw Barrel:Using 38 CrMoAlA, and quenching and nitriding treatment (the inner surface nitriding polishing HV720), shield-shaped two common screw kneading nitriding depth is 0.5-0.7mm, the surface roughness Ra0.4, Linearity of the screw: 0.015 mm, slotted barrel, enhanced cooling water jacket...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>200.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>130 Gear Motor for DIY Robot Car<title><description>130 Gear Motor for Robot Car Voltage: 3V-10V, Current: 0.5-2A Reduction: 48:1 Double-flat Shaft...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.20 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3.5mm wide 2gt closed belt 228-288mm<title><description>228mm 232mm 240mm 252mm 260mm 264mm 268mm 280mm 288mm  length 3.5mm wide closed 2gt beltTooth Profile: 2gt belt Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Width: 3.5mm Type: Closed 2GT Belt 228mm 2GT closed belt Tooth Number:114 Length: 228mm 232mm 2GT closed belt</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.30 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Noodle wires cartridge heater<title><description>3D Printer Quality Cartridge HeaterUltra soft and durable lead wire for repeat motion request, perfect option for XYZ bowden extruder. 12V or 24V 40W 1 Meter long Noodle lead wires (Ultra soft Silicone Reinforced) The lead wire can stand for up to 200 centi-degree.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Ribbed v-belt 4PJ353 or 4PJ368<title><description>Ribbed V Belt Type: PJ Pitch: 2.4mm Belt width: 2.4mm*4 Height: 3.5mm Rib Height:1.5mm 4PJ353 353mm 4PJ368 368mm...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.60 USD</price><sale_price>1.40 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>2040 or 3030 Alu Vertex for Kossel XXL or XXXL<title><description>Top n Bottom Vertex for Kossel XXL 6pcs machined and black anodized aluminum Vertex of top n bottom: 3 upside top vertex for 2040 aluminum profile 3 downside bottom vertex for 6pcs 2020 aluminum profile. In usual, timing pulley for bottom and idler pulley for upper vertex. The idler pulley parts are included for the top vertex. Timing pulley for bottom vertex ar...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>68.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V 3mm/5mm LED indicator with 20cm wire<title><description>12V 3mm/5mm LED indicator with 20cm wire LED size: 3mm, 5mm Color: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Wire length:20cm Voltage: 12V MOQ: 100pcs price 7.5USD. RGB 100pcs price is 8USD. Customization is acceptable Welcome contact us...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>100.00 USD</price><sale_price>7.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>B59MXL, B60MXL, B61MXL, B66MXL, B67MXL or B68MXL endless belt<title><description>MXL Belt, Closed-loop, 119.888mm length, 59 teeth, 6mm width Tooth Profile: MXL Profile Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2.032mm Tooth Number: 59 (B59MXL) Length: 119.888mm Width: 6mm Type: Closed-loop Quantity: 1 piece MXL Belt, Endless, 121.920mm length, 60 teet...</description><link>,-B60MXL,-B61MXL,-B66MXL,-B67MXL-or-B68MXL-endless-belt</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.20 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Light duty rigid coupling 8mm<title><description>Light duty rigid Coupling6.35mm to 8mm or 8mm to 8mm L25*14D with M4 Set Screw Hole Metal Coupler made of Aluminum Rigid coupling for applications</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PTFE Tube 10 Meters ID 4mm, 5mm or 6mm<title><description>PTFE Tube for 3mm Filament If you are looking for PTFE Tube to transfer the 3mm ABS, PLA, or other 3D Printing Filament, PTFE46 Tubing which is 4mm ID and 6mm OD are suitable. 10 Meters per roll cost 8.8USD. PTFE57 ID 5mm and OD 7mm PTFE68 ID 6mm and OD 8mm...</description><link>,-5mm-or-6mm</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>8.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RAMPS LCD2004 with SD Socket<title><description>Ramps 2004LCD RAMPS LCD2004 with SD Socket. It's for 3d printers. It's compatible with  Ramps 1.4 Board. This Smart Controller LCD contains a SD-Card reader, a rotary encoder and a 20 Character x 4 Line LCD display. You can easy connect it to your Ramps board using the "smart adapter" included. After connecting this panel to your Ramps you d...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>10.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Open ended MXL profile timing belt<title><description>MXL Belt MXL Belt open ended timing belt, 6mm 1.2USD per meter, 6.35mm, 9mm 1.8USD per meter, 12mm Width Neoprene Rubber Material, Nylon Cloth Base and Fiberglass Reinforced. RobotDigg can machine you with MXL Pulley and provide you with MXL Belt. MXL pulley 18 t...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>M3*4 Grub Screw PACK SET for Timing Pulleys<title><description>M3*4 Set Screw PACK SET Order No.: M3-4-PS 25pcs M3*4 grub screws and 1pc Allen Key/Hex Wrench in a pp bag. Grade 12.9, GB80 Hexagon socket set screws with cup point. Material 45# carbon steel, for GT2, T2.5 and MXL timing pulleys. Black coating. Contact RobotDigg for discount on 100pcs PACK SETs or for M3*4 grub screws only in larg...</description><link>*4-Grub-Screw-PACK-SET-for-Timing-Pulleys</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.35 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>608ZZ Ball Bearing<title><description>608ZZ Ball Bearing 10pc per pack Order No.: 608ZZ The 608ZZ Shielded Bearing, This bearing is made of chrome steel, each bearing has 2 metal side shields to protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination. The bearings are oil lubricated to run smooth. Item: 608ZZ Ball Bearing Type: Deep Groove Ball Bearing Lubrication: Oil Material...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V 50Kpa Micro Air Pump or Vacuum Pump<title><description>50Kpa Micro Pump 3035 geared dc motor Rated volatge: 12V Rated current: <800mA Air Flow: >8.0LPM Leakage: <3mmHg/min Maximum Pressure: >50Kpa Noise: <65dB Pipe: 6.0mm Dimension: 40*40*88mm...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>8.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Mach3 compatible MPG pendant hand-held controller<title><description>MPG pendant compatible with Mach3 Industry: CNC machine tools, also known as electronic handwheel Product Structure: Hand / Hand Outer diameter (mm): 158 Aperture / Shaft Diameter (mm): 0 Resolution (CPR): 25,100 Working voltage: 5-12V Output circuit: voltage output, open collector, long drive, sliding output Connection method: Red: 5V</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>40.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>24V 105W 57BLR BLDC Motor<title><description>57mm Brushless DC Motor 24V 105W BLDC Motor Frame type: round Winding type: star Hall effect angle: 120 degree Number of poles: 4 Number of phases: 3 Rated voltage: 24VDC Rated speed: 3000RPM Rated torque: 0.33N.m Rated current: 6.6Amps Motor length: 95mm</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>29.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>IP67 24V 30W or 50W Power Supply<title><description>IP67 Power Supply Input 110-260VAC 50/60Hz Output 24V 1.25A 30W or 2.08A 50W Waterproof anti-water IP67 Dimensions: 160*30*20mm, 158*43*33mm Applications: LED, CCTV or projects.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>SCARA Robot Arm STEP or SERVO<title><description>Prototype SCARA Robot Arm STEP_SCARA Closed-loop Stepper Motors Timing belt transmission system seat no.1 76:13 HTD5M, arm no.2 52:13 HTD5M and the end no.3 is HTD3M 83:16 Z axis ball screw 1610 10mm per revolution no.4 C</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>799.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Robocults belt driven linear guides<title><description>Belt driven linear guide Brand: RobotDigg ROBOCULTS Anodized aluminum bodies of 45 mm x 45mm (1.77 in x 1.77 in) Belt driven linear guide Stroke lengths can be up to 3 meters Carriage load up to 98 N (10kg, 22 lbf) Maximum moments up to 3 Nm (26.6 lb•in) Speeds up to 1 m/s (39.4 in/s) Linear Accuracy: ± 0.05 mm (± 0.002 in) Positional Repeatability: ± 0.1 mm</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>30.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Transparent FEP Tubing<title><description>Transparent FEP Tubing ID2*OD4mm ID4*OD6mm 10 meters per FEP Tubing Offers: Chemically inert to most industrial chemicals and solvents Non-flammable Available in coiled, convoluted and heat-shrink construction High thermal stability</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>9.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Desktop 3D Filament SJ 20 Production Line<title><description>Desktop 3D filament SJ 20 Production Line Application: ABS/PLA/PVC, mainly for 3d printing filament lab usage Please note, the 20 extruder only suitable for pellets diameter under 3mm Main Parts: 20 extruder,water tank, tractor, winder, electrical control cabinet Technical Parameters: Screw, Barrel Using 38CrMoAlA, and quenched and nitrided (internal surface...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2380.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V 370 DC Motor<title><description>370 12V DC Motor Nominal Voltage (VDC) 12 Voltage Range (VDC) 3-12 Current @ Max. Efficiency (A) 0.17 Speed @ Max. Efficiency (RPM) 4840 Torque @ Max. Efficiency (g-cm) 25.3 Efficiency 75.0 Terminal Type 0.08 /Solderable Shaft Diameter (inch) 0.078 Shaft Length (inch) 0.346 Category Precious Metal Brush Motors Family Mabuchi RF370CA-15</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.40 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5M endless belt 505mm to 575mm<title><description>5M Endless Belt Pitch: 5mm Tooth profile: 5M or HTD5M Width: 12mm Material: Neoprene rubber with fiberglass reinforced. 5M505, 5M515, 5M520, 5M535, 5M540, 5M550, 5M560, 5M575 Closed-loop Belts Electric scooter drive belt 535-5M-15, 575-5M-15</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.10 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Steel retainer high temperature linear bearings<title><description>Steel retainer linear bearings for high temperature applications LM16GA, LM20GA are available in stock for quick response. LM16GA is for 16mm smooth rod and LM20GA is for 20mm smooth rod. Frame is made of ST14 steel Retainer: ST14 steel Ball Bearings: Gcr15 steel Compared with injection molded nylon retainer linear bearings, steel retainer ones are bet...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Scara Arm 3D Printer<title><description>Scara 3D Printer The firmware is not Open Source, it's Not Windows10 compatible. User end Software, Guides and Video Demo are provided. Features: 1. All-metal structure, durable; 2. The dual-arm bearing structure, high strength, seamless, good accuracy, low resistance, spike all the simple structure without bearing arm; 3. Gear - belt transmission, high s</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>280.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RDG802A pick and place machine<title><description>RDG802A Benchtop Pick and Place Machine Thanks for the recommendation comments from David Anders in SoftIron of RDG802 Series SMD PnP Machine purchase and service from RobotDigg</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3100.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>24V 25W UM2 cartridge heater<title><description>24V 25W cartridge heater compatible for Ultimaker 2 or Ultimaker 2 Extended 4mm+-0.05 16mm long head 1 meter long thermostability silicone nylon reinforced lead wires</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>4-channel rc servo controller<title><description>4-channel PWM controller for rc servos Power supply: 5-7.4VDC Current: 1A per servo at most 1. Why the serv</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>L298N stepper driver<title><description>L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Operating mode H-bridge driver (Dual) Master chip L298N Logic voltage 5V Driving voltage 5V-35V Logical current 0mA-36mA Drive current 2A (MAX single bridge) storage temperature -20 ℃ to + 135 ℃ Maximum power 25W weight 30g External dimensions 43 * 43 * 27mm Features: This module uses ST's L298N chip as the main drive, with dri</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Dual-pump controlled dilution machine<title><description>Functional Features 1, the inner diameter of the injector input, optionally used syringes 10-50mL 2, the accuracy can be achieved 0.01mL, to meet the vast majority of experiments required 3, touch-screen control interface WinCE6.0 4 operating modes: irrigated mode 5, external control interface: TTL232 / RS232, with input and output control function 6, fluid volume calibration</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6250.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Nema17 hollow shaft stepper 4 bespoke ballscrew<title><description>Hollow Shaft Stepper for Bespoke Ball Screw or Lead Screw Nema17 48mm Stepper Rated Current: 1.68A Two phase 4 lead wires bipolar 0.44N.m Holding Torque 1. Suppliers can Not provide you with longer lead screw or ball screw because of hard shipping or encounter bent during shipment? 2. Not decided to use a ball screw or lead screw linear stepper...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>21.00 USD</price><sale_price>20.50 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>2GT Idler Pulley w/ Bearings for 6mm belt<title><description>2GT Idler Pulley with Bearings Toothed Idler Tooth Profile: GT2 Tooth Number: 16, 20 or 40 Pitch: 2mm Bore: 16 tooth 3mm, 20 tooth 4mm n 5mm Each idler pulley with 2 bearings pressed. Idler pulley for 6mm wide gt2 belt. 16T 3mm_Toothed stands for 3mm inner bore bearing 2gt tooth profile idler 16T 3mm_No Tooth...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>4PJ317 Flexible V Ribbed Belt<title><description>Type: PJ Pitch: 2.4mm Pitch number: 4 Belt width: 9.6mm Height: 3.5mm Rib Height: 1.5mm Length:4PJ317 317mm...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Carriage for open ended belt<title><description>Carriage for Kossel or Rostock3 pieces as one set, price at 30USD/set. Aluminum machined and anodized delta robot part. Carriage for open ended GT2 belt, the carriage coming with clips. To use open ended 2mm pitch timing belt means that it can used to Kossel Mini, Kossel XL or Rostock rework which is using MGN12 linear rail n h-carriage. Color Black, B</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>30.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Thrust Ball Bearing 5mm, 8mm or 10mm<title><description>F5-11M, F8-16M or 51100 Thrust Ball Bearing Inside Diameter: 5mm, 8mm or 10mm Outside Diameter:11mm, 16mm, 24mm Height:4.5mm, 5mm or 9mm Material:Chrome Steel New arrival: 51106, inner 30mm</description><link>,-8mm-or-10mm</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.40 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Full graphic smart controller LCD12864<title><description>LCD 12864 RepRap Smart Controller 1.RAMPS LCD12864 board 1 2.L type adapter plate 1 3.FC cable 2 Note: You can insert an SD card for offline printing, SD card does not included. This full graphic Smart Controller Ramps LCD contains a SD-Card reader, an rotary encoder and a 128*64 dot matrix LCD display. You can easily connect it to...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>10.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>B71MXL, B72MXL, B73MXL, B75MXL, B76MXL or B77MXL endless belt<title><description>MXL Belt, Closed-loop, 144.272mm length, 71 teeth, 6mm width Tooth Profile: MXL Profile Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2.032mm Tooth Number: 71 (B71MXL) Length: 144.272mm Width: 6mm Type: Closed-loop Quantity: 1 piece MXL Belt, Endless, 146.304mm length, 72 teet...</description><link>,-B72MXL,-B73MXL,-B75MXL,-B76MXL-or-B77MXL-endless-belt</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.25 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>M4*5 Set Screw Pack Set for Timing Pulleys<title><description>M4*5 Set Screw PACK SET Order No.: M4-5-PS20pcs M4*5 grub screws and 1pc Allen Key/Hex Wrench in a pp bag.Grade 12.9, GB80 Hexagon socket set screws with cup point. Material 45# carbon steel, for GT2 36 Teeth 5mm Bore and 8mm Bore Timing Pulleys. Black coating.</description><link>*5-Set-Screw-Pack-Set-for-Timing-Pulleys</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.35 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Flexible Coupling 4mm, 5mm Shaft to Screws<title><description>5mm Shaft to Screws Flexible CouplingsMaterial: Aluminum Type: Set Screw Diameter 19mm Length 25mm RobotDigg is manfacturer of Integrated Stepper Motor with Acme Leadscrew. We really don't recommend a Coupling to you to build linear stepper motor. But in applications where long lead screw used, it's Not easy to ship a long lead screw threaded motor sa</description><link>,-5mm-Shaft-to-Screws</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.40 USD</price><sale_price>1.20 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>T2.5 belt neoprene rubber w/ fiberglass reinforced<title><description>The price is for 10M a roll open ended 6mm wide T2.5 Belt Open ended Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced T2.5 Belt is ever before the reprap belt. And it's still be used in many countries and many Reprap 3d printers. T2.5 Belt has a deep teeth contact with T2.5 Pulley, is good for torque co...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>16.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>98mm or 102mm 2GT closed-loop belt<title><description>GT2 Belt, Closed-loop, 102mm length, 51 teeth, 6mm width Tooth Profile: GT2 or 2GT Round Profile Material: NeopreneRubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Tooth Number: 49 or 51 Length: 98mm or 102mm Width: 6mm or 9mm Type: Closed-loop Quantity: 1 piece...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.40 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>NEMA11 45mm long high torque stepper motor<title><description>Nema 11 (28mm) 45mm Length High Torque Hybrid Stepper MotorOrder No. 11HY4403-20A.PDF Specifications: Holding Torque: 50mNmStep Angle1.8 DegRated Current1A per</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>11.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>1.75mm ABS Filament in Black or White<title><description>RobotDigg take 1.75mm Black and White these two colors as stock supply. 5 rolls, gross weight 7.5Kgs, the shipping cost by FedEx to U.S. or Canada is 75USD. RobotDigg has colorful ABS filament. except Black and White 1.75mm ABS, the lead time of other colors is 7 days. ABS warps less than PLA, especially on larger printed objects but has a higher melting temper...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>11.00 USD</price><sale_price>10.50 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Polyetherimide PEI Sheet 3D Printer Build Surface with Adhesive<title><description>PEI Sheet 3D Printer Build Surface Specifications: Name:203*203*0.5 or 305*305*0.5 PEI Sheet for 3D Printing Material: Polyetherimide ULTEM1000 Color:Amber transparent solid Advantage: 3M 468MP adhensive tape pre-applied by automation machine and there is No bubble. Features: PEI (Polyetherimide) sheets provide a 3D printing build surfa</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>7.80 USD</price><sale_price>6.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Wireless MPG pendant compatible with Mach3<title><description>Wireless MPG pendant * wireless operation, to bring you convenience and practicality of the operation. * 15 meter wireless transmission distance, stable and reliable data transmission * It max support 4 axis. the 4th axis- A axis, no A=0 function ( A axis functions are not as much as the other 3 axis) * All the buttons can be programmable * About the hand wheel, yo</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>99.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>BLD300B 36V 300W BLDC Motor Driver<title><description>The BLD-300B BLDC motor drive is a high performance,cost-effective 3 phase BLDC motor drive, which can provide power output Max 300VA. The design is based on advanced DSP technology and feature high torque, low noise,low vibration,PID speed loop, PID current loop,over current protection,over load protection and a combined use of manual speed adjustment and automatic speed adjustment....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>35.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>20pcs per pack SUS set screw with tip<title><description>Stainless steel set screw with tip 20pcs per pack M3*4 or M4*4 Used for customized setting request of drive gear or pulley to motor shaft or pick and place nozzle to the head adapter(M4)...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.35 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Two phase NEMA24 closed-loop stepper motor<title><description>Closed-loop Stepper Motor Suitable for all kinds of motion control automation equipment and instruments, such as: electronic processing and testing, semiconductor packaging, laser cutting and welding, laser phototypesetting, packaging machinery, engraving machine, marking machine, cutting machine, garment plotter, CNC machine tools, automation Assembly equipment and so on. Is the user</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>68.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RoboMo FDM Modular 3D Printer<title><description>Modular 3D Printer RoboMo is a 3D Printer made of injection modular frame. It's a cheap FDM 3D Printer that a high school student can have as DIY gift. Not only a LEGO alike toy Detachable but also a trend of 3D Printing....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>219.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Hybrid ceramic ball bearing 608 for Fidget Spinner<title><description>Ceramic balls hybrid bearing 608 Size: 608, 8*22*7 7 pieces ZrO2 ceramic balls Nylon, PE or PTFE retainer Bearing steel Gcr15(HC608) or ZrO2 ceramic frame(CZ608) Open frame for fidget spinner Note: for the free feeling and long time spinning, anti-rust oil is rarely used. hybrid bearing are easy to get rusty in the air. 688,R188, 606, 686 hybrid ce</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Single axis TB6560 or TB6600 stepper driver<title><description>TB6560 or TB6600 single axis stepper driver TB6560 Working voltage DC 10V-35V. Recommended to use a switching power supply DC24V power supply. 6N137 high-speed optical coupling, guarantee high speed without losing step. Using the TB6560AHQ chip with low voltage shutdown, overheating stop and overcurrent protection circuit to ensure optimal performance. Rated max</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.60 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>ROBOCULTS KR25 Linear Guide<title><description>ROBOCULTS KR25 Linear Guide Semi-closed closet linear table KR25 MGW12 Linear Rail Ball screw 1204 diameter 12mm, pitch 4mm Effective stroke: 25 to 400mm Applied to Nema17 stepper motor...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>119.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>AWG8 to AWG10 PTFE Tubing<title><description>PTFE Tubing in AWG Sizes AWG8L ID 3.28-3.38-3.53, OD 3.78 AWG9L ID 2.90-3.00-3.15, OD 3.4 AWG10L ID 2.59-2.69-2.84, OD 3.09 100 Meter per roll packed.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>35.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Micro Hydroelectric Generator 12VDC 10W<title><description>Micro Hydroelectric Generator Features:100% Brand New There are two types of lithium batteries on the market , with a charge management chip , a chip without charge management , lithium battery needs charging management chip electrical impulse , or prone to explosion. Second, the technical conditions: - The output voltage :12V - between the wire resistance 10.5...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.40 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Needle roller bearing HK0508 HK0608 HK0808<title><description>Needle Roller Bearing Part Number HK0508, HK0608, HK0808 Weight 0.0100 Bearing Type Needle Roller Bearing Cage Type Inside Diameter 5, 6 or 8mm Outside Diameter 9, 10, 12mm Width 8 MM Other Dimensions N/A Enclosure None Material Bearing Steel Lubrication Light Grease or Oil</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.30 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12VDC 370 Geared Motor<title><description>Geared DC Motor 370 Operating voltage: 6V-12VDC Speed: 109RPM Gear type: planetary or worm gear GM370P planetary gear motor 109RPM planetary gear motor 370 GM370W 1</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5M endless belt 675mm, 680mm or 685mm<title><description>5M Endless Belt Tooth profile: 5M or HTD5M Pitch: 5mm Width: 12mm 5M675, 5M680, 5M685 Material: Neoprene rubber with fiberglass reinforced.</description><link>,-680mm-or-685mm</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.30 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>440C SUS Linear Rail MGN12 680 or 750 n Carriage<title><description>440C SUS MGN12 Linear Rail for Delta Robot Tarzan or Terk The price listed is for one MGN12 Linear Rail n one long body Carriage. Kossel 3D Printer Tarzan or Terk, you need to buy 3 sets for one printer. MGN12 linear rail which is widely used to work together with 2020 Aluminum Profile for Delta Robot Machines. Material: 440C Length of rail: 680mm or 750mm Carriage:</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>36.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Servo Electric Cylinder 3DOF or 6DOF Motion Platform<title><description>Motion simulator 6DOF platform Driving or flight simulator, 6DOF Amusement, VR 6DOF Motion Platform RobotDigg 6DOF Amusement Stewart Platform Movement Mode: Servo Motor Linear Cylinder The price listed is firm and servo cylinder is Hollysys</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>4000.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>MKS TFT28 or TFT32 Full Graphic Smart Controller<title><description>MKS TFT 2.8Inch Full Graphic Smart Controller 2.8 inch full graphic touch screen, support USB and SD card. Reserved Wifi interfaces, increasing Wifi interface board supports Wifi. Can be used on Ramp1.4 and record customer base launched MKS series motherboard. The master program without modification, plug and play, support Marlin, Repetier, Smoothieware firmware...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>32.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RDG802B pick and place machine<title><description>RDG802B (TVM802B) is designed to meet customers' needs for more material stack, in the RDG802A (TVM802A) models based on the introduction of a high-performance, cost-effective, high reliability, full-vision placement machine. Paypal Buy Now, shipping cost included by FedEx, DHL or TNT, 4580USD to Australia, Canada, USA and Western European countries, please confirm shipping address and...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>4100.00 USD</price><sale_price>3800.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Dual-automatic liquid sampling system<title><description>EL Series multifunction liquid sampling system is richer Electric Division launched a new generation of multi-purpose liquid handling equipment, high-strength and corrosion-resistant shell Y-ceramic rotary valve made of pure imported materials Seiko produced, the choice of high-speed chip, next generation power plant propeller and 7-inch high-color touch screen, micro-printer and other de...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>13500.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>35 single screw motor extruder n dryer<title><description>SJ35 single screw 3d printing filament extrusion machine and dryer A. Ball Screw Parameters: Diameter: 35mm single srew motor extrusion machine for abs, pla, etc plastic or bioplastic materials. Material: Extrusion sc</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3980.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>DS3115 Digital Servo<title><description>DS3115 Digital Servo for Drone or Robotics Weight: 60g Size: 40.0*20.0*40.5mm Speed: 0.16sec/60°@4.8V 0.14sec/60°@6V Stall Torque: 13.5 kg/cm @4.8V 15kg/cm @6V Operating Voltage: 4.8-7.2Volts Operating Current: 150mA Futaba, JR, SANWA, Hitec compatible.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>8.90 USD</price><sale_price>8.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Nema23 hollow shaft stepper 4 bespoke ballscrew<title><description>Bespoke Linear Stepper Nema23 56mm Hollow Shaft Stepper Rated Current: 3A 1.3N.m Holding Torque 300mm working length 1204 ball screw available in stock...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>29.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>4PJ256 4PJ280 flexible v-ribbed belt<title><description>Flexible V Ribbed Belt Type: PJ Pitch: 2.4mm Pitch number: 4 Belt width: 9.6mm Height: 3.5mm Tooth Height: 1.7mm Length: 4PJ256 256mm 4PJ280 280mm...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.40 USD</price><sale_price>1.20 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12 or 24v power supply for stepper motors<title><description>12V or 24VDC Switching Power Supply At most 3 ways output power supply, please don't overload while using. To drive a stepper as example, To keep safe, power supply rated output current is better 1.5 times more than the stepper motor n driver's rated current in total its powered. S-350-12 12VDC Power Supply: In AC power supply, there are two symbols L and N. N is Neutral wh</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>22.00 USD</price><sale_price>10.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>6mm or 9mm wide belt 12 tooth GT2 Pulley<title><description>GT2 Pulley 12 Tooth 4mm BoreTooth Profile: GT2 Tooth Pitch: 2mm Tooth Number: 12 Bore Diameter: 3.175mm or 4mm Gear Width: for 6mm or 9mm wide gt2 belt 3.175mm bore gt2 pulley for drones is available in stock...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>B78MXL, B79MXL, B80MXL, B82MXL or B84MXL closed-loop mxl belt<title><description>MXL Belt, Closed-loop, 158.496mm length, 78 teeth, 6mm width Tooth Profile: MXL Profile Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2.032mm Tooth Number: 78 (B78MXL) Length: 158.496mm Width: 6mm Type: Closed-loop Quantity: 1 piece MXL Belt, Endless, 160.528mm length, 79 teet...</description><link>,-B79MXL,-B80MXL,-B82MXL-or-B84MXL-closed-loop-mxl-belt</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.25 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Nema11 51mm high torque stepper<title><description>Nema11 51mm Bipolar Stepper MotorOrder No. 11HY5401-20A.PDFStepper MotorBipolar 4 Lead WiresStep Angle1.8°Holding Torque100mN.m(13.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>110mm or 112mm 2GT endless belt<title><description>GT2 Belt, Closed-loop, 110mm length, 55 teeth, 6mm width Tooth Profile: GT2 or 2GT Round Profile Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Tooth Number: 55 Length: 110mm Width: 6mm or 9mm Type: Closed-loop Quantity: 1 piece GT2 Belt, Closed-loop, 112mm length, 56 tooth 6mm wide...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.40 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Flexible Coupling 6.35mm Shaft to Screws<title><description>Flexible Coupling: Material: Aluminum Type: Set Screw Diameter: 19mm Length/Height: 25mm 6.35 to 6.35 6.35 to 8 6.35 to 10 6.35 to 6</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.40 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>1.75mm PLA in Black or White<title><description>1.75mm PLA in Black or White in stock. Other colors PLA Filament there is Minimum Order Quantity request, please contact us for color sheet before order, thanks....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>11.90 USD</price><sale_price>11.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>T2.5 belt polyester w/ steel wire reinforced<title><description>T2.5 Open Ended Belt The price is 10M per roll MOQ. 6mm wide 10 meters a roll. Open ended Polyester or PU with steel wire reinforced T2.5 Belt is ever before the reprap belt. And it's still be used in many countries and many Reprap 3d printers. This kind of T2.5 Belt has a deep contact with T2.5 Pulley, good for power transmission. Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>15.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>DM542, DM556 stepper motor driver<title><description>2-phase Digital Stepper Motor Driver It is a fully digital stepper drive developed with advanced DSP control algorithm based on the latest motion control technology. Its motor auto-identification and parameter auto-configuration feature offers quick setup to optimal modes with different motors. Compared with other analog or TB6600H chips driver, it can drive a stepper motor at much lo</description><link>,-DM556-stepper-motor-driver</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>21.00 USD</price><sale_price>18.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>9-36V DC stepper motor linear actuator<title><description>Stepper Motor Linear Actuator Motor type: Stepper Motor Working voltage: 9-36V DC Limit switch: built-in Working frequency: 10%, at most 2 minutes continuous working. Protect grade: IP54 Factory set performance: 7mm/s and 500N pull force. Wiring diagram Stepper motor: Green A+ n Black A-, Blue B+ n Red B- Limit switch: Black COM, Red inner limit, Gr</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>72.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>48V 300W 60BLS BLDC Motor<title><description>60mm Brushless DC Motor 48V 300W BLDC Motor Frame type: square Winding type: star Hall effect angle: 120 degree Number of poles: 8 Number of phases: 3 Rated voltage: 48VDC Rated speed: 3000RPM Rated torque: 0.95N.m Rated current: 9.5Amps Motor length: 120mm...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>58.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Two phase NEMA34 closed-loop stepper motor<title><description>NEMA34 Closed-loop Stepper Motor Two phase 86 series closed-loop stepper motor, the use of high-quality raw materials and high-standard permanent magnet silicon steel, with 1000PPR high precision encoder, completely overcome the open-loop stepper motor problems, while significantly enhance the motor high-speed performance ,To facilitate the traditional step-by-step drive program upgra</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>72.00 USD</price><sale_price>66.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Wall-mounted anti-rain 12v or 24v power supply<title><description>Anti-rain power supply Wall-mounted anti-rain for outdoor applications. 12V 5A 60W, 24V 16.5A 400W Input: 100-220VAC Dimensions: 135*82*50mm, 250*141*61mm</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>4.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Benchtop infrared reflow soldering oven T-962A, T-962A+ or T-962C<title><description>Classic Benchtop Reflow Soldering Oven T-962C User Manual T-962A or T962A reflow oven, smd/led reflow soldering machine, infrared reflow heater, desktop wave soldering machine Technical parameters Solderi</description><link>,-T-962A+-or-T-962C</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>168.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RoboCar 6DOF Amusement Motion Platform<title><description>6 DOF Dynamic VR Motion SimulatorServo Electric Cylinder 6DOF Motion Platform Key Parameters Key Technical Parameters (1)Load:50KG-20000KG (2)Motion parameters Position Displacement Speed Acceleration Positioning accuracy Repeat positioning accuracy Pitch (α) ±5℃~±35℃ ≤60°/s ≤200°m/s2 0.03° 0.01° Roll (β) ±5℃~±35℃ ≤6</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>35000.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Reusable print surface with 3M tape<title><description>Reusable 3D Print Surface Build surface with 3M tape (Note: it's Not heat bed, it's a cover on heat bed which is print surface.) Heatbed temperature: 80 centi-degree the best Specification available: 214*214mm, Diameter 200mm To save your masking tape and masking job from today....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3mm, 4mm or 5mm needle or locating pin<title><description>Bearing needle or locating pin diameter 3mm, 4mm or 5mm Material: Bearing Steel, Hardness: 62-63HRC used as needle bearing roller Diameter: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm Length: 16mm, 20mm or 30mm It's a solution to pin or post the idler pulley with bearing 3mm, 4mm or 5mm...</description><link>,-4mm-or-5mm-needle-or-locating-pin</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.05 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>AWG11 to AWG15 PTFE Teflon Sleeving<title><description>Teflon Sleeving in AWG Sizes AWG11L ID 2.31-2.41-2.57, OD 2.81 AWG12L ID 2.05-2.16-2.31, OD 2.56...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>35.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item></channel></rss>