Robotdigg Online Storehttps://www.robotdigg.comRobotDigg Equip Makers and Empower Engineers, stepper motorized and linear, smt solution from China, 6 dof robot arm and simulator. linear stepper motors stock for promotion<title><description>Non-captive Linear Stepper Motor NEMA11 non-captive linear stepper motors produced for a project but the project was cancelled, in stock for promotion and now you can buy them at a price nearly a standard stepper motor. Linear stepper motors details are as following and if it's suitable for a project or builds you need, welcome your inquiry of bulk price, we have thousands of the</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Slip ring hollow shaft through bore rotating miniature electrical connector<title><description>Hollow shaft slip ring or rotary collectors MT0522 series provides a 5mm through-bore for routing of hydraulic or pneumatic lines or hydraulic or pneumatic rotating shaft installation, and a compact 22mm outside diameter,features long life, fiber brush contact technology for ultimate performance in many challenging applications. MT0522 series are standard, off-the-shelf products,</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Desktop PTS21 parallel twin screw extruder<title><description>Desktop PTS21 parallel twin screw extruder parameters 1. Production: 0.1-2KG/hour (depending on the fluidity of each material) 2, Weight: 25KG NET 3, Production line speed: 1-20 m / min (the actual production speed depends on the customer wire gauge); Note: the price is for the twin screw extruder only, accessory of production line please let RobotDigg know your reque</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5080.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Aluminum alloy open type fixed sleeve bearing clamping Shaft Collars<title><description>Clamp type shaft collar Aluminum alloy circular fixed sleeve bearing clamping ring limit ring retaining ring Shaft Collars with Slit SCS 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and more: Shaft collar also called shaft sleeve, check ring, axle ring, locating ring. called shaft collar in English, shaft sleeve has many types, British system sleeve aperture is</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>MQ8-Z45B 10mm Stroke 4-8Kg Force Pull n Push Type Solenoid Electromagnet<title><description>10mm stroke pull n push solenoid electromagnet Specifications: Product Name:DC Solenoid Electromagnet Model:MQ8-Z45B Rated Voltage:DC 12V or 24V Type:Pull n Push Start Force, Stoke:10mm 4.0Kg End Force, Stroke:0mm 8Kg Body Size:3.8 x 6cm/1.5" x 2.4"(D * L) Plunger Bar Dia:1.65cm/1" x 0.65"(L*D) Screw Diameter:4mm / 0.16" Total Length:8</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>11.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Ceramic Bearing Balls ZRO2 zirconium oxide ball G10 grade<title><description>Zirconia ceramic balls (ZRO2) Zirconia ceramic ball, at room temperature with high strength and high toughness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high stiffness, non-magnetic, electrical insulation. Zirconia ceramic balls at 600 ℃, strength, hardness is almost constant having a density of 6.00g / cm3, a thermal expansion coefficient close to the metal</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PTFE Volumetric Flask, Teflon Bottle or Chemistry Labware<title><description>PTFE Volumetric Chemistry Labware Pure white,Can be low temperature or high temperature, with extraordinary chemical resistance,, high lubrication, no adhesion, self-lubricating strong, non-toxic, anti-aging, anti-pollution Low temperature: -196 ℃ can be maintained at 5% Corrosion resistance: strong acid, alkali, Wang water and a variety of organic solution. High lubric</description><link>,-Teflon-Bottle-or-Chemistry-Labware</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12.5-inch 4K LCD screen display LQ125D1JW31 LQ125D1JW33<title><description>Sharp 4K LCD for 3D Printing Active Area (W x H): mm Backlight System: LED (built-in driver) Brightness: nits Contrast Ratio: Description: This 16:9 Quad-HD module features extremely high contrast, along with a wide vie</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>109.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>405nm UV LED Resin Curing Light Lamp for SLA 3D Printing<title><description>UV LED for Resin Curing 110-260V 405nm UV LED Resin Curing Light Lamp for SLA DLP 3D Printer Photosensitive Accessories Feature: 1. This UV LED light with 6pcs high power 405nm UV LED, can fast curing the 405nm UV resin printed objects, make the objects solid efficiently and use less time than usual ways. 2. Within 5cm to the light, the resin can be cure within 10-15 s</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>18.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3 or 4 axis mini vertical CNC<title><description>Desktop vertical 3 or 4 axis CNC engraver 3 or 4 axis CNC engraver machine 3 Axis Specifications: XYZ 416*376*508mm Working area 200*100*180mm Net weight 18Kgs 4 Axis working area 200*100*180mm and A axis 360 degree Net weight 20Kgs The Mini-X4 is a portable 4-axis CNC machine that supports cutting of wood, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc., and supp</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2099.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Stepper motorized gripper with controller<title><description>Stepper motorized gripper cylinder MHS3 three finger aluminum alloy air gripper cylinder 1.The seal of piston adopts heterogeneous two way seal structure. It's dimension i</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>136.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Roll-in 3030 aluminum profile T-nut with tensile spring ball<title><description>Size: 3030 M4, M5, M6 and M8 available Package quantity is 20pcs per Application: T-slot aluminum profile 3030, slot 8mm, Material: carbon steel, Finish: zinc plate, Easy to be drop into aluminum profile 3030 With spring ball for tensile to avoid slip or vibrate....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RobotDigg T-shirt<title><description>RobotDigg Empower Engineers RobotDigg based on stepper motor, linear stepper motor, starts its session in 2013-2015 More than 3D Printing, year 2016-2018 mission to Equip Makers, 2019 and go on with China Supply Chain to Empower Engineers worldwide. T-shirt to record and celebrate the RobotDigg History, thanks to RobotDigg Team and thanks to our lovely customers in this hard time</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>9.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Internal or External Pulse optional stepper controller<title><description>Dual modes stepper controller Pulse n Direction or Internal Pulse on board POT control (potentiometer) optional Shimai Robot stepper controller is divided into open</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>69.00 USD</price><sale_price>59.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PEEK 3D Printing Filament<title><description>PEEK 3D Printing Filament PEEK 3D printing filament has a wide range of unique qualities. All of these make PEEK a very interesting choice for a number of different industries around the world such as Medical, Aerospace, Oil and Gas Industry and Automotive. It is the ideal choice for low-volume production and specialist designs where it is difficult to create prototypes using metal an</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>560.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PEI or PPS 1.75mm, 2.85mm or 3mm 3D Printing Filament<title><description>PEI 3D Printing Filament Polyether Imide (PEI) Ultem is an amorphous, amber to transparent thermoplastics with a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 217 °C and performs in continuous use up to 170 °C. This inherently flame retardant plastic has UL94 VO and 5VA ratings. 1.75mm, 2.85mm or 3mm diameter can be manufactured and MOQ 30Kgs...</description><link>,-2.85mm-or-3mm-3D-Printing-Filament</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>44.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Raspberry Pi Camera V1 5MP or V2 PiNoir 8MP<title><description>Raspberry Pi Camera V1 Raspberry Pi Camera, supports all revisions of the Pi Fisheye Lens, offers wider field of view 5 megapixel OV5647 sensor Camera specifications: CCD size : 1/4inches Aperture (F) : 2.35 Focal Length : adjustable Field of View : 160 degree (while other normal cameras are typically 72 degree) Sensor best resolution : 1080p</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>9.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3D Printer MKS BT ramps1.4 bluetooth wireless module<title><description>3D Printer Bluetooth Module Name: MKS BT bluetooth module Shipping list: MKS-BT 1pcs N.W.: 0.02Kg MKS-BT is a board that contains the hardware of the hc06 chipsets. This is a bt adapter that is used on some reprap ramps and MKS Gen with bt connection....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>7.70 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>WeBee Industrial Serial UART ESP8266 WiFi Module<title><description>WIFI Module W-003 is a Serial WiFi UART to Wireless Transceiver Networking Module ,it uses ESP8266 WiFi chip which is a highly integrated chip designed for the needs of IoT. W-003 is a fully integrated single 2.4GHz band 802.11 b/g/n module, intended for portable and battery powered applications, where Wi-Fi connectivity is needed. W-003 provides a low cost and simple Wi-F</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>4.40 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3D printer heat bed or extruder MOS module 25A or 30A<title><description>Large current MOSFET Module Name: 3D printer heating controller MKS MOS25 V1.0 1pcs* MKS MOS25 V1.0 module 1pcs*2pin cable MKS MOS25 V1.0 supports high power heated bed, supports maximum current 25A. MKS MOSFET 30A</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>NEMA11 lead screw stepper motor linear module<title><description>NEMA11 stepper motorized linear module NEMA11 30mm body stepper motor Two phase bipolar 0.6A rated current Tr6*1, Tr6*2, Tr6*4, Tr6*6 or Tr6*12 lead screw GCr15 MGN9 made in China rail n carriage Speed 0.1-120mm/s and loading 2.5Kgs below Working length 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm in stock....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>64.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>DLAB Series Vortex Mixers, Microplate Mixer, Tube Roller & Rotator<title><description>MX-S, 8031102000, Vortex Mixer (Adjustable Speed) • Touch operation or continuous mode • Variable speed control from 0 to 2500rpm • Used for various mixing applications with optional adapters • Specially designed vacuum suction feet for body stablility • Robust aluminum-cast construction...</description><link>,-Microplate-Mixer,-Tube-Roller-&-Rotator</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>95.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>DLAB SK180 Series Digital Linear Shaker<title><description>DLAB Sk-L180-Pro, Digital Linear Shaker, without Attachment Digital Linear Shaker (2.5Kg) with SK 180.1 Universal attachment (package seperately) • Max. load capacity is 7.5kg(L330) and 2.5kg(L180) with platform • Double LCDs for independent display of time and speed • Wide range of platforms for use with a variety of vessels • Maintenance- free brushless DC motor • Ove</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>245.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>DLAB Megnetic Stirrer Series<title><description>Ms-Pa Led Digital Magnetic Stirrer LED Digital Magnetic Stirrer, plastic plate • Digital speed control within the range of 100-1500rpm • Max. stirring quantity of H2O at 3L • LED display shows speed • Nylon+GF housing provides a good performance of chemical resistance...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>47.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>DLAB Ms-H380-Pro Double Led Digital Ceramic Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer<title><description>MS-H380-Pro (8030261115) LCD Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer with ceramic coated plate. With PT1000 for free, (18900016), need to buy support clamp (18900148)....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>279.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>DLAB Ms-H280-Pro Double Led Digital Ceramic Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer<title><description>Megnetic Stirrer with ceramic hotplate • Digital temperature control with max. temperature up to 280°C • Digital speed control with max. speed up to 1500rpm • Stainless steel work plate with ceramic coating provides good chemical resistant...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>179.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3D Printing pellet extruder screw and barrel<title><description>Pellet Extruder Screw Extrusion Screw for Pellet Extruder 38CrMoAl tempered steel Nitriding treatment Hardness at 55 degrees Pellet Extruder is a direct print head from industrial plastics pellets and 100% recycled, witho</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Electrolysis of water generator STEM kit<title><description>STEM Kit Electrolysis of Water Important Notice: 1. It is normal to have water inside the product received, and we have carried out a sealing test before shipment. 2. Make sure waiting more than half a minute to ignite to prevent tempering and bursting. 3. Can Not close the gun valve after power on. Be sure to turn off the gun and then turning off...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>69.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>LT-50D round bottle labeling machine with printer<title><description>Round bottle labeling machine LT-50D round bottle labeling machine with printer Introduction The machine is a table type semi-automatic labeling machine with motor and touching control by limit switch and with small volume, which can be suitable for round bottle labeling and used for printing the date of production and batch in the industries of food, beverage, medicine e</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>480.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Tubular Screw Feeder or Spiral Loader<title><description>Automatic Screw Spiral Lifter Feeder I . The Features of Automatic Spiral Feeder or Loader: This screw feeder is mainly used for feeding plastic material.The screw loader is suitable for auto transporting powdery, and powdergranule compound materials.The screw loader can be connected and used with mixer and extruder.It is ideal for you to buy this machine with advanced design, ea</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>599.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5V DC 5010 Blower Fan<title><description>5V DC 5010 Blower Brand: Panasonic Model: UDQFNKH Voltage: 5V Current: 0.24A Specification: 50*50*10MM Bearing: Superflo (double ball bearing) Speed: 6000 RPM Air volume: 7 CFM Silent blower fan Maintain optimal continuous running time 80,000 hours Fan interface 2-pin connector Features Maintenance-free double ball bearing, long s</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Plin plastic sliding film SBR series linear block<title><description>Dry Sleeve Linear Block Plastic sliding film Aluminum housing of standard SBR series...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>9.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Plin plastic sliding film aluminum housing linear block<title><description>Dry Linear Sleeve Block Plastic sliding film Aluminum housing of standard SCS series...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>8.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Ceramic ZrO2 Ball Bearing Bearings MR103, MR104, MR105, MR106<title><description>Ceramic Ball Bearing MR103 10*4*3mm MR104 10*4*4mm MR105 10*4*5mm MR106 10*3*6mm Full ceramic bearing with diamagnetic electrically insulating, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, not self lubricating, high...</description><link>,-MR104,-MR105,-MR106</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>7.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Silent and durable GT2 rubber belt with Cloth<title><description>GT2 rubber belt with Cloth 1. Accurate roundness tooth shape, ensuring accurate positioning and quiet and efficient transmission 2. Anti-wear nylon tooth surface for better protection of the tooth joint and extended service life 3. Proportion fiber rope ensures high strength, excellent flexibility and high tensile resistance 4. Neoprene effectively protects it from dirt</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.20 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Lattice glass build surface for 3D Printer<title><description>Lattice glass build surface Features: Excellent adhesion:Covered by microporous coating, shows strong adhesion in printing. Easy to take off models by hand or with a little help from the scrapper for very large model. Integrated with heated bed: Super Flatness, Fast and uniform heating. Durable: The special coating is inorganic and has a hardness of 8 Mohs, and i</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Valves for bulk material handling<title><description>Slide Gate Valves Slide gate valves are used especially for transporting the powder, pellet matter and other bulk material in Petrochemical, chemical, food and medicine industry etc. They are mainly used in cutting or transporting materials in the vertical pipes. Structure features: The shell and its main attachments are precision cast with good-looking appearance. The</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PLA polylactic acid or polylactide<title><description>PLA takes annually renewable resources – corn, cassava and other plants as raw material. After fermentation by microorganisms, lactic acid will be extracted, then PLA will be produced through a process of refining, dehydration polymerization, high temperature pyrolysis and final polymerization. PLA has excellent biodegradable property. After disposal, within one year, it can be degraded into ca</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>399.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Pneumatic printed circuit board testing jig Test Fixture<title><description>Pneumatic PCB Test Fixture This test way means PCB are tested by Fixture testing machine. Time is short for 1 PCS or panel,always in 5-10 sec. But need to make a test fixture for each kind PCB. It is not economical for PCB prototype,so, Fix tooling testing is suitable for Mass production order.Pcb e-test fixture could be reused for repeat order....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>81.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>32-bit ARM open source control board MKS SBASE V1.3<title><description>MKS SBASE is a latest motherboard for 3D Printer, designed by Makserbase (MKS) compatible both Marlin and Smoothieware. It is based on ARM platform and uses 32bit 100M Cortex-MS MCU-LPC1768. From MKS SBASE V1.2 1.Fix temperature problem. 2.Add thermocouple Pins( can't be used with 12864lcd together). 3.Create some pins P1.22 P1.23 P2.12 P2.11 P4.28 for further devel</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>49.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>MKS Smoother module 3d printer components diode board stepstick filter<title><description>MKS Smoother Stepstick Filter Packing List 1pcs* MKS Smoother 1pcs* 4pin cable This Smoother controller helps to smooth seismic lines which create by stepper motor. Especially on DRV8825 driver. Before...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.40 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Magnetic PEI Flexible 3D printing bed removable surface<title><description>Flexible removable 3D Printing Surface Magnetic PEI Flexplate 3D printer heatbed, PEI sheet, 3D Printer Platform, Removable 3D Printer Heatbed Items Included: Spring steel sheet *1 PEI sheet *1...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>11.80 USD</price><sale_price>9.80 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Hydrothermal Synthesis Autoclave Reactor with PTFE Lined Vessel Teflon Chamber<title><description>Hydrothermal Synthesis Autoclave Reactor Max working pressure: 3mpa (gauge); Max temperature: 220℃ Made of standard stainless steel 304 with high quality PTFE chamber Hydrothermal reactor can quickly and completely dissolve the sample containing volatile elements and the sample Autoclave reactor features good corrosion resistance, anti-fouling, leak-proof to prevent har</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>29.00 USD</price><sale_price>28.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PFA Sample Bottle with screw cap<title><description>PFA Sample Vial PFA sample bottle supplied with a PFA screw cap. Autoclavable, easy to clean, suited for sample collection, transport and storage. Volume: 7ml, 15ml, 23ml, 30ml, 60ml, 90ml withstand temperatures from -200°C to 260</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>9.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Teflon Microwave COD digestion tank PTFE vessel<title><description>Teflon Microwave COD digestion tank PTFE vessel for Synthesis Reactor Material: 100% PTFE Capacity: 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 100ml, 200ml Excellent corrosion resistance. Please control the temperature below 200 centigrade, and the pressure below 0.4Mpa. Do not close the inner cap completely when heating the vessel, to avoid too high pressure inside of the vessel....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>25.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V 3D Printer Mother Board suitable for A4988 and LCD2004<title><description>Take full account of voltage stability, board heat dissipation, practicability and so on, in our research team has been verified. The design of the circuit takes full account of the protective facilities, and the double self recovery fuse prevents the circuit from short-circuit burning out of the device. The 5 channels of high current resistant diodes to prevent reverse connection, even if the...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>28.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>440C Stainless Steel standard type linear shaft bearing<title><description>SUS304 is austenitic stainless steel with good plasticity and good cold workability. At the same time, due to its austenitic structure, it is non-magnetic and cannot be adsorbed by magnets. It is difficult to increase its strength by heat treatment, and its corrosion resistance is superior. SUS440C is martensitic stainless steel, its microstructure is martensitic metallurgical structure, i</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>4.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>JD13-16 Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tools<title><description>JD13-16 Portable Electric Balers Plastic Band Automatic Steel Belt Binding Hot Melt Packing Machine Strapping Tool Battery Chargeable 110-220V 13-16MM for Steel and Plastic Belt Features: 1. Anti-skid insulation matte handle 2. Adjustable operation button 3. High-power and durable cylinder 4. Made of high quality and durable metal, long service life 5. Rechargeab</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>45.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5V DC Micro Metal Geared Stepper Motor<title><description>Micro Metal Geared Stepper Motor This is a miniature stepper motor with 100:1 metal reduction gear box for enhanced torque. It has a voltage input range of 5V DC. This product is suitable for the 3D printers and applications which require precise rotation control. Note: Please limit the motor current, or overlarge current will burn the motor....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>9.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>MKS FES V1.0 Filament Detection Sensor Module for 1.75mm filament<title><description>MKS FES V1.0 Filament Detection Sensor Module For 1.75mm filament Filament sensor module 700mm long 3pin cable. What we found was that sometimes if we forgot to check if there was enough filament for your online 3D Printing, the 3D printer might run out of filament in the middle of a print. This isn't an economic problem but it's very frustrating when you find a print job half do</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>4.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>24V 4000RPM 42BLS BLDC Motor<title><description>42mm Brushless DC Motor Winding type: star Hall effect angle: 120 degree Number of poles: 8 Number of phases: 3 Rated voltage: 24VDC Rated speed: 4000RPM Rated torque: 0.125N.m Rated current: 3.5Amps Motor length: 61mm...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>24.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Vibration Feeder for CHMT36VA or CHMT48VAnVB<title><description>Vibration Feeder for Benchtop Pick and Place Machine Vibration Feeder which is Customized for Charmhigh CHMT36VA, CHMT48VA and CHMT48VB The vibration feeder is designed for the Benchtop Pick and Place Machine with construction with the material stack. Note: the price is for the vibration feeder 1 piece only, the pick and place machine can load at most 2 pieces of suc</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>118.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5V 2A or 4A Miniature Switching Power Supply<title><description>Switching Power Supply Miniature Size 70*40*30mm, 85*60*33mm Power Input: 110-220VAC Output 5V 2A or 4A For CCTV monitoring, LED or laboratory use.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>X-CUBE LCD based Resin SLA 3D Printer<title><description>LCD SLA Resin 3D Printer Detailed Instruction for the latest X-CUBE3 SLA Printer. X-CUBE Online needs to connect with PC or Tablet PC via USB X-CUBE2 Offline USB or Ethernet network. Offline support Raspberry i3 and Photonic3D X-CUBE3 ball</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>456.00 USD</price><sale_price>428.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Nema17 stepper motor with 1000 line rotary encoder<title><description>Nema17 stepper motor with incremental rotary encoder Nema17 40mm or 48mm hybrid stepper motor Holding torque: 0.4N.m or 0.44N.m 1000 line AB incremental rotary encoder</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>27.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>T5 polyester with steel reinforced endless belt<title><description>T5 PU Timing Belt T5 5mm pitch polyester with steel reinforced endless belt. 15mm wide 255mm, 340mm or 360mm pitch length Timing belt for your electric skateboard? T5-150, T5-165, T5-185, T5-200, T5-210, T5-215, T5-220, T5-225,</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.80 USD</price><sale_price>1.60 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V waterproof light bar for 3d printer<title><description>Waterproof Great Wall light bar for 3D Printers Color: Cool White or Blue Size: 24CM, 48CM or 72CM The 12V light bar can be used to decorate either your automotive car or 3d printers for daytime and night. 24CM @1USD per piece, 48CM @1.6USD per piece, 72CM @2USD</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3D Printing Pen with ABS/PLA filament pack<title><description>3D Printing Pen for Children The most popular 3D Printing Pen or 3D Stereo Drawing Pen in China for the world kids and children. Please use under parents' guide. Enjoy the builds, Kids. :-) Specification: RP-100B Operating Input: 5V 2A 1.Extrusion Mode : Fused Deposition Modeling / Melting 2.Formation: 3D 3.Material used :ABS PLA 4</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>24.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Hex head shaft coupling<title><description>Rigid shaft coupling for robot car Bore: 3mm, 4mm or 5mm Height: 18mm Diameter 11.5mm and hex D12mm...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Volume flow rate dc motor or stepper peristaltic pump<title><description>Motorized peristaltic pump ◆ flow range: 0 - 400ml / min (pump tubing: diameter 6.8mm outer diameter of 10mm) ◆ Applicable Tubing: 1.6mm wall thickness tubing, the maximum outer diameter of 10mm, the standard pump tubing: diameter 6.8mm outer diameter of 10mm ◆ pump cover hand twist screws, easy accessibility, quick replacement of pump tubing ◆ first pump tube guide gro</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>19.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>HIWIN Origin Miniature Guideway Narrow Linear Rail<title><description>HIWIN Origin MGN Rail n Carriage Origin HIWIN Miniature Linear Rail and Carriage MGN9 Linear Rail 75mm long One short carriage C type It's used on our Pick n Place Unit. MGN12 400mm length rail with 1H long body carriage. MGN7, MGN9, MGN12 and MGN15 linear rail in lengths are available on request....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3.5mm wide endless belt 2gt 102-134mm<title><description>102mm, 110mm, 112mm, 120mm, 122mm, 124mm, 126mm, 128mm, 130mm, 132mm, 134mm length 3.5mm wide closed gt2 beltTooth Profile: 2gt belt Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Width: 3.5mm Type: Closed-loop Belt 102mm GT2 closed belt Tooth Number: 51 Length: 102mm 110mm GT2 closed</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.25 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>2GT idler pulley w/ bearings 16 or 20 tooth for 6mm belt<title><description>2GT Idler Pulley with Bearings Toothed Idler Tooth Profile: GT2 Tooth Number: 16, 20 or 40 Pitch: 2mm Bore: 16 tooth 3mm, 20 tooth 4mm n 5mm Each idler pulley with 2 bearings pressed. Idler pulley for 6mm wide gt2 belt. 16T 3mm_Toothed stands for 3mm inner bore bearing 2gt tooth profile idler 16T 3mm_No Tooth...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.60 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Ribbed poly v belt 4PJ457<title><description>Ribbed Poly-V Belt Type: PJ Pitch: 2.4mm Belt width: 2.4mm*4 Height: 3.5mm Rib Height:1.5mm 4PJ457 457mm 180J...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Surface Mounting PnP Head for OpenPnP<title><description>Surface Mounting PnP Unit for Open PnPNema8 SMC Motor Equipped PnP Head Includes: 2pcs Nema8 hollow shaft stepper 1pc Nema17 40mm Stepper Adaptor for JK Nozzle 2pcs HIWIN origin linear rail w/ carriage Mounting block plate...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>79.00 USD</price><sale_price>69.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Full Kits of RDG Kossel Printer<title><description>Full Kits of RobotDigg Metal Armour Kossel Printer 409USD including shipping cost by FedEx/UPS/DHL to USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France and UK. 399USD in total free shipping to South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand n Vietnam. Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao? 369USD free shipping by SF Expr</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>269.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>B45MXL,B47MXL,B48MXL,B49MXL or B52MXL endless mxl belt<title><description>MXL Belt, Closed-loop, 91.440mm length, 45 teeth, 6mm width Tooth Profile: MXL Profile Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2.032mm Tooth Number: 45 (B45MXL) Length: 91.440mm Width: 6mm Type: Closed-loop Quantity: 1 piece B47MXL-6 95.504mm endless belt...</description><link>,B47MXL,B48MXL,B49MXL-or-B52MXL-endless-mxl-belt</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.15 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RAMPS 1.4, 1.5 or 1.6 Board<title><description>RAMPS 1.4 Board This board is to carry the A4988 stepper driver as breakout board (BOB). More information please refer to The price marked is for the assembled Ramps 1.4 Board only, stepper driver is Not included. You can buy A4988 stepsticks or DRV8825 stepper driver separately from RDG. Note: Ramps1.4 c...</description><link>,-1.5-or-1.6-Board</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.40 USD</price><sale_price>4.90 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PTFE Teflon Tape<title><description>PTFE Teflon Tape for Hot End P.T.F.E Teflon Tape can be used from -190 centi degree to 370 centi degree for thread seal. Specification: 6 grams 20 meters per roll. Teflon Tape is another tape beside Kapton Tape widely applied in 3d printer to seal the thread and to preseve heat. It can be used to Tape the thermal barrier tube to help melting the Filament....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.30 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>S2M 2mm pitch Timing Belt endless or closed-loop<title><description>S2M belt is a little different from GT2 belt, JIS Japan Standard round tooth profile. Pitch 2mm, width 6mm Neoprene rubber with fiberglass reinforced Pitch length 108, 112, 118, 126 or 132mm Please use S2M pulley instead of GT2 pulley to couple. 108-S2M-6 112-S2M-6 118-S2M-6 120-S2M-6 122-S2M-6 126-S2M-6 130-S2M-6 132-S2M-6 144-S2</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.40 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Pocket or desktop 5 axis CNC engraver<title><description>5 axis pocket CNC engraver Standard configuration: Overall size L700*W400*H450mm Workbench size 140*130mm Total machine weight 60Kgs Workbench maximum load 10Kgs X, Y, Z three-axis effective stroke X160*Y200*Z125 A, C rotary axis effective stroke A-20--+110 degrees, a total of 130 degrees, C-axis 360 degrees unlimited 5-axis effective processing rang</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2999.00 USD</price><sale_price>2990.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Pneumatic or stepper motorized flexible gripper<title><description>Robotic Flexible Gripper Pneumatic or stepper motorized Flexible simulate gripper for Robotics Pneumatic cylinder EG3 Stepper motorized SM-EG3...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>189.00 USD</price><sale_price>179.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>HIWIN Origin HG or EG series linear rail and carriage<title><description>HIWIN Origin Linear Rail HG series linear guideways are designed with load capacity and rigidity higher than MG series with circular-arc groove and structure optimization. It features 4-way equal load capacity in the radial, reverse radial and lateral directions and are self-aligning to absorb installation-error. HIWIN Origin HG series linear guideways achieve a long life with high sp</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>14.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>8 or 12 filament extruder screw barrel and nozzle<title><description>Filament extruder screw and barrel Suitable for pellet 3d printer? Filament extruder screw Barrel and nozzle Screw size 8mm, 12mm or 20mm Why do you need Filament for 3D Printing?...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>169.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>10.1 inches LCD continous SLA 3D Printer<title><description>Large size continuous LCD 3D Printer This 3D printer is a rapid prototyping equipment based on light curing (LCD). It can print various complex three-dimensional models by transferring files on U disk or by WIFI. User Manual X215 LCD 3D Printer...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1299.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>2GT Idler Pulley w/ Bearings for tension or slave drive<title><description>2GT Idler Pulley w/ Bearings Toothed Idler Tooth Profile: GT2 Tooth Number: 25 or 30 Pitch: 2mm Bore: 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm Each idler pulley with 2 bearings pressed. Idler pulley for 6mm wide gt2 belt. No Tooth type is smooth idler with same PCD of the toothed.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>NEMA11 ball screw stepper motor linear actuator<title><description>Ball screw and linear rail NEMA11 linear actuator NEMA11 34mm body stepper motor Step angle 1.8, two phase bipolar, 1A rated current 0602 2mm pitch TPI ball screw HIWIN MGN9 linear rail Repeating accuracy +-0.02mm 20mm/s thrust 70N, 120mm effective working length. Option: encoder and handwheel 75USD added....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>135.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PRCXI SC9100 96/384 Channel Semi-Automated Pipetting System<title><description>Best solution for high-throughput Semi-Automated pipetting Available in 20μL, 200μL, 1000μL three ranges SEMI-AUTOMATIC HIGH-THROUGHPUT PIPETTING SOLUTIONS — NEW PIPETTING OPTION SC9100 is designed to impro</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>8999.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Music Reactive RGB LED Cuboid<title><description>Music Reactive RGB LED Cuboid How to make Stereo MUSIC REACTIVE LED Bla bla, the following are quotes: "How To Make Music Reactive LED Circuit Using Microphone? Simple Sound Reactive LED Circuit, it is a very simple circuit and you can easily make this music and sound reactive led circuit at your home. In this circuit you need a 2222A transistor and some simple components fo</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>69.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>LT-60 Desktop Flat Labeling Machine<title><description>Desktop Flat Labeling Machine This desktop flat labeling machine adopt adhesion label method of labeling to achieve a variety of flat surface labeling. 1.This flat bottle label sticker machine is with the tension function, supply stable , fast and can also ensure the speed , label result is accuracy , no less than 0.2 mm 2. With the special detective eye, can also make sure the...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>899.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Smart Accurate Weighing System<title><description>The weighing system is kind of recipe supervisory systern based on computer application, which is a control system aiming to materal information management, recipegeneration, production schedule, recipe transferring, weighing based on the recipe list with the weighing platlorm automatically selected, recipe error limit, and data review,For the recipe room, recipe list to the task issuing. produ</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>GM15BY micro pm stepper motor and linear stepper<title><description>Micro Gear PM Stepper Motor 1: 12 * 10mm gearbox with GM15BY stepper motor 2: meet the EU environmental standards. Low energy consumption. Low noise 3: After the stepper motor is slowed down, further subdivide the step angle to increase the load torque. 4: Reduction ratio: 1: 50 5: The product is suitable for: medical equipment. Optical instrument. Laser projector.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Handheld embossing print or foil stamping machine<title><description>LOGO Print, Embossing or Foil Stamping Voltage:110v/220v SIZE : 5CM*7CM 8CM*10CM 10CM*13CM Hand embossing machine, digital display to control temperature(0-400 degree centigrade), small, co</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>69.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Desktop Pneumatic Press Machine 200Kgs, 300Kgs or 500Kgs<title><description>Desktop Pneumatic Press Machine 1, with compressed air as the power source, high efficiency and easy to operate, can reduce the labor force, can be suitable for manual operation,Automated assembly line operation 2, simple structure, convenient operation, cheap price, superior performance, no oil pressure system and the noise generated by the electric standby,Can save electricity...</description><link>,-300Kgs-or-500Kgs</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>129.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Ceramic ball bearing 686, 687, 688, 689, 608 or R188<title><description>Ceramic Ball Bearing There is Not much information on ceramic ball bearings on the internet, on wikipedia you only can read that there are hybrid ball bearings using ceramic balls and fully ceramic bearings. RobotDigg is going to bring you sizes of hybrid and fully ceramic ball bearings. Ceramic ball material, Silicon Nitride (Si3N4), Ziroconia (ZRO2) and Silicon Carbide (SI</description><link>,-687,-688,-689,-608-or-R188</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>BLD70 24V 70W BLDC Motor Driver<title><description>BLD70 Brushless DC Motor Driver Features: - Reliable brushless DC motor driver - Three phase full bridge, PWM controlling mode - Full hardward design, high speed, anti interference ability - Small volume, low heat radiation Functions: - Lack voltage, over heat protection - Block to auomatic protecion - Error protecion - Support built in p</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>20.00 USD</price><sale_price>18.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>BioRobo silk like 3D Printing Filament in colors<title><description>Silk Like 3D Printing Filament for Glossy Prints Colors: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue and Orange...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V 2A or 5A Miniature Switching Power Supply<title><description>Miniature Switching Power Supply Input 110-220VAC Output 12V 2A or 5A Dimensions: 85*60*33mm, 110*78*36mm</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>CANopen stepper controller equipped servo stepper motor<title><description>Closed-loop Servo Stepper Motor CANOpen protocol stepper motor controller, peak current 3A per phase Two phase bipolar Nema17 48mm stepper motor 500 line resolution optical encoder, 2000 pulse per revolution. Nema23 servo stepper motor closed-loop with encoder CANOpen protocol is available....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>135.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Robocults integrated stepper motor with driver<title><description>Integrated Stepper Motor with Driver Nema17 Integrated Stepper Motor 12 to 32 VDC Voltage Input 0.4A to 2A per phase support Full/Half/Quarter/16/32/64/128 microstep Idle current setting 0 to full load ajustable Common cathode, common anode, differential, one clock pulse/direction, double pulse CW/CCW, encoder following 250KHz maximum pulse rate inpu</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>36.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Stepper motorized openable head peristaltic pump<title><description>Stepper motorized peristaltic pump 440m.Nm nema17 stepper motor Rated Current: 1.2 or 1.68A Piping quick change peristaltic pump head Flow rate range 0-160ml per minutes This is a stepper motor pump integrated design of the pump he</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>25.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>JT322AN Analog, JT322 or JT322L pulse n direction Stepper Driver<title><description>Analog Input Stepper Driver POT or Joystick speed controllable stepper driver JT322AN is analog input stepper motor driver, which can be driven by an external potentiometer or driver. Using the latest 32 DSP technology, providing precision 0.05A current setting unit , and taking advanced digital fil</description><link>,-JT322-or-JT322L-pulse-n-direction-Stepper-Driver</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>27.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Vibration Feeder compatible with Yamaha or Juki<title><description>Vibration Feeder Which is compatible with Japan mainstream Pick and Place Machine 24V vibration feeder for users to mount onto the pick and place machine. 220VAC needs outcome power supply. The strength of the vibration amplitude can be adjusted, it has a stable performance and easy to operate. The stick feeder can supply three, five, and other IC materials Pow</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>118.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5M Endless Belt 235mm to 295mm<title><description>5M or HTD5M Endless Belt Neoprene rubber with fiberglass reinforced. 5mm pitch round tooth profile, 9mm, 12mm or 15mm wide and closed-loop timing belt. 5M235, 5M245, 5M250, 5M255, 5M260, 5M275, 5M280, 5M285, 5M295. High torque timing bel</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.85 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>2.5 inches 12V marker lamp<title><description>12V Round LED Marker Lamp Size: 2.5 inches Round LED Marker Clearance Light with 12 LEDs Built-in flange, Right Angle 2-Pin Male Plug is included....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Nema11 SMC Motor PnP Head for OpenPnP<title><description>Pick n Place Machine Surface Mounting HeadTo multi-function your 3D Printer's construction to be PnP Machine that project know as OpenPnP. Nema11 SMC Motor PnP Head Includes:  2pcs 11HY3406 Nema11 hollow shaft stepper...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>299.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>136mm to 186mm 3.5mm wide endless gt2 belt<title><description>136mm 140mm 150mm 154mm 158mm 160mm 172mm 180mm 186mm length 3.5mm wide endless gt2 beltTooth Profile: gt2 belt Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Width: 3.5mm Type: endless Belt 136mm GT2 endless belt Tooth Number: 68 Length: 136mm 140mm GT2 endless belt T</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.25 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Low temperature 3D Printing Pen with PCL filament pack<title><description>Low temperature 3D Printing Pen with PCL filament pack Temp: 60~110 Deg C Low Temperature Indication: Orange LED Compatible 3D pen filament (1.75mm) PCL Power: DC 5V, 2A, supports Power Bank, Laptop, PC, ipa</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.20 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Flexible V Ribbed Belt 3PJ406, 4PJ406 or 6PJ406<title><description>Flexible V Ribbed Belt Type: PJ Pitch: 2.4mm Pitch number: 4 Belt width: 9.6mm Height: 3.5mm Rib Height: 1.5mm Length:4PJ406 406mm 160J...</description><link>,-4PJ406-or-6PJ406</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.20 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>B53MXL or B54MXL 3mm or 6mm wide mxl belt<title><description>MXL Belt, Closed-loop, 107.696mm length, 53 teeth, 6mm width Tooth Profile: MXL Profile Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2.032mm Tooth Number: 53 (B53MXL) Length: 107.696mm Width: 6mm Type: Closed-loop Quantity: 1 piece MXL Belt, Endless, 109.728mm length, 54 teet...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.30 USD</price><sale_price>0.15 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Light rigid coupling 4mm, 5mm or 6mm<title><description>Light duty rigid Coupler5mm motor shaft to 5mm, 6mm, 6.35mm or 8mm linear shaft or threaded rod L25*14D with M4 Set Screw Hole Metal Coupler made of Aluminum Rigid coupling for applications</description><link>,-5mm-or-6mm</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Arduino Mega 2560 R3<title><description>Control Board for 3D Printers The Mega 2560 R3 is a microcontroller board based on the Arduino ATmega2560. It's for kinds of diy machines, are widely used in delta robot 3d printers and other Reprap 3d printers. USB is provided as kit with Mega2560 board for free. Note: It's a shame that Mega 2560 R3 is Not that durable as Ramps...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>12.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PTFE Tubing 1mm thickness<title><description>2mm or 4mm ID PTFE Tube for Thermal Tube of 1.75mm Filament Polytetrafluoroethylene known as PTFE is the main material for medical use Tubes. It's 3d printer makers' creativity to use PTFE Tube to lead the Filament and to use it to get a better Extrusion. You will get a better result to use this PTFE Tube in a remote extruder or in a Thermal Tube. Sp...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.90 USD</price><sale_price>0.80 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Kapton Tape 5mm to 300mm width<title><description>Kapton Tape Features: 1. One-side adhesive. 2. It's with good performance of adhesive, docile and obedient, solvent resist, no infiltrating solder, no glue rest. 3. Widely used for phone batteries packing, coil insulation and high temperature masking, gold finger protect when PCB SMT soldering. 4. High insulation, high temperature resistance, acid and alka...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.40 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Open Ended 6mm Width GT2 Belt<title><description>Open Ended 6mm Width GT2 Belt Order No.: GT2-B6 The GT2 Belt is 2mm pitch, 6mm width, the order increment is 1M, 1.8USD/M for any order below 50M. Open ended 5M, 10M or 50M per roll were put in stock for quick response. That means if 25 meters ordered, you will receive 10 meters a roll of 2 and 1 of 5 meters roll gt2 b...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>9.00 USD</price><sale_price>6.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Left and right hand threads lead screw or ball screw<title><description>Bidirectional leadscrew or ballscrew Introduction: Precision bi-directional Lead Screw or Ball Screw can achieve the function of close and open, positioning and centering location on single axis, and offer the precision grade of C3 or C5....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>25.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>16mm or 20mm extruder screw, barrel n nozzle<title><description>Single extruder screw and barrel Small size 16mm or 20mm extruder screw and barrel for desktop plastic extruders Technical Information Main Base materials 1.38CrMoAlA (SACM645) 2.SKD-61 (Special Tool Steel) 3.42CrMo (Ultrahigh Strength Steel) 4.DC53 (Cold Work Die Steel) 5.W6Mo5Cr4V2 (High-Speed Tool Steel) Main Alloy Materials 1.Ni-based...</description><link>,-barrel-n-nozzle</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>229.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Size 42, 57 or 60 DC Servo Motor<title><description>DC Servo Motor Compact design 15 bit absolute encoder Integrated driver built-in EasyCan 1Mbps, Modbus RS485 19200 baud rate Pulse and Direction Position Mode PWM Speed Mode 57AIM15C and 57AIM30C, 1000RPM 50W and 100W, 0.5N.m and 1N.m...</description><link>,-57-or-60-DC-Servo-Motor</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>69.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Stepper motor quick start control kit<title><description>Stepper controller kit Stepper motor control kit for quick start Internal pulse generated by embedded MCU Speed blue, direction yellow and off green buttons Power supply 24V DC. Traditional stepper driver needs STP and DIR signals from upper controller or PLC. How to quick start without that? A stepper controller or driver with MCU to generate Pulse, 5</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>99.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3M 15T or 18T slave drive idler pulley<title><description>3M Idler Pulley with Bearings Toothed Idler Tooth Profile: 3M Tooth Number: 18 or 15 Pitch: 3mm Bore: 3mm,4mm,5mm Each idler pulley with 2 bearings pressed. Idler pulley for 9mm wide 3M belt....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PRCXI SC9000 96/384 Channel Manual Pipetting System<title><description>Best solution for high-throughput manual pipetting MANUAL HIGH-THROUGHPUT PIPETTING SOLUTIONS— PIPETTING NEW POSES...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>7299.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>A-02 pneumatic filling machine<title><description>Pneumatic Filling Machine A-02 pneumatic filling machine is desktop type semi-automatic filling machine, it's widely use to small scale filling products of liquid or paste products. A-02 pneumatic filling machine is to be improved one the basis of A03 type manual filling machine. Powered by compressed air, make to operation more convenient. This product is designed for hospitals,</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>260.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Stepper motor linear cylinder actuator<title><description>Stepper Cylinder Linear Actuator Open loop or closed loop with encoder stepper motor NEMA17 48mm Integrated 24V DC stepper driver with or without internal PWM pulse control, when using the internal control scheme, the length position can be learned by the built-in potentiometer and after round-trip or external input port controllable. Trapezoidal lead screw Tr8*2 max loading</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>269.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Solar Mendocino Motor or Propeller<title><description>Solar Mendocino Motor or Magnetic Levitation Propeller Magnetic Levitation Motor Mendocino motor is also called light motive, magnetic suspension rotor on the bracket, in fact, the physical principle is very simple, and similar to the motor, the Mendocino motor using solar panels provide energy and as a translator. Mendocino motor floating in the magnetic field and their light, and co</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>27.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Hollow shaft stepper motor with encoder<title><description>Stepper motor hollow shaft with encoder NEMA8, NEMA11 or NEMA17 hollow shaft stepper motor HS17E two phase bipolar hybrid Rated current 1.5A and holding torque 440mN.m Stepping motor encoder module resolution 10</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>80.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Loss in Weight Feeders<title><description>Powder or Liquid Loss in Weight Feeder Loss in weight feeder provides users with double feedback and double closed loop control feeding technology, raises the performance level of feeding equipment surpassing other domestic feeders. The improvement has totally eliminated the hysteresis of the PLC. it increases speed of motor and improves the accuracy of feeder. It can be wid</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>999.00 USD</price><sale_price>1.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>GM20BY pm stepper motor with planetary gear<title><description>GM20BY geared pm stepper motor Motor type: PM Stepper Motor Accessory: Planetary gearbox Spec.D*L(mm): 20.0×18.5 OD(mm): 20.0 Length(mm): 18.5 Shaft diameter(mm): 4.0 Voltage(V): 5-12 VDC Current(</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>8.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Desktop manual operation embossing or foil stamping machine<title><description>Desktop Manual Operation Embossing or Foil Stamping Machine...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>149.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Pneumatic press foil stamping bronzing machine<title><description>Pneumatic Foil Bronzing Machine Standard maximum temperature: 399 degrees Heating plate dimension: 100*100 Pneumatic press pressure 120Kgs or 200Kgs Heating aluminum plate size can be customized...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>229.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>440C SUS Square Flange Linear Bearing<title><description>440C Stainless Steel Frame and Ball Bearing LMK8UU, LMK10UU, LMK12UU, LMK16UU, LMK20UU, Nylon Retainer. SUS304 is austenitic stainless steel with good plasticity and good cold workability. At the same time, due to its austenitic structure, it is non-magnetic and cannot be adsorbed by magnets. It is difficult to increase its strength by heat treatment, and its corrosion resistance is superi</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>11.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Desktop 2500mW Laser Engraving Machine Violet Picture CNC Printer<title><description>Desktop Laser CNC Printer Details: 1, the maximum engraving area of 17*20CM 2, mobile gantry table sculpture, carved objects does not limit the size of the height, can be placed directly on top of the work * (such as engraving directly on the desk desktop) 3, aluminum material + acrylic simultaneously produced on a more solid look tall 4, standard 500MW/2500mw blue-violet li</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>119.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>X-CUBE SLA 3D Printer backup components<title><description>X-CUBE backup components PET Film or release film 242*147mm is consumable for SLA 3D Printing Resin Bath, at most 400ml CNC Machined aluminum inside 18cm*8.5cm Bottom is film size 242*147mm Lift Platform...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>DC motor or stepper motor Peristaltic Dosing Pump<title><description>Peristaltic Dosing Pump Features: 1) Unique design 2) Low cost 3) High quality manufacturing and materials 4) Simple structure, less spare parts 5) Quick tube replacement (no tools requirement) 6) Cover lock for bi-directional operation 7) Quiet operation (low decibel) 8) Dry turn accepted 9) High quality Pharmed BPT as standard...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>36.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>BLD120A 24V 120W BLDC Motor Driver<title><description>BLD120A Brushless DC Motor Driver 30VDC 120W BLDC Motor Driver It can be applied to the host computer (PLC or SCM) PWM or analog speed control Can be manual speed control mode (own potential, also can be external potentiometer manual control) PIDSpeed loop, current loop control Start stop control (EN), Reversible control (F/R), Braking Fast stop (BRK) Overload p</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>27.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Hybrid ceramic ball bearing 608 for Fidget Spinner<title><description>Ceramic balls hybrid bearing 608 Size: 608, 8*22*7 7 pieces ZrO2 ceramic balls Nylon, PE or PTFE retainer Bearing steel Gcr15(HC608) or ZrO2 ceramic frame(CZ608) Open frame for fidget spinner Note: for the free feeling and long time spinning, anti-rust oil is rarely used. hybrid bearing are easy to get rusty in the air. 688,R188, 606, 686 hybrid ce</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5M Endless Timing Belt 305mm to 395mm<title><description>5mm pitch endless timing belt Neoprene rubber with fiberglass reinforced 5M or HTD5M Timing Belt. 5mm pitch round tooth profile, 12mm wide and closed-loop timing belt. High torque timing belt for electric skateboard, electric bicycle, etc. 5M305, 5M310, 5M320, 5M330, 5M350, 5M360, 5M365, 5M375, 5M380, 5M390, 5M395 T5 or XL polyester with steel reinforced or neoprene...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Scara Arm 3D Printer<title><description>Scara 3D Printer The firmware is not Open Source, it's Not Windows10 compatible. User end Software, Guides and Video Demo are provided. Features: 1. All-metal structure, durable; 2. The dual-arm bearing structure, high strength, seamless, good accuracy, low resistance, spike all the simple structure without bearing arm; 3. Gear - belt transmission, high s</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>299.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V, 24V or 110V 300mm KAPTON FILM HEATER<title><description>3D Printer Flexible Heatbed 24V 250W Kapton Film Heatbed Dimensions: 300*300mm or 300mm diameter round shape(Square for XYZ?, Round for Delta Robot?) 3M Tape included on the back 3950 1% 100K thermistor included 1 meter long silicone cables Kapton Film (Polyimide ) is an organic film with very high dielectric capability, thin profile and lo...</description><link>,-24V-or-110V-300mm-KAPTON-FILM-HEATER</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>21.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Kentstrapper ZERO<title><description>Origin: Italy MAIN FEATURES Printing area:...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3088.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Rope Lights Round 18<title><description>This is suitable for personal DIY decoration, road, outdoor decoration Parameters Led Numbers: 18 Light Strip Type: Round Strip Diameter:12mm Voltage: 220V It is cuttable by meters....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.60 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>CL82, CL84, JK82 or JK84 Feeder for OpenPnP<title><description>Feeder popular for China Made SMD Machines or OpenPnP project CL82 is for material 0402 CL84 is for material 0603, 0805, 1206 n 1210 New supplies: JK82 and JK84 feeder which is compatible for JUKI pick and place machines. Pneuma</description><link>,-CL84,-JK82-or-JK84-Feeder-for-OpenPnP</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>68.00 USD</price><sale_price>60.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RDG460 robotic palletizer<title><description>4-Axis Robotic Arm Simulator This is a model of 4-axis ir460 robotic palletizer using SERVO, it's assembled item for education, demo and hobby only. Servos 3pcs MG996 and 1pc SG90, power supply Arduino uno r3 controller, etc Mechanical parts...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>129.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Quadruple PnP Head for Open PnP Machine<title><description>Dual Pick n Place Machine Head for Open PnP Included: 4pcs 11HY3406 Nema11 hollow shaft stepper function as SMC Motor 2pcs Nema17 40mm Stepper for leverage 4pc</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>569.00 USD</price><sale_price>499.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>2mm or 3.5mm wide gt2 endless belt 188 to 208mm<title><description>188mm 190mm 192mm 194mm 200mm 202mm 204mm 208mm length 3.5mm wide closed gt2 beltTooth Profile: 2gt belt Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Width: 3.5mm Type: Closed GT2 Belt 188mm GT2 closed belt Tooth Number: 94 Length: 188mm 190mm GT2 closed belt Tooth Number: 95 Length</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.28 USD</price><sale_price>0.25 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3D Printing Pen PLA<title><description>1.75mm PLA 3D Printing Pen Filament Color: Blue, Red, Green, Black n White Diameter 1.75mm and 10 Meter per color....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.00 USD</price><sale_price>4.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Flexible v-ribbed belt 4PJ380 4PJ381<title><description>V-ribbed belt Type: PJ Pitch: 2.4mm Belt width: 2.4mm*4 Height: 3.5mm Rib Height:1.5mm 4PJ380 4PJ381 381mm 150J...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Taurino Power upgraded 24V ERUDUINO Mega 2560 R3<title><description>24V ERUDUINO Mega 2560 R3It's time to upgrade your 3d printer to 24V power supply using Ramps 1.4 or Ultimaker Shield breakout board for more power. Taurino Power is improved version of the Arduino Mega 2560 R3 controller, made for the 3D printer community. Taurino Project is open source and the files are available on github and under Compared with Arduino MEG</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>15.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12 or 24v power supply for 3D Printers<title><description>12V or 24VDC Switching Power Supply At most 3 ways output power supply, please don't overload while using. To drive a stepper as example, To keep safe, power supply rated output current is better 1.5 times more than the stepper motor n driver's rated current in total its powered. S-350-12 12VDC Power Supply: In AC power supply, there are two symbols L and N. N is Neutral while</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>8.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Metal Corner for Kossel of 2020 Profile<title><description>Alu Corner for Kossel 1-3 Sets 54USD/Set 4-9 Sets 48USD/Set, BLUE color 45USD/Set 10 Sets 45USD/Set 6pcs a SET: 3 thinner for upside Top Vertex and 3 thicker for downside Bottom Vertex of Kossel of Kossel Min using 2020 Aluminum Profile. Comprehensive solution for crack and unstable structure caused by print co...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>45.00 USD</price><sale_price>36.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>9mm wide open end GT2 belt<title><description>9mm wide open end gt2 belt10 Meters a roll Tooth Profile: GT2 or 2GT Round Profile Material: NeopreneRubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Width: 9mm Type: Open End Quantity: 10 MetersGT2 Pulley and Idler for 9mm wide belt are as links: 16</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>22.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>B55MXL, B56MXL, B57MXL or B58MXL endless mxl belt<title><description>MXL Belt, Closed-loop, 111.760mm length, 55 teeth, 6mm width Tooth Profile: MXL Profile Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2.032mm Tooth Number: 55 (B55MXL) Length: 111.760mm Width: 6mm Type: Closed-loop Quantity: 1 piece MXL Belt, Endless, 113.792mm length, 56 teet...</description><link>,-B56MXL,-B57MXL-or-B58MXL-endless-mxl-belt</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.20 USD</price><sale_price>0.15 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Light duty rigid coupling 6.35mm, 8mm<title><description>Light duty rigid Coupling6.35mm to 8mm or 8mm to 8mm L25*14D with M4 Set Screw Hole Metal Coupler made of Aluminum Rigid coupling for applications</description><link>,-8mm</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PTFE Tube 2*4mm or 3*5mm 10 Meters<title><description>10 Meters PTFE Tube Beside the ID2*OD3mm PTFE Tube 2 Meter Pack, you can get this thicker ID2*OD4mm PTFE Tube for better experience and longer life span. 3*5mm F4, PTFE, Teflon Tube....</description><link>*4mm-or-3*5mm-10-Meters</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>9.00 USD</price><sale_price>7.80 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Integrated closed-loop servo stepper motor IHSS42-24-05<title><description>NEMA17 servo stepper motor Motor and drive integration, eliminating complicated wiring No lost step, accurate positioning 100% rated torque drive motor Variable current control technology, high current efficiency Low vibration and smooth operation at low speed Single and double pulse mode selectable Pulse interference filtering can be set Built-in a</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>75.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Precious Plastic design single screw and barrel for extrusion machine<title><description>Plastic recycling extrusion or injection Precious Plastic advocates plastic recycling. Precious Plastic created machines that enable anyone to recycle plastic, open source and create video for your own builds. Shanghai representative city of China starts sorting trash into separate bins meant for recyclables, kitchen waste, hazardous waste, and other waste. Plastic in f</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>159.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>SM-X3003A hall effect sensor<title><description>NPN Hall Sensor 5V or 24V 500mA hall effect sensor, brown +, blue -, black is signal SM-X3003A is a micro-power, high-sensitivity, all-polarity, hall-switch sensor device. Compared with the reed switch, it has high switching speed, large driving current and no magnetic pole. It can be triggered as soon as it is close to the magnetic field. The output is immediately tu</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Compact stepper motorized linear stage<title><description>Stepper motor nema17 with lead screw and linear rail compact design linear stage with integrated stepper controller....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>229.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3M 24T or 25T tensioner Idler Pulley<title><description>3M Idler Pulley with Bearings Toothed Idler or Tensioner Pulley Tooth Profile: 3M Tooth Number: 24 or 25 Pitch: 3mm Bore: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm Each idler pulley with 2 bearings pressed. Idler pulley slave drive or tensioner for 9mm wide 3M belt. Other bore diameter or request please contact us via email to</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Stepper motorized KCM Peristaltic Pump<title><description>Stepper Motorized Peristaltic Pump KCM Peristaltic Pump High precision,small pulse,stepper motor Application Experiment,Filling packaging,Laboratory,Research institutes,Food Features: 1. Delicate and...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>32.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Fiber Laser Source For Metal Laser Marking Machine<title><description>Maxphotonics Fiber Laser Source Feature: 1. Short turning on time,short pulse,high peak power,wide repetitive frequency range. 2. There is no leak when the lasers are switched off. 3. There is no shadow and Virtual circuit when process the special materials. 4. Anti-high-reflection function,could do machining on the materials of gold , silver,aluminium,copper etc.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1199.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>G1WG one head cream filling machine<title><description>Cream Filling Machine G1WG one head cream filling machine Instruction: This series of filling machine structure is more simple and reasonable, high precision, convenient operation. Application to food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical fields. Filling the valve head with anti-drip, anti-drawing and lifting filling device</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>570.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>D LAB Micro Pette Plus Single Channel Fixed Volume Autoclavable PIpettor<title><description>1. Fully autoclavable 2. Ergonomic design provides excellent operating experience 3. Easy-to-read volume display 4. The pipettes cover the volume range from 0.1μL to 5mL 5. Easy calibration and maintenance 6. Manufactured from innovative materials 7. Each...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>69.00 USD</price><sale_price>38.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>ZrO2 full ceramic Axial Ball Thrust Bearing<title><description>Ceramic Thrust Bearing Thrust bearings are designed for side or axial loads, and cannot handle much radial load at all. The rolling element in a thrust bearing can be a ball, needle or roller. Full ceramic thrust bearing material: Both thrust washer and ball are ceramic material which including ZrO2, Si3N4 or SiC.Hybrid ceramic thrust bearing material: Thrust washer material can...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>10.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>IBC Systems for Powder and Bulk Engineering<title><description>IBC Systems IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) system is a part of bulk material handling system that offer complete batch process flexibility. IBC systems are widely used in powder and bulk manufacturing as storage, transport and, with the increasing use of in-container applications, blending vessels. Feature: Controlled feed to process direct from the IBC with high accuracy</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Magnetic Levitation Display Stand<title><description>Magnetic Levitation 5V DC power supply 350g, 500g magnetic levitation display stand This is a small electronic magnetic levitation floating holder kit with 220g(0.49lb) holding capacity and 10-20mm floating height.DC 5V working voltage and low power consumption only 1W safe to use ideal for DIY magnetic levitation devices such as the levitation toys, decors and gifts. Speci</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>45.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12-48V PWM DC Motor Speed Controller<title><description>DC Motor PWM Speed Controller CCM96SK Waterproof Flow Controller Save Electricity consumption and water usage Large easy to use knob Housed in water tight box Analogue speed controller Quick release cable connector *Must only be used with pumps that have a built in pressure switch* (Any decent WFP pump will have this built in standard) Speed ra</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Anodized aluminum bracket or Armour 60cm tall for Kossel<title><description>Aluminum machined 60 centi-meters tall Black or blue anodized bracket or Armour To decorate your Kossel 3D Printer</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>32.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>24V 105W 57BLR BLDC Motor<title><description>57mm Brushless DC Motor 24V 105W BLDC Motor Frame type: round Winding type: star Hall effect angle: 120 degree Number of poles: 4 Number of phases: 3 Rated voltage: 24VDC Rated speed: 3000RPM Rated torque: 0.33N.m Rated current: 6.6Amps Motor length: 95mm</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>30.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Ground ball screw 0802 with machine end<title><description>China ground ball screw Ground ball screw diameter 8mm, pitch 2mm Machine end for 6mm bearing support 0802 ball screw nut as per drawing Material: GCr18 size from 0401, 0501, 0502, 0601, 0602, 0801, 0802, 0803, 0804, 0805 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1201, 1202, 1203, 1204, 1205, 1210, 1402, 1403, 1404, 1405, 1602, 1603, 1604, 1605, 1608, 1610, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 200</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>64.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>China new generation Pick and Place Machine with Electric Feeders<title><description>China Electric Feeder Pick and Place Machine High speed led strip Pick and Place Machine, RDG-T4-42F (SMT460), 0402, 0805, 0603, 5050, BGA LED strip production line Range of electric feeders are available....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6199.00 USD</price><sale_price>6099.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>CL12, CL16, JK12 or JK16 Feeder for PnP Machine<title><description>SMT Tapefeeder CL12 or CL16: 12mm or 16mm CL Tapefeeder 12mm CL feeder, 4-12mm pitch, 15" Reel Holder Black Handle CL-12 16mm CL feeder, 4-16mm pitch, 15" Reel Holder Black Handle CL-16 1.Full range of feeder available; 2.Short lead time; 3.Quality guaranteed; 4.Large inventory. CL 12MM KW1-M2200-300 CL 16MM KW1-M3200-10X New supplies: Pneum</description><link>,-CL16,-JK12-or-JK16-Feeder-for-PnP-Machine</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>89.00 USD</price><sale_price>79.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Nomad 883 Pro Desktop CNC machine<title><description>Origin: United States Free Shipping to Continental US and Canada. In Stock - Orders ship within one day. The Nomad 883 Pro is our second generation Desktop CNC machine. It includes: Nomad 883 Pro MeshCAM 3D CAM software Carbide Create 2D CAD/CAM software Power supply MDF Wasteboard 1/8" ER-11 Collet and wrenc</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2499.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5M endless belt 405mm to 500mm<title><description>5M Endless Belt Pitch: 5mm Tooth profile: 5M or HTD5M Width: 12mm Material: Neoprene rubber with fiberglass reinforced. 5M405, 5M410, 5M415, 5M450, 5M460, 5M465, 5M470, 5M475, 5M500. Endless 5M Timing Belts for electric skateboard or electric bicycle builds.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V 270mm or 24V 260mm kapton film heatbed<title><description>24V 200W Kapton Film Heatbed Diameter: 260mm 3M Tape included on the back New arrival: 12V 270mm diameter pi heater pad with 3M Tape.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>19.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>F1 Modular DIY 3D printer SET<title><description>High Precision Modular 3D Printer Feature: F1 modular DIY robotic arm linear guideways assembled 3D printer can also be transformed into other functions such as laser engraving machine, fun jams machine, paintbrush robots (contact if you need upgrade the printing head. More details can be find in our news. </description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>89.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Ultraflat stepper motor for feeder or stirrer<title><description>Ultraflat stepper motors for SMD Feeder and more (with Gears) 10mm long motor shaft Nema11 0.3A 18mN.m Nema23 0.8A 60mN.m...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>18.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RDG 6-axis robot arm 6 DOF play kit<title><description>6 DOF play robot arm This is an assembled 6-axis robot arm / 6 DOF model using Servos and Arduino Controllers. The robotic arm is a Hobby Model of ABB for education, demo and play only. 6pcs servos: 4pcs MG996 and 2pcs SG90 Arduino uno r3 controller, power supply CNC Machined mechanical plastic parts Note: The actuator of 6 D</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>159.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>36v 180w or 360w, 48v 400w or 600w switching power supply<title><description>S-400-48 48VDC Power Supply Output Voltage:48V Output Type Single Channel Input Voltage:110V/230VAC(selected by switch) Output amps 8.3A DC Output Power:400W Weight:1.2kgs Dimension:215*115*50mm Convert AC input selected by switch Overload protection: 105%-135% Shut off current,automatically restore Over voltage protection: 115%-135% of output voltage H</description><link>,-48v-400w-or-600w-switching-power-supply</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>15.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3.5mm wide 2gt closed belt 228-288mm<title><description>228mm 232mm 240mm 252mm 260mm 264mm 268mm 280mm 288mm  length 3.5mm wide closed 2gt beltTooth Profile: 2gt belt Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Width: 3.5mm Type: Closed 2GT Belt 228mm 2GT closed belt Tooth Number:114 Length: 228mm 232mm 2GT closed belt</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.30 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>3D Printing 1.75mm ABS Pack<title><description>1.75mm ABS 3D Printing Filament Color: Blue, Red, Yellow, Black n Transparent Diameter 1.75mm and 10 Meter per color.</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>4.00 USD</price><sale_price>3.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Ribbed v-belt 4PJ353 or 4PJ368<title><description>Ribbed V Belt Type: PJ Pitch: 2.4mm Belt width: 2.4mm*4 Height: 3.5mm Rib Height:1.5mm 4PJ353 353mm 139J 4PJ368 368mm 145J...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.40 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>12V 3mm/5mm LED indicator with 20cm wire<title><description>12V 3mm/5mm LED indicator with 20cm wire LED size: 3mm, 5mm Color: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Wire length:20cm Voltage: 12V MOQ: 100pcs price 7.5USD. RGB 100pcs price is 8USD. Customization is acceptable Welcome contact us...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>100.00 USD</price><sale_price>7.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Drag Chain Inner 15*20mm or 15*40mm<title><description>Drag Chain, also known as energy chain or cable carrier which is widely used in XYZ cnc machines, are guides designed to surround and guide flexible cables and hydraulic or pneumatic hoses connected to moving automated machinery. They reduce wear and stress on cables and hoses, prevent entanglement, and improve operator safety. It's different from Spiral Cable Wrap, Fabric or Plastic In...</description><link>*20mm-or-15*40mm</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3.60 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Light Bulldog Extruder<title><description>Light Bulldog Extruder 1.75mm and 3mm Filament Compatible Including: 1pc X 1pc 17HS5005-20B Nema17 48mm Stepper Motor 1pc X Bulldog Extruder Head Metal 1pc X Drive Gear for 5mm Shaft 1pc X PC4-M6 Connector for 1.75mm Filament 1pc X PC6-M6 Connector for 3mm Filament</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>49.00 USD</price><sale_price>36.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>B59MXL, B60MXL, B61MXL, B63MXL, B66MXL, B67MXL or B68MXL endless belt<title><description>MXL Belt, Closed-loop, 119.888mm length, 59 teeth, 6mm width Tooth Profile: MXL Profile Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2.032mm Tooth Number: 59 (B59MXL) Length: 119.888mm Width: 6mm Type: Closed-loop Quantity: 1 piece MXL Belt, Endless, 121.920mm length, 60 teet...</description><link>,-B60MXL,-B61MXL,-B63MXL,-B66MXL,-B67MXL-or-B68MXL-endless-belt</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.15 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Rigid Coupler D16L22 in Brass 5mm<title><description>Rigid Coupler 5mm to 5mm, 6mm or 8mmL22*16D with M4 Set Screw Hole Metal Coupler made of Brass High stiffness rigid coupling for applications...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>PTFE Tube 10 Meters ID 4mm, 5mm or 6mm<title><description>PTFE Tube for 3mm Filament If you are looking for PTFE Tube to transfer the 3mm ABS, PLA, or other 3D Printing Filament, PTFE46 Tubing which is 4mm ID and 6mm OD are suitable. 10 Meters per roll cost 8.8USD. PTFE57 ID 5mm and OD 7mm PTFE68 ID 6mm and OD 8mm...</description><link>,-5mm-or-6mm</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>8.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RAMPS LCD2004 with SD Socket<title><description>Ramps 2004LCD RAMPS LCD2004 with SD Socket. It's for 3d printers. It's compatible with  Ramps 1.4 Board. This Smart Controller LCD contains a SD-Card reader, a rotary encoder and a 20 Character x 4 Line LCD display. You can easy connect it to your Ramps board using the "smart adapter" included. After connecting this panel to your Ramps you don't...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>7.50 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>S2M Timing Pulley and Timing Belt<title><description>S2M Pulley The price marked are in USD per piece, 20 teeth 5mm bore S2M Pulley for 5-7mm S2M Belt. We only accept Machining Service for this S2M PUlley and all kinds of S2M, S3M or S5M pulleys. The Minium Order Quantity is 100pcs, the lead time is 12-18 days. S2M Belt RobotDigg can supply you with S2M belt, 6mm width, 6.35mm width or 9mm w</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>15.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Compact 3Kg laboratory mixing machine<title><description>Compact laboratory mixer Mixer is a new, efficient, fine container vertical dual stack stirrer mixing equipment for the various powder and mix granular materials, a high degree of mixing, add small amounts of ingredients can also achieve a better degree of mixing; Features: D190*200mm capacity...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>269.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Reciprocating or reversing screw with block<title><description>Reciprocating or reversing screw n nut The screw is specially manufactured with a special nut to reciprocate at its travel ends. It's different with a normal lead screw or ball screw which is one direction no return running except you change the motor from CW to CCW vice versa....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>49.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5M idler pulley smooth or toothed for 15mm belt<title><description>5M Idler Pulley Specification: Model: 5M12T, 5M15T, 5M16T, 5M18T, 5M20T, 5M24T, 5M25T, 5M30T, 5M32T, 5M35T, 5M36T, 5M40T, 5M50T Teeth: 12T, 15T, 16T, 18T, 20T, 24T, 25T, 30T, 32T, 35T, 36T, 40T, 50T Pitch: 5.00mm Tooth: Arc Material: Aluminum Hole: on-demand selection Tooth width: 16mm, for 15mm wide timing belt Tooth width: 21mm, for 20mm width</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.80 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Stepper motorized KHL Peristaltic Pump<title><description>Stepper Motorized Peristaltic Pump KHL Peristaltic Pump High precision stepper motorized large flow Application Experiment,Filling packaging,Laboratory,Research institutes,Food...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>89.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Q-Switched Pulse Fiber Laser Source for Laser Marking<title><description>Raycus Fiber Laser Source The Q-Switched Pulse Fiber Laser series developed by Raycus is the industrial marking and micromachining laser developed by Raycus. This series pulse laser has high peak power, high single-pulse energy and optio</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1199.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>DLAB Micro Pette Plus Single Channel Adjustable Volume Autoclavable PIpettor<title><description>1. Fully autoclavable 2. Ergonomic design provides excellent operating experience 3. Easy-to-read volume display 4. The pipettes cover the volume range from 0.1μL to 5mL 5. Easy calibration and maintenance 6. Manufactured from innovative materials 7. Each...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>79.00 USD</price><sale_price>42.00 USD</sale_price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>NEMA11 closed-loop stepper motor linear module<title><description>Closed-loop Stepper Motor Linear Module NEMA 11 TBI ball screw linear stepper motor with encoder High rigid CNC machined 45# carbon steel base Two HIWIN original MGN9 linear rails with four standard carriages...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>999.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>60V, 70V, 80V output 1000W power supply<title><description>1000W power supply 60V 17A output 70V 14A output 80V 12A output Specification: Input Voltage: AC 200-250V, 50-60Hz (110VAC input is available but Not in stock supply) Output Voltage: 60V, 70V or 80V DC Wat</description><link>,-70V,-80V-output-1000W-power-supply</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>86.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Bag Dump Stations Manual or Automatic<title><description>Manual bag dump station is filter system is a self-contained, compact system. The system eliminates dust by recapturing particles and returning them to the hopper. Automatic bag dump station called dump station or manual bag opener. Its filter system is a self-contained, compact system. The system eliminates dust by recapturing particles and returning them to the hopper. The operat</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>1.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Flat outrunner hollow shaft brushless gimbal motor<title><description>Brushless Gimbal Motor Gimal Motor is designed and ideal for Gopro stabilizer Approximate payload weight range:0~50g, handled gimbal can not exceed this weight, aerial photography gimbal can exceed approximately 30% percent weight Utilize high quality material and optimized production process ensure excellent performance and consistency How is a brushless gimbal motor d</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>9.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Integrated Servo Stepper or AC Servo NEMA23, NEMA24<title><description>Integrated Servo Stepper or AC Servo NEMA23 size motor integrated with driver both 36V DC power supply input 180W NEMA23 0.57N.m Integrated Servo Motor 36VDC 3000rpm JMC iHSV57-36-18-36 Multi Pulse Input Modes Pulse+Direction Opto-isolator Servo Reset Input Port ERC Current Loop Bandwidth:(-3dB)2KHz(Typical) Speed Loop Bandwidth: 500Hz(Typical) Positio</description><link>,-NEMA24</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>85.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Polymer flanged bushing for idler pulley<title><description>General Purpose Flanged Bushing Bearing Material Polymer 5mm Bore, 7mm Outside Diameter, 5mm Overall Length MAINTENANCE-FREE HIGH WEAR RESISTANCE ABOVE AVERAGE LOADS DRY-RUNNING CoreXY use a S99GGFM050605 Bushing which is 5mm ID, 6mm OD as idler pulley bushing....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>0.60 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>NEMA23 Brushless DC Motor 60W, 125W or 188W<title><description>57BL series BLDC Motor NEMA23 Brushless DC Motor 60W, 125W or 188W 24V 3000RPM Length 60mm 0.2N.m 24V 3000RPM Length 81mm 0.4N.m 48V 3000RPM Length 101mm 0.6N.m Motor lead wire Phase U Yellow Phase V Green Phase W Blue Sign</description><link>,-125W-or-188W</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>25.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>6mm, 8mm micro geared coreless motor<title><description>Geared Coreless Motor Note: the price is for only 1piece Motor diameter: 6 MM (6*8MM coreless motor) Gearbox diameter: 6 MM Total height: 16.5 MM (without axis) Output shaft: 1.95 MM (with flat position 1.5MM) Output shaft length: 2.8 MM (measured from panel) Reduction ratio of gearbox: 1:26 Rated Voltage: 3 V Current: 45 MA (locked curre</description><link>,-8mm-micro-geared-coreless-motor</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>6.90 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>SUS316 ball bearing 6800, 6801, 6000, 6001<title><description>Stainless Steel #316 Ball Bearing 316 stainless steel bearings are superior to high carbon chromium martensitic stainless steels (440C). Austenitic stainless steels have better corrosion resistance and diamagnetic resistance. Austenitic stainless steel bearings are made of AISI SUS316L (316) or SUS304. Since austenitic stainless steel cannot be hardened as a whole, the bearing is not...</description><link>,-6801,-6000,-6001</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>3.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>BotDigg Robot Arm<title><description>Pick and place, draw robot arm BotDigg BotDigg Arm Robot open source 8 bit microcontroller, A4988 stepper drivers CNC machined metal parts mechanical body Geared stepper motor 3 pieces for powerful robot arm...</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>399.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>RoboMo FDM Modular 3D Printer<title><description>Modular 3D Printer RoboMo is a 3D Printer made of injection modular frame. It's a cheap FDM 3D Printer that a high school student can have as DIY gift. Not only a LEGO alike toy Detachable but also a trend of 3D Printing....</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>219.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>CHMT560P4 4 head pick and place machine<title><description>CHMT560P4 4 nozzles pick and place machine Feeder not included, free shipping to USA Standard Accessories for CHMT560P4: HS Code 8479.89.92.00 Automated electronic component placement machines of a kind used solely or principally for the manufacture of printed circuit assemblies. 1) Pick and Place MachineCHMT560P4: 1 2) Juki nozzle: Totally 4pcs (503, 504, 505,</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>5980.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>Transparent FEP Tubing<title><description>Transparent FEP Tubing ID2*OD4mm ID4*OD6mm 10 meters per FEP Tubing Offers: Chemically inert to most industrial chemicals and solvents Non-flammable Available in coiled, convoluted and heat-shrink construction High thermal stability</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>9.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>CL24, JK24 24mm Tapefeeder, 32mm or 44mm CL Feeder<title><description>CL Tapefeeder 24mm or 32mm 24mm feeder, 4-24mm pitch, 15" Reel Holder CL-24 32mm feeder, 8-32 mm pitch, 15" Reel Holder CL-32 44mm feeder, 8-36 mm pitch 15" Reel Holder CL-44 New supplies: 24mm pneumatic feeder for JUKI pick and place machines....</description><link>,-JK24-24mm-Tapefeeder,-32mm-or-44mm-CL-Feeder</link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>139.00 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item><item><title>5M endless belt 505mm to 575mm<title><description>5M Endless Belt Pitch: 5mm Tooth profile: 5M or HTD5M Width: 12mm Material: Neoprene rubber with fiberglass reinforced. 5M505, 5M515, 5M520, 5M535, 5M540, 5M550, 5M560, 5M575 Closed-loop Belts Electric scooter drive belt 535-5M-15, 575-5M-15</description><link></link><image></image><availability>in stock<availability><price>2.10 USD</price><brand>RobotDigg</brand></item></channel></rss>