1.75mm Glow in Dark Green PLA Filament



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Note: RobotDigg are going to put 1.75mm Glow in Dark Green PLA filament as regular stock supply basis filament.
The lead time of standard colors is 7 days after payment.

RobotDigg can supply you with many beautiful, vibrant colors of 1.75 or 3 millimeter PLA filament.
We carry 1.75 or 3 millimeter diameter PLA filaments in 1 kilogram spools. The gross weight is 1.45 kilograms including the spool.
We have Clear, Natural, White, Black and the following colors. Translucent Florescent Yellow, Opaque Pink, Translucent Grass Green. Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Dark Red, and Purple.
We Don't suggest you buy a small quantity filament from us because of the shipping costs. If you order over 15 rolls the average shipping cost will be significantly lower.
Our suggested minimum order size is 4 spools. This will allow us to ship to you at a much cheaper rate due to your order being over 5 kilograms. You may also qualify for this more economical shipping rate if the rest of your order includes heavier items such as motors and bearings. Orders over 21 kilograms get an even better shipping rate. Place an order with some friends or your local Hackerspace to take advantage of our very low bulk shipping rates!

Do you know?
That you can pay over $40 for a 1 kilogram spool at some other suppliers? You can cut the cost of 3D printing in HALF or BETTER by ordering from us!
All of our filament is manufactured to the same high standards as all of our other products. Our filament\\\'s physical and chemical properties including purity, content, dimensions and melting point are consistent so you can 3D print with confidence.
On orders over 100 kilograms (80 spools) of PLA filament, you will save quite a lot from RobotDigg. Please contact RobotDigg for bulk pricing for PLA filament and shipping rates on very large quantities of PLA filament.

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