Compact Precision Injetion Molding Machine vertical




Low pressure molding machine

Innovative flat screw technology, miniatured device structure
Equipment and hot runner intgrated technology to reduce the cost of mold
Design of no glue cylinder & no hose, the matrial is usded immediately after melting, with no carbonation
All-electric design, operating environment is friendly
Golf diameter 42.67mm
Core parts

Hot Runner
Temperature control technology of hot runner
Small size, shorten flow path
Hot runner can be replaed quickly
Easy to shape, improve product yield rate

Reducing gear
(Scroll Unit) Oscillating body is built in the scroll
(Injection Unit) Oscillating body provides lateral motion of the ball screw
(Mold opening/closing Unit) Oscillating body directly drives the ball screw
Used widely in robotic arm, robot and other automation industry

Flat screws
Use flat-type screws instead of rod-type, reducted the machine length
Resin can be passed smoothly
Shorten feed path to speed up plasticizing efficiency
Easy cleaning, for various applications such as extruders, blow molding machines, etc

Unit Mold
Self-alighment mechanism using a floating mold
Locking method:Quick-change clamp
Delievered by wooden box
Shipment in 15 days after receipt of order
Technical Parameter
Clamping Force 3 ton
Molding Opening/closing speed:60mm/sec
Injection Pressure:8 Mpa
Injection Capacity:3CC
Injecgtion Speed:Max 10mm/SEC
Plunger Stroke:30mm
Screw Diameter: 30mm
Injector Stroke: Max 10mm
Hot Runner: KH 1258
Unit Mold:60*100*65mm
Servo Motor:3*400w
Machine Size(H*D*W):300*457*735mm
Machine Weight:75kg

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