Robotdigg New Products Equip Makers. Step Motor n Linear, 2GT, MXL, 3M Pulley n Belt, Ball n Linear Bearing, Delta Robot n XYZ, 3D Printer, Robotics, Drones/asset/image/robotdigg-logo.pngRobotDigg or 1.3 inch OLED resolution 12864 128643-5VDC, can Not be over 5V which will daBGA heating platform main purpose of MWJ 4030 BGA heating platform:Welding, heating The maximum voltage is 250V Electrical appliances electric heating platform The heating platform for the temperature stability of the controlled heating equipment for any need to stabilize the temperature control of the occasion, such as: BGA rework, aluminum plate LED lamp beads welding, PCB preheating, sealing pTHT Automatic plug-in line price is for one meter automatic plug-in line line, start from 2 meters Line frame using high-quality aluminum (40 * 40) and A3 steel plate welding production. Line height of 1.9 meters, total 0.5 meters, every two meters with a set of 25W motor and governor, each station length of 1 meter. Line body aluminum adjustment seat front side fixed, moving by the screw to a...Desktop 3D Filament SJ 20 Production Line 3D filament SJ 20 Production Line Application: ABS/PLA/PVC, mainly for 3d printing filament lab usage Main Parts: 20 extruder,water tank, tractor, winder, electrical control cabinet Technical Parameters: Screw, Barrel Using 38CrMoAlA, and quenched and nitrided (internal surface nitriding grinding HV720), barrier-shaped two-stage mixing general screw, nitriFoot-measuring 3D scanner foot scanning system (foot measuring instrument) can be applied in measuring foot type by three-dimensional scanning, high precision foot type 3D data acquisition, and generate 60 sets of personalized parameters to support upload and download, Widely used in footwear industry and medical rehabilitation....Desktop 3D Scanner series desktop 3D scanner Application Industry: Reverse engineering, industrial design, education and teaching, toy model scanning, 3D printing, jewelery, industrial parts, ceramics, game making, electronic products, handicrafts, stone carvings Working principle: LDS series of desktop 3D scanner using 632nm linear laser scanning, its working princ...Needle roller bearing HK0508 HK0608 HK0808 Roller Bearing Part Number HK0508, HK0608, HK0808 Weight 0.0100 Bearing Type Needle Roller Bearing Cage Type Inside Diameter 5, 6 or 8mm Outside Diameter 9, 10, 12mm Width 8 MM Other Dimensions N/A Enclosure None Material Bearing Steel Lubrication Light Grease or Oil12VDC Thermostat Temperature Control Switch Thermometer -50-110°C°C12VDC Thermostat Reference wiring PDF 12VDC Thermostat 12VDC operating voltage -50 to +110°C Temperature Control Switch Thermostat or Thermometer Static curre100mm diameter sail sand paper paper Diameter: 100mm Abrasive P100UM2 aluminum machined base plate 2 Print Table Base Plate Original size, aluminum machined. aluminum carriage plate profile openbuilds carriage V-slot aluminum machined and black anodized carriage plate OP2020 reference link: OP2060 flat head cap screw flat head cap screw for 3D Printer Specification: M5*12 Material: SUS304 or Carbon Steel Packing: SUS304 M5*12SUS 20 pieces per lot. Black carbon steel M5*12 50 pieces per lot.Plastic vitamin cover or spacer small item for kind of builds Cover or end cap for 2020 Aluminum Profile: 1 piece Nylon spacer for 5mm bore bearing or idler pulley: 10 pieces...NBR Nitril 70 X-ring Seal X-ring Seal has dual face sealing function and a larger sealing area as compared to an O-ring, it can be used in a wide variety of static and dynamic sealing applications. NBR70 inner bore 10.78mm, 2.62mm diameter cord. Four-lobed seal Quad-ring...Stainless steel set screws for linear rails Rails Secure Screws Material: SUS304 Packing: 10 set screws per lot Specification: M2*3*3, M2*6 3mm head suitable for MGN5 linear rail and carriage M2.5*6 4mm head suitable for MGW5 linear rail M3*8 or M3*122020 aluminum profile connector n cover Aluminum Profile Fitting 2020 aluminum profile connector and cover Aluminum machined and Black anodized, not Plastic. Triangle Cubic Cover Openbuilds fitting for 2020 aluminum profile.6215 KV340 multi-rotor brushless motor Brushless Motor 6215 KV340 6215 KV340 powered multi-rotor UAV can be used for plant protection. Your powerful outrunner multi-rotor UAV motor. Stator dimension: 62*15mm Housing diameter: 70mm Weight: 320g Mouting dim5008 KV335 or 5010 KV340 brushless motor KV335 or 5010 KV340 Multi-rotor Brushless Motor Ultimate power system multi-rotor motor for plant protection or agriculture, machined aluminum front housing with four fan-style cooling holes that pump air through the motor while it runs. 5008 KV335 Brushless Motor Stator dimension: 50*8mm Housing diameter: 58mm Weight: 170g Mounting size: 25*25mm*4 M3*440C SUS Ball Bearing S625ZZ, SF625ZZ,-SF625ZZStainless Steel Ball Bearings Material: SUS 440C S625ZZ, 5mm bore miniature ball bearing SF625ZZ, SF605ZZ, SMF105ZZ flanged ball bearing. The price is for 1 piece miniature ball bearing.440C SUS Ball Bearing S608ZZ, SF608ZZ,-SF608ZZStainless Steel Ball Bearings Material: SUS 440C S608ZZ, same specification with 608ZZ which is very popular ball bearing. SF608ZZ, flange ball bearing. The price is for 1 piece miniature ball bearing.Custom 440C SUS Quality Miniature Linear Rail n Carriage length quality linear rail and carriage Material: 440C Stainless Steel Type: MGN narrow type miniature linear rail 5, 7, 9, 12, 15 and 20 Length: MGN5 up to 300mm long, MGN7 600mm, MGN9, MGN12, MGN15 and MGN20 up to 1500mm long. End to hole center distance can be customized cut as per request. Standard and long body carriage available, you can ask for 1, 2, 3 or 4 c5M Endless Belt 235mm to 295mm or HTD5M Endless BeltNeoprene rubber with fiberglass reinforced. 5mm pitch round tooth profile, 9mm or 12mm wide and closed-loop timing belt. 5M235, 5M245, 5M250, 5M255, 5M260, 5M275, 5M280, 5M285, 5M295. High torque timing belt for electric skateboard, electric bicycle, etc. T5 or XL polyester with steel reinforced or neoprene rubber 5mm or 5.08mm pitch endless timing bel2.5 inches 12V marker lamp Round LED Marker Lamp Size: 2.5 inches Round LED Marker Clearance Light with 12 LEDs Built-in flange, Right Angle 2-Pin Male Plug is included....12V waterproof light bar for 3d printer Great Wall light bar for 3D Printers Color: Cool White or Blue Size: 24CM, 48CM or 72CM The 12V light bar can be used to decorate either your automotive car or 3d printers for daytime and night. 24CM @1USD per piece, 48CM @1.6USD per piece, 72CM @2USD1mm or 3mm heatshrink tubing 200 meters Tubing 1mm or 3mm heat shrink tubing 200 meters a roll Transverse shrinkage: ≥50% Longitudinal shrinkage: ≤8% Shrinkage temperature: 80 centi Temperature levels: 125 centi Rated voltage: 600V Material: Cold retardant PC Features: It has excellent flame retardant, environmental protection, insulation, soft, stable p...8mm PET braided sleeve per meter PET Braided Sleeve Price per meter 8mm PET sleeve, it can carry 8 to 10 pieces 18AWG lead wires 200 meters a roll 0.9Kgs, price is 30USD. The PET sleeve will be big when the length will have the contraction, when DIY please in advance do suffice the length. Sleeving ends can use insulating tape, heat shrink or zip ties. Safety and stability, plug and play. Br...78mm rollerblade wheel w/ bearings Wheel 78mm diameter 80A grade 2 608zz ball bearings Steel bushing included for mounting This wheel is Not only for skidding but also can be used on light duty machinery for movement....720 coreless motor with prop coreless motor with prop 2pcs a pair of 7*20mm coreless motor with props Power: 3 to 4.2 VDC Current: 1.9A Speed: 50,000RPM...Clip clap 2-pin connector per pack 2-pin clip clap connector Quick connector for stepper motor n stepper controller...Rope Lights Round 18 is suitable for personal DIY decoration, road, outdoor decoration Parameters Led Numbers: 18 Light Strip Type: Round Strip Diameter:12mm Voltage: 220V It is cuttable by meters....3D filament Spool 750g 3D printing filament spool Spool Material: ABS Spool Color: Transparent Color Filament Fit: 750g (750g filament) Can be used to roll lead wires, rope light, led strip n so on.Copper Heatsink for Raspberry Pi for Raspberry Pi 1b, b+, 2b or 3b Dimensions(mm): 14(L)X12(W)X5.5(H) Weight: 35 g Tape attached The price is for 1 unit. 2 units recommend for Raspberry Pi board...Hand use Tap Wrench M2 to M8 type Tap Wrench for M3 to M8 or M5 to M12 size Taps Tr8*8 Tap TWrench-M5_M12 is recommended. New arrival Wrench for M2 to M5 is as following picture Not T type....M2, M3, M5, M6 or M8 Tap,-M3,-M5,-M6-or-M8-TapTap size M2, M3, M5, M6 or M8 M2*0.4mm, M3*0.5mm, M5*0.8mm, M6*1mm, M8*1.25mm High speed steel machine use or hand tool Tap for aluminum material items like pulley, 2020 aluminum profile, etc.3D Printing Pen with filament pack Printing Pen for Children The most popular 3D Printing Pen in China for the world kids and children. Please use under parents' guide. Enjoy the builds, Kids. :-) Specification: Operating Input: 5V 2A 1.Extrusion Mode : Fused Deposition Modeling / Melting 2.Formation: 3D 3.Material used :ABS PLA 4.Diameter of materail :1.75mmTr4.76*0.635 or Tr8*2 Tr8*8 Tap*0.635-or-Tr8*2-Tr8*8-TapHigh speed steel TAP Tr4.76*0.635 Tap TR8*8 (P2) Tap for Nut of 8mm Trapezoidal Lead Screw 2mm pitch 4 starts High speed steel New arrival Tr8*2 P2 single start Tap a Nut or make a zero backlash nut using POM or PEEK as per your application for Tr8*8 lead screw is never a problem....Custom 8GB USB Flash Drive service for USB Flash Drive8GB USB Flash Drive 100 pieces Lasering (single color) or screen priting (multi-color is fine) LOGO service Personalized for 3D Printer Makers, Kickstarter projects, welcome to inquire for further.Four-channel Peristaltic Pump Peristaltic Pump is mainly used in laboratories, research institutes, industrial-grade precision flow transmission. With advanced ergonomic design and full touch screen operation, users is easy to operate. Features: True color LCD display, touch screen plus key operation; Dosing three operating modes Precise motor rotation angle control technology, reducing the  tDual-channel Peristaltic Dosing Pump Peristaltic Pump is mainly used in laboratories, research institutes, industrial-grade precision flow transmission. With advanced ergonomic design and full touch screen operation, users is easy to operate. Features: True color LCD display, touch screen plus key operation; Dosing three operating modes Precise motor rotation angle control technology, reducing the  tSingle-channel screen touch peristaltic pump peristaltic pump is mainly used in laboratories, research institutes, industrial-grade precision flow transmission. With advanced ergonomic design and full touch screen operation, users is easy to operate. ; Features: True color LCD display, touch screen plus key operation; Dosing three operating modes; Precise motor rotation angle control technology, reducing the &nDual-channel automated liquid dispensing system, pipetting workstations,-pipetting-workstationsDual-channel automated liquid dispensing system, pipetting workstations, plate can be customized RFZ  series automatic liquid dispensing system is richer Electric Division  launched a new generation of multi-function liquid dispensing equipment,  high-strength and corrosion-resistant shell Y-ceramic rotary valve is  done by pure imported materials Seiko production, the choiDual-automatic liquid sampling system Series multifunction liquid sampling system is richer Electric Division launched a new generation of multi-purpose liquid handling equipment, high-strength and corrosion-resistant shell Y-ceramic rotary valve made of pure imported materials Seiko produced, the choice of high-speed chip, next generation power plant propeller and 7-inch high-color touch screen, micro-printer and other de...Liquid dispensing system, pipetting workstations,-pipetting-workstationsRDGRFZ-100 automated liquid dispensing system, pipetting workstations, perforated plate packing RFZ series automatic liquid dispensing system is richer Electric Division launched a new generation of multi-function liquid dispensing equipment, high-strength and corrosion-resistant shell Y-ceramic rotary valve is done by pure imported materials Seiko production, the choice of high-speed chip,...Precision Pipetting System Single Chanel Chanel Precision Pipetting Systemcan be used for chemical analysis, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, clinical medicine, biotechnology, molecular biology, food industry; Typical customer: environmental, petrochemical, marine, construction and steel industry analysis center; measurement, quality inspection and environmental agencies; hospital, CDC, blood and forensicLiquid filling systems automatic liquid filling systems, dispensing, pipetting workstations, 4-channel, scalable 16 Technical parameters: Filling fluid volume range: 0.1-30mL Filling time range: 0.5 to 30 seconds Speed range: calculated automatically by filling liquid volume and filling time Suction angle range: 0 ° -1000 ° Washing tube speed range: pipe cleaning fluid or pre, 150-350Automated liquid dispensing systems Parameters 1, compatible injector Model: You can use a variety of models syringe, 250μl, 500μl, 1ml, 2.5 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml and 25 ml. 2, tube rack (compatible plate): 96/72 holes (customer-defined use, a variety of compatible) 3, liquid handling volume: 10μl-25ml 4, Accuracy: ≥99% (ie deviation<1%) 5, precision (repeatability): ≤ ± 0.1% 6, syringes effective worDual-pump controlled dilution machine Features 1, the inner diameter of the injector input, optionally used syringes 10-50mL 2, the accuracy can be achieved 0.01mL, to meet the vast majority of experiments required 3, touch-screen control interface WinCE6.0 4 operating modes: irrigated mode 5, external control interface: TTL232 / RS232, with input and output control function 6, fluid volume calibrationV TYPE MIXER Type Mixer is primarily used for mixing dry powder, granulate or crystal products in Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical and other industries. By rotating the V shaped vessel, the materials move in convective motion to get a quick and homogenous blending. power supply 380V Full volume 5L (0.005 m³) Maximum loading 1.2 kg Cylinder speed 15r / min Rotating motor 0.37 kw...TDP1.5 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine Product Description: This machine is used for tableting different kinds of granular raw materials into round tablet. It is applicable to trial manufacturing in Lab or batch produce in small amount different kinds of tablet, sugar piece, calcium tablet and tablet of abnormal shape. It features a small desktop type press for motive and continual sheeting. It can also be hand-operated.ZL rotary granulator GMP requirements. It's applied in pharmaceutical, food, chemical powder, solid drink and  other industries. The rotary machine can make the mixed and wet pulverized materials to the required  particle humidity, according  to the ratio of the material  you want it to be, it can also make particles from dry materials which has been shaped into blocks, but the materials caRDG 6-axis robot arm is an assembled 6-axis robot arm / 6 DOF model using Servos and Arduino Controllers. The robotic arm is a Hobby Model of ABB for education, demo and play only. 6pcs servos: 4pcs MG996 and 2pcs SG90 Arduino uno r3 controller, power supply CNC Machined mechanical plastic parts Note: It cannot put any load. It cannot work co...3.5mm wide endless belt 2gt 102-134mm, 110mm, 122mm, 124mm, 126mm, 128mm, 130mm, 132mm, 134mm length 3.5mm wide closed gt2 belt Tooth Profile: 2gt belt Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Width: 3.5mm Type: Closed-loop Belt 102mm GT2 closed belt Tooth Number: 51 Length: 102mm 110mm GT2 closed belt...ER11 Collets ColletsSize: 3.175mm, 4mm or 5mm It's 1 piece packed ER11 collet for cnc spindle motor.Flanged Ball Bearing MF105ZZ Ball Bearing MF105ZZBore Dia: 5.0mm Outer Dia: 10.0mm Flange Dia: 11.6mm Width: 4.0mm Flange Width : 0.8mm    ...6001 2RS Ball Bearing Rubber Shielded Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6001 2RSOuter Diameter: 28mm Inner Diameter: 12mm Width: 8mm...Nema17 hollow shaft stepper 4 bespoke ballscrew Shaft Stepper for Bespoke Ball Screw or Lead Screw Nema17 48mm Stepper Rated Current: 1.68A Two phase 4 lead wires bipolar 0.44N.m Holding Torque 1. Suppliers can Not provide you with longer lead screw or ball screw because of hard shipping or encounter bent during shipment? 2. Not decided to use a ball screw or lead screw linear stepper...2GT Idler Pulley w/ Bearings Idler Pulley with Bearings Toothed Idler Tooth Profile: GT2 Tooth Number: 16 or 20 Pitch: 2mm Bore: 16 tooth 3mm, 20 tooth 4mm n 5mm Each idler pulley with 2 bearings pressed. Idler pulley for 6mm wide gt2 belt. 16T 3mm_Toothed stands for 3mm inner bore bearing 2gt tooth profile idler 16T 3mm_No Tooth...SG90 Servo Servo High quality and high cost performance. Size: 12*23*23mm All Nylon Gear. 245mm connector wire. Large stall torgue of 1.6 Kg. Small size and light weight. With 3 sets of servo horns and fittings. color: blue Operating Speed (4.8V no load): 0.12sec/60 degrees Stall torque: 1.2kg / 42.3oz(4.8V);1.6 kg / 56.4oz (6.0V)operating voltage: 3.0-7Size 17 Pulse n Direction Gecko Driver is a kind of miniature integrated stepper motor microstepping driver,which can be mounted onto Nema17 / Nema23 / Nem34 stepper motor. User Manual The stepper driver has the advantages of miniature size, strong driving force, lo...Roller or Idler Ball Bearing or Roller Ball BearingIdler surface: 7mm wide Oiled POM M6 Screw It's designed to be used in plotter....5mm bore roller or idler Ball Bearing Bearing with POM or NylonIdler 605ZZ Ball Bearing POM605ZZ Oiled POM Jacket New coming: R625ZZ Roller Ball Bearing for Delta Robot 3D Printer builds using 2020 Aluminum Profile R625ZZ. Price is for R625ZZ Bearing onlyTool kits for 3d printers for 3d printer kits8mm, 10mm n 13mm spanners. 3D Printer manufacturer or 3d printer kit provider who is looking for tool kits for your customers, please don't hesitate to cotact RGD for kinds of tool kit supplies. RGD can source and pack toolkits to saving your time and money on accessories....Drag Chain Inner 15*20mm or 15*40mm*20mm-or-15*40mmDrag Chain, also known as energy chain or cable carrier which is widely used in XYZ cnc machines, are guides designed to surround and guide flexible cables and hydraulic or pneumatic hoses connected to moving automated machinery. They reduce wear and stress on cables and hoses, prevent entanglement, and improve operator safety. It's different from Spiral Cable Wrap, Fabric or Plastic In...6V DC diaphragm pump DC diaphragm pump Motor diameter: 24.3 MM (370 motor) Total height: 58 MM (motor + pump head) Voltage:6V Current: 0.28 A...Full Kits of RDG Kossel Printer Kits of RobotDigg Metal Armour Kossel This Kossel Mini 3D Printer has new update 1th, Dec 2016, welcome to find out the difference, put into cart :-). Aluminum Armour Stands for the 2020 Aluminum Profile Horizontal 3d filament stand. Can refer to the new added photo Silver and Black Delta Robot 3D Printers....Nema8 High Torque Stepper Motor (20mm) L30mm High Torque Stepper Motor Order No. 8HY001-20 File Specifications: Two phase bipolar 4 lead wires, miniature nema8 stepper motor Holding Torque: 18mNm...Lead-free dual-wave soldering machine dual-wave soldering machine 5mm tin tank outside the heat to produce less slag Technical Parameters: Tin furnace temperature 300 (℃) Starting power 11 (KW) Normal operating power 4 (KW) MWZ-250 wave soldering economical lead-free dual-wave soldering machine 5mm tin tank outside the heat to produce less slag No ventilation system Crest double...4 Axis Scara Arm Robot note: The price is only for Scara ontology. Controller, stepper driver and power supply is Not provided. ABB, arduino robot, 7bot, dobot, uarm or mearm Item Parameter Power: all four-axis are used 42 stepper motor Work Load: 2kg including actuator...Nomad 883 Pro Desktop CNC machine United States Free Shipping to Continental US and Canada. In Stock - Orders ship within one day. The Nomad 883 Pro is our second generation Desktop CNC machine. It includes: Nomad 883 Pro MeshCAM 3D CAM software Carbide Create 2D CAD/CAM software Power supply MDF Wasteboard 1/8" ER-11 Collet and wrencDesktop Pellet Filament Extruder pellet filament extruder PARAMETERS: 1. Extrude Speed: 300mm/min~650mm/min 2. Diameter: 1.75mm and 3.00mm( 2 nozzles) 3. Adapt material: PLA ,ABS, PVA and wood-plastic etc. 4. Working temperature: below 300℃ 5. Temperature control accuracy: +/- 1 ℃ 6. Power: 150W...6VDC 370 Motor Micro Air Pump Motor Micro Air Pump DC Motor 370 Rated voltage: DC6V (3-6V) Rated current: 4000mA @ 12V Inflation Time: <10 Second (in 500cc container, pressure from 0 to 300mmHg time) Maximum Pressure:> 450 mmHg (unit conversion values:> 60Kpa> 0.6KG) Airtight: <3 mmHg / minute Flow:> 2.0 L / min Noise: <65 dB...5M Endless Timing Belt 305mm to 395mm rubber with fiberglass reinforced 5M or HTD5M Timing Belt. 5mm pitch round tooth profile, 12mm wide and closed-loop timing belt. High torque timing belt for electric skateboard, electric bicycle, etc. 5M305, 5M310, 5M320, 5M330, 5M350, 5M360, 5M365, 5M375, 5M380, 5M390, 5M395 T5 or XL polyester with steel reinforced or neoprene rubber 5mm or 5.08mm pitch endless timing bMKS HLKWIFI Module for 3D Printing HLKWIFI Module is based on HLK-RM04. It works with MKS TFT 2.8 LCD Smart Controller for remote control of 3d printing.Steel retainer high temperature linear bearings retainer linear bearings for high temperature applications LM16GA, LM20GA are available in stock for quick response. LM16GA is for 16mm smooth rod and LM20GA is for 20mm smooth rod. Frame is made of ST14 steel Retainer: ST14 steel Ball Bearings: Gcr15 steel Compared with injection molded nylon retainer linear bearings, steel retainer ones are bet...Scara Arm 3D Printer 3D Printer The firmware is not Open Source, it's Not Windows10 compatible. User end Software, Guides and Video Demo are provided. Features: 1. All-metal structure, durable; 2. The dual-arm bearing structure, high strength, seamless, good accuracy, low resistance, spike all the simple structure without bearing arm; 3. Gear - belt transmission, high sGeared Nema8 Stepper Motor Stepper Nema8 Nema8 30mm long stepper Rated current: 0.6A Planetary gear ratio: 19:1...RDG Delta Robot Kossel XL Printer Kossel XL 3D Printer What's your definition on the size of this kind Parallel Robot Kossel 3D Printer? XL, XXL, XXXL? Share your opinion, thanks. 2040 Aluminum Vertex 2040 aluminum profile 550mm or 700mm MGN12 linear rail n carriage The assembled kossel xl 3d printer is tested before shipping to end users How do you determine a Kosse...RS485 protocol GECKO stepper controller size Gecko stepper controller RS485 protocol PMC006B3 is a kind of miniature integrated stepper motor controller,which can be directly mounted onto Nema17 stepper motor. The microstepping stepper controller can achieve Networking as many as 35 pieces stepper motor n controller controlled by one upper host PC, PLC or Tablet PC. PMC...3D Filament Spool 300g 3D filament spool Spool Material: ABS Spool Color: Black Filament Fit: 300g (300g filament)...ER11 A Clamping Nut ER11 A Type NutSS MGN5 linear rail w/ carriage miniature linear rail and carriage Material: 440C stainless steel 100mm, 200mm long miniature narrow linear rail equal to MGN5 1 piece of MGN5 standard carriage 16mm long and hole center distance 8mm. End to end hole...YK160 Swing Particle Machine machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, the wet powder materials made of particles, can crush the dry bulk materials from sieve granulated or crushed granulation.. Applications Technical Parameters Model YK-160 Production capacity (kg / h) 100-300 Motor power (kw) 2.2 Drum rotational speed (r / min) 55 Swing angle 3...136-186mm 3.5mm wide endless gt2 belt 140mm 150mm 154mm 158mm 160mm 172mm 180mm 186mm length 3.5mm wide endless gt2 beltTooth Profile: gt2 belt Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass Reinforced Color: Black Pitch: 2mm Width: 3.5mm Type: endless Belt 136mm GT2 endless belt Tooth Number: 68 Length: 136mm 140mm GT2 endless belt TNema23 hollow shaft stepper 4 bespoke ballscrew Linear Stepper Nema23 56mm Hollow Shaft Stepper Rated Current: 3A 1.3N.m Holding Torque 300mm working length 1204 ball screw available in stock...MG996R Servo 40.8 * 20 * 38mm Weight: 55g Speed: 4.8V@0.19sec/60° 6.0V@0.18sec/60° Torque: 4.8V@9kg-cm >6.0V@11kg-cm Voltage: 4.8V-7.2V No-load operating current: 120mA Stall Operating Current: 1450mA Pulse response time: ≤5usec Angle deviation: gyrus error 0 degrees, around the 45 ° error ≤3 ° Gear: 5 Metal Gear group...Twin Pulley GT2 20 Tooth 8mm Bore GT2 Pulley 20 Tooth 8mm Bore Tooth Profile: GT2 Tooth Number: 20 Type: Twin or Double Bore Diameter: 8mm For X&Z or Y&Z axis slave drive by 6mm wide gt2 beltM3*4 Grub Screw PACK SET for Timing Pulleys*4-Grub-Screw-PACK-SET-for-Timing-PulleysM3*4 Set Screw PACK SET Order No.: M3-4-PS 25pcs M3*4 grub screws and 1pc Allen Key/Hex Wrench in a pp bag. Grade 12.9, GB80 Hexagon socket set screws with cup point. Material 45# carbon steel, for GT2, T2.5 and MXL timing pulleys. Black coating. Contact RobotDigg for discount on 100pcs PACK SETs or for M3*4 grub screws only in larg...Open Ended 6mm Width GT2 Belt Ended 6mm Width GT2 Belt Order No.: GT2-B6 The GT2 Belt is 2mm pitch, 6mm width, the order increment is 1M, 1.8USD/M for any order below 50M. Open ended 5M, 10M or 50M per roll were put in stock for quick response. That means if 25 meters ordered, you will receive 10 meters a roll of 2 and 1 of 5 meters roll gt2 b...THT PCB substrate output machine substrate output machine Wave soldering rear end of the board machine PCB board size max 300mm Delivery speed 0.6-2.2m / min Power supply Ac220V Total power cooling fan 120W / 80W Dimensions: 1200mm * 380mm * 100mm THT Production Line THT Automatic plug-in line+5M endless belt 405mm to 500mm Endless Belt Pitch: 5mm Tooth profile: 5M or HTD5M Width: 12mm Material: Neoprene rubber with fiberglass reinforced. 5M405, 5M410, 5M415, 5M450, 5M460, 5M465, 5M470, 5M475, 5M500. Endless 5M Timing Belts for electric skateboard or electric bicycle builds.440C SUS Linear Rail MGN12-1H-680 or MGN12-1H-750 SUS MGN12 Linear Rail for Delta Robot Tarzan or Terk The price listed is for one MGN12 Linear Rail n one long body Carriage. Kossel 3D Printer Tarzan or Terk, you need to buy 3 sets for one printer. MGN12 linear rail which is widely used to work together with 2020 Aluminum Profile for Delta Robot Machines. Material: 440C Length of rail: 680mm or 750mm Carriage:Servo Electric Cylinder 6DOF Motion Platform Mode: Linear Installation: Front flange Transmission screw: (mm) 25 × 05 Effective stroke: (mm) 50 Rated output: (N) 1300 The maximum output: (N) 3900 Rated speed: (mm / sec) 250 0-250mm / sec adjustable range Maximum speed: (mm / sec) 417 Instantaneous speed Reduction ratio: 1: 1 Linear (without reduction ratio) Servo motor rated power (...MKS TFT28 or TFT32 Full Graphic Smart Controller TFT 2.8Inch Full Graphic Smart Controller 2.8 inch full graphic touch screen, support USB and SD card. Reserved Wifi interfaces, increasing Wifi interface board supports Wifi. Can be used on Ramp1.4 and record customer base launched MKS series motherboard. The master program without modification, plug and play, support Marlin, Repetier, Smoothieware firmware...CANOpen protocol GECKO stepper controller Stepper Controller This is a miniature stepper controller which can be mounted onto NEMA size 17, 23 directly or a mounting plate Programmable networking stepper controller, it's easy to control at most 120 pieces stepper motors n controllers by one upper host PC, PLC or Tablet PC Wide supply voltage 12-48VDC Current per phase 3A or 6A,...3D filament Spool 1KG 3D filament spool Spool Material: ABS Spool Color: Black Filament Fit: 1kg (1kg filament)...F1 Modular DIY 3D printer SET Precision Modular 3D Printer Feature: F1 modular DIY robotic arm linear guideways assembled 3D printer can also be transformed into other functions such as laser engraving machine, fun jams machine, paintbrush robots (contact if you need upgrade the printing head. Motion System: Single arm...SS MGN7 linear rail w/ carriage linear rail with carriage Material: 440C stainless steel 200mm or 250mm long miniature narrow linear rail equal to MGN7 1 piece of MGN7 standard carriage 17W*23.5L mm, hole center distance 12mm and 8mm. Customize cutting request, long body carriage 30.8mm lon...Desktop 20 single screw extruder 3D Printing Filament Extruder US, Canada, Australia Free shipping by DHL/Fedex Screw Barrel:Using 38 CrMoAlA, and quenching and nitriding treatment (the inner surface nitriding polishing HV720), shield-shaped two common screw kneading nitriding depth is 0.5-0.7mm, the surface roughness Ra0.4, Linearity of the screw: 0.015 mm, slotted barrel, enhanced cooling water jacket...DS3115 Digital Servo Digital Servo for Drone or Robotics Weight: 60g Size: 40.0*20.0*40.5mm Speed: 0.16sec/60°@4.8V 0.14sec/60°@6V Stall Torque: 13.5 kg/cm @4.8V 15kg/cm @6V Operating Voltage: 4.8-7.2Volts Operating Current: 150mA Futaba, JR, SANWA, Hitec compatible.KH2030PP linear bearing Model KH2030PP Type Linear Ball Bearing Description Quality 20mm smooth rod Linear Bearing Dimensions 20x28x30mm d 20 mm D 28 mm B 30 mm KH Linear Bearings frame ST14 and bearing Gcr15 Chrome Steel are quality for heat diss