Non-captive ball screw stepper motor linear actuator



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Non-captive ball screw linear stepper

Different from the lead screw, the ball screw has grooves for ball bearings to trace. The ball bearings are carried by the Nut which is similar with the linear rail and its carriage. Most of the non-captive linear stepper motor are using a lead screw and a hollow shaft stepper with an inner screw to couple with the lead screw.
Non-captive Ball Screw NEMA11
Non-captive Ball Screw Stepper
To put a ball screw nut inside a stepper motor seems impossible not only because the size of the ball screw nut but also this kind of process will Not abide the normal production steps of stepper motors.
We are trying to work out a gearbox alike convertor to include the ball screw nut inside and a precise hollow shaft stepper motor.
NEMA11, NEMA14 and NEMA17 stepper motor with 0601 ball screw version are available.
Non-captive Ball Screw Linear Stepper
The ball screw stepper motor linear actuator are Not in stock, the lead time is 15-23 working days. Welcome to contact us by email to inquire about the Custom request, stepper motor specifications, ball screw, quantity and the lead time.
Non-captive Ball Screw Motor
Ball Screw Linear Stepper Motor
It's very important that do Not remove the ball screw out of the stepper or work beyond the stroke.
Improper handling will damage the ball screw linear actuator system, bearing ball drop from the ball screw nut can Not be repaired.

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