Laminar and Turbulent Dual Wave Soldering Machine



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Laminar and Turbulent Wave Soldering Machine

PCB plate Adjustable width: Max.50-300mm
PCB board transport height: 700±50mm
PCB board transport speed: 0-2.0M/Min
PCB plate transport angle: (welding dip angle  3-7 degrees)
PCB board transport direction: L→R
PCB board component height restriction: Max.80mm
Preheating zone length: 1200mm
Preheating zone number: 3
Preheating zone power: 9kw
Preheat zone temperature: Room temperature -220 C can be set
Heating method: infra-red
Number of cooling zone: 1
Applicable solder type: Lead free solders
Tin furnace: 4mm x 316 stainless steel
Power requirements: 9kw
Max tin stove capacity: 300KG
Solder temperature: Room temperature --300 C, control accuracy of + 1
Temperature control mode: P.I.D+SSR
Machine control mode: Touch screen +PLC
Flux storage tank: Max5﹒0L
Flux flow: 10-100ml/min
Spray mode: The US Parker rodless cylinder + Taiwan Mingli nozzle
Power supply: 3 phase 5 wire 380V
Starting power: Max13kw
Normal operating power: Approx.6.0kw
4-7KG/CM2 source
The size of Machine: 3280 / W1200 / H1650 (mm)

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