KAYO-A8 Automatic SMT PnP Machine



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High speed pick and place machine

1,Total 10pcs of cameras: 1PC of Mark recognition camera, 8pcs of high speed recognition camera, 1PC of 8 million pixel high-precision recognition camera, synchronously recognize, effectively ensure mounting speed and precision. What’s more, precision camera redesigned as the postposition structure, more place to hold feeders for the front part, improve the efficiency of placement.
2,Adopt imported JUKI nozzle spring buffer, not easy to drop components when picking and placement, convenient to install and durable. Up to 4 groups of components can be picked up at the same time, which improves the picking up speed and work efficiency of the machine.
3,XY drives adopt imported TBI high precision lapping ball screw + heavy-load linear guide, fast positioning, low noise and high precision. Precision control error can reach 0.018mm..
4,Adopt Japan Panasonic A6 series AC servo motor, the encoder with 23Bit precision, 8 times higher than A5 series.
5,With two 17” displays, could operate front and rear simultaneously, making the operation easier, saving operators' time, no need to run around the machine.
6,3-section automatic inputting board mode: board waiting mounting, board mounting, and board waiting outputting, which greatly reduces the transmission distance and increase the number of board. Save much time, and improve the efficiency.
7,Change the traditional way of positive pressure turning into negative pressure to pick up components, built-in high-efficiency & energy-saving vacuum pump and vacuum tank, equipped with the latest r&d vacuum damage system. Greatly improve the efficiency of picking up the components, eliminate the noise caused by positive pressure turning into negative pressure, delay and reduce the frequency of air compressor start-up, effectively improve the life of air compressor.
8,Can hold 70pcs of 8mm pneumatic feeders simultaneously, reserved 38 electric feeder interface, could switch feeder type at random, also could be electric, pneumatic feeder mixture. Accurately mount 0201-5050 resistance, LED lamp beads, diodes, transistor, SOP, chip QFP-256, 45mm*45mm range QFP, BGA etc.
9,Conveyor’s width adjustment adopts bilateral transmission structure to improve the width modulation accuracy and stability, effectively avoiding the different width of both ends after adjusting.
10,Workbench with magnetic force, tray holders could be tightly sucked on the table, not easy to move. No need to fix tray holder, very easy to operate.

Feeder No. 70 (Front 38, rear 32)
Mounting Heads 8
Average Power 750W
Positioning Accuracy 0.01mm
Nozzle Buffering Range 5.0mm
Weight 550KGS
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Compressed Air 0.5-06Mpa
Driving Motor Panasonic servo motor
Rail Guide Adjustment Mode Manual + Automatic
Mounting optimization Program automation, continue production after mounting completed, no need to wait for resetting
Nozzle Vacuum Source High-efficiency & energy-saving vacuum pump and vacuum tank
Convenient Button Offline, reset, automatic operation, clear alarm
Max. Circuit Board Area 650x380mm
XY Max. Movement Range 750x670mm
IC Tray No. Support 12 sets
XYZ Drive Guide Rail TBI High-precision heavy-duty straight-line guide rail
Motion Drive System Panasonic High speed DPS driver
Operating System Independent development based on Windows operating system, support Windows XP, Win7
Component Angle 0~360°, synchronized rotation in motion
X/Y Running Mode Intelligent curve acceleration and deceleration linear linkage
Alarm when open covers deceleration or stop
X/Y Transmission Mode Imported TBI high-precision ball screw rod + imported TBI heavy-duty linear guide
Mounting Mode Manual. Semi-automatic, Automatic
Operating Window Dual displays operation front and rear, more humane design
Automated connection Can automatically connect signal equipment at both end
Board Input Method Three-stage transmitting boards-automatic connection from left to right, automatic PCB transmission positioning
Z Axis Max. Movement Range 20mm
Belt Type Feeder 8/12/16/24/32mm feeders, vibration feeder
Max. Mounting Speed 15000CPH
Average Mounting Speed 12000CPH (Visual)
Dimensions 1500x1280x1410mm
Visual Display  2pcs of 17” industrial control display ratio 4:3, resolution 1280X1024
Programming Mode Point-to-point programming, visual programming, PCB file coordinates inputting, etc.
Recognition Camera No. 1 Mark recognition camera, 8 high speed recognition camera, 1 high-precision 8 million pixel recognition camera
Applicable Mounting Range: Suitable for 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, LED lamp beads, diodes, transistors, SOT, 45mm*45mm range pin pitch ≥0.3mm QFP, BGA etc.
pick and place machine

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