Desktop LED strip pick and place machine RDG-QL41



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LED Strip Pick and Place Machine

QiHe pick and place machine QL41 has 5 CCD vision cameras .Among them four cameras for corrective components at the same time.One is for PCB board coordinate positioning and mark point positioning.
QL41 can pick 4pcs LED with 4 mounting head together at the same time .Also can through vision at the same time. So the speed becomes faster by this improved movement method .QL41 also cam place small components,suitable for 0402,0603,0805-5050,SOP,LQFP144,Diode,Transistor....etc.JUKI 501-508 nozzles is compatible available for QM41.

Model QL41
Max applicable PCB 1200*240mm
Max XY Moving area 530*430mm
Max Z Moving area 15mm
Placement head quantity 4
Positioning accuracy 0.025mm
Max mounting capability 12000 CPH without vision/ 6000CPH with vision
Applicable components 0402,0603,0805,sop8,sop16,QFN
Components supply Tape reel, bulk package(IC)tubes
Motor control scheme Stepping Motor,Closed - loop Control system
Tape width 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm
Feeders 12 (YAMAHA Feeder is available)
Machine dimension L1340xW660xH600mm
Visual camera 5 CCD Camera
Visual camera(down) Automatic identify the mark point
Visual camera(up) Automatic adjust the offset
Vacuum pump quality External air pump
Power supply AC220V/AC110V
Average working Power 350W
Net weight 131 KGs
Packing size 0.95CBM

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