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RDG802A Benchtop Pick and Place Machine

Thanks for the recommendation comments from David Anders in SoftIron of RDG802 Series SMD PnP Machine purchase and service from RobotDigg

360°Rotating Head Support, Launched in early 2013, the earliest desktop visual placement machine, with the upper and lower visual function, can accurately and automatically locate the PCB and the visual center of the device

Hardware Properties

The boundary dimension of this equipment is 875mm*640mm*310mm It mainly consists of a work head, top and bottom visual systems, a work table, feeding racks, etc.The moving range of X and Y axes is 395*445mm, while the moving range of Z axes is 15mm.,PCB of size 330*340mm at most, available for jointed board operation

Technical parameters


RDG 802A

Applicable PCB


XY moving range


Z moving range


Mounting capability

5500 component per hour

Mounting accuracy


Applicable components


Components supply configuration

Tape realbulk packageIC

Tape width, feed combinations

8mm12mm16mm(8mm=22  12mm=3  16mm=1 ic=1)


26, can be customised

Machine dimension


Visual camera

2 HD CCD Camera

Visual systemdown

Automatic recognize fiducial mark

Visual systemup

Automatic recognize components and adjust

Vacuum pump quality

3 cacuum pump one positivetwo negative

Power supply

AC220V or AC110V




G.W:60kg   N.G50kg, Vaccum W.:67kg

Support PCB Software

Support PCB Software
Support PCB Softwar

Protl99/AltiumDesigner/Eagle/Pads/proteus/Allegre etc

Industrial-strength up visual system,with professional visual algorithms to determine the center of the components,calculate the position offset and angel offset so that we can pick and place efficiently.
Industrial-strength under visual system
It’s able to identify the Mark point and determine the coordinates of component by manually or automatic control
Mute vacuum pump
With 2 built-in imported mute vacuum pump and a blow air pump. 5.Manual man-machine interface. Chip place zone
Accessaries List: TVM802A accessories list:
1) Pick and Place Machine 802A: 1 set
2) 4 types of nozzle: Totally 4pcs
(Version: No.1-1pc,No.2-1pc,No.3-1pc,No.4-1pc) 3) Power line:1pc
4) Network cable: 1pc
5) USB wire(video cable):2pcs
6)Prick W/spring:1pc
7) 1.5mm hex screwdriver: 1 set
9) Grease:1pc
10)Rubber ring:about 10pcs
11)Video training course: 1 set
12)User manual:1pc

David Anders' reviews may give some ignition on this desktop pick n place machine to you
Pick-and-Place Machine has arrived! A few weeks ago I ordered a RDG802A (variation of the TVM802A), from +RobotDigg Shanghai, and it was just delivered! I worked with +Ashley Liu from RobotDigg to get just right combination of features and pricing. I can't wait to get this open and setup!

RobotDigg recommended SMT production line
High Precision Printer+Desktop Pick and Place Machine+Reflow oven

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