Desktop Glue Dispensing 300, 400 or 500mm working area

3-axis Dispensing
3-axis Dispensing
3-axis Dispensing


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Desktop Glue Dispensing Robot

The industrial grade desktop automatic dispenser is designed with 3 axis and simple program, movement pattern including point, line, flat, arc, circle, etc. Applications for this product are widely used, such as relays, phone keys, cellular phone, Laptop, Coils, PCB board, IC, Speaker, PDA, LCD, etc.
EDS Automatic Dispensing Robot User Manual

Type 300 SEC-300ED (There are options of sizes SEC-300ED(S)/ SEC-400ED(S)/SEC-500ED(S))
Working Table 300(X)*300(Y)*100*(Z)mm
Maximum Speed 500MM/SEC
Resolution 0.01mm
Repeat Accuracy ±0.02mm
Operating System Teach pendant
Drive Mode Tiny stepper motor
Working Voltage AC220V 50-60HZ 0.8KW
Size 485*500*600
Working Environment Humidity: 20-90% Temperature: 0-40℃
Maximum Load 10 kg/5 kg
Program Recording Capacity At least 100 groups

Name Unit Quantity Remarks
Motor Set 3 Tinny Stepper Motor
Built-in glue barrel Set 1 Optional
Specialized Fixture Set 1 Optional
Motion Controller Set 1 R&D by Factory
Software Set 1 R&D by Factory
Dispensing Controller Set 1 R&D byFactory

Ready to ship within 15 business days after receipt of the purchase order.
Free training courses on machine hardware, software, installation, commissioning, and maintenance WeChat Group Talk with the engineer.
1-year manufacturer parts warranty

Desktop Selective Soldering Robot

The R8 and R8A selective soldering machines are welcomed by many users because of their price and labor free from the PCB Soldering. But there is also a complaint that the UI is Not in English and the linear rail is Not that smooth when running.
Yes, there are such problems because that the R8 and R8A is prototype price-competitive option selective soldering machine out of the personal 3D printer for the China market.
That's the reason we are bringing this Industrial Grade Selective Soldering Robot for high-end users for commercial PCB Soldering
Selective Soldering Machine

SEC-300ED, SEC-400ED 4-axis automatic glue dispensing machine with rotating axis for three dimensional dispensing or selective soldering

1. Drawing points, lines, circles on an internal and external wall, vertical plane, gap, spherical surface of workpieces.
2. Functions of drawing points, lines, surfaces, circles,  consecutive interpolation of irregular curves, and four-axis linkage.
3. Excellent teaching function to support array, graphical browsing, rotation,3D elliptic, common graphical library inserting, group editing and so on.
4. MINI SD file storage with high speed and 2G capacity can store 999 dispensing process documents.
5. The angle between the pinhead and the dispensing surface is adjustable, which enables dispensing onto the internal and external wall, “L” vertical plane of workpieces.
6. The size of glue, speed of glue spread, dispensing time, time of halting dispensing can be set.
7. With the special dispensing controller, glue outflow is quite stable without leaking and dripping.
8. Automatic anti-curing function, which can effectively prevent glue curing from jamming needle head.
9. Powerful PC compatibility with the Logoshop software can import mainstream design software ( such as JDPaint, Auto CAD, Coral Draw, etc.) to generate a variety of file formats (such as, .NC, .AI, .DXF.BMP, .scanner, etc.)

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