Stepper motorized adjustable speed Peristaltic Pump YZ15 or YZ25



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BT100-2J Speed Adjustable Peristaltic Pump

[Product introduction]
Speed Adjustable Peristaltic Pump
Flow range: 0.0002-48mL/min
Timing function, add liquid medium timing and quantitative, more convenient
DG series、YZ series、BZ series;DG series pump head suitable for slight flow transportation
Various pump head for optional
Stepper motor drive, 128 times segmentation, high accuracy, low vibration, silent
Excellent industrial design, fashion, smart
Lab, Biochemical, sampling, filling, fine chemical Coating
Spray drying machine
Spray antistatic fluid for Glass fiber industrial

Product feature
Model BT100-2J
Product name Speed Adjustable Peristaltic Pump
CPU ARM Cortex-0 Core,STM32 Chip
Motor drive chip SANYO THB6128 drive chip
Speed adjustable range 0.1-100RPM
Speed resolution 0.1(<100RPM)
Display function 3 digit LED display the speed
Direction control Clock-wise/counter clock-wise direction, import toggle switch
Operation mode Membrane keypad operate, convenient, quick and reliable
Full speed function Full speed button to realize fast filling and drain
Power-down memory function After power on, running as before External control function Different model external control module for Start/Stop, direction, flow rate;
0-5V、0-10V、4-20mA、0-10KHz 4 module for option Communication function
Optional communication module, RS485 communication control (via Modbus protocol) Intelligent temperature control
Cooling fun intelligent temperature control system, reduce noise
Foot switch control Optional
Power Consumption <35W
Power supply Wide AC90-260V,50Hz/60Hz
Operation condition Temperature 0 to 40 °C, Relative humidity < 80%
Dimension 225mm×143mm×148mm (doesn’t including pump head)
Driver weight 3.5KG
IP rate IP31
Peristaltic Pump

User Manual for the Peristaltic Pump

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