One or bicomponent screw valve BLDC motor drive glue dispenser

0.15cc bicomponent valve
0.15cc one component valve


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Screw valve glue dispenser

Quick start user manual of the Bicomponent Screw Valve Controller

0.15cc one component screw valve

The quantitative conveying accuracy is extremely high, and the minimum quantitative conveying is 0.001ml (the accuracy is within 1%)
The output flow rate is constant and has no pulsation (repetition accuracy is above 99%), and the glue amount is not affected by the change of medium viscosity, temperature and pressure and other parameters
It is suitable for precise and quantitative transportation of various high viscosity media and granular media
It can fall back and completely eliminate the phenomena of wire drawing and dripping
Applicable media
The conveying pressure is 16-20Bar, and the modular design is easy to use and clean. All kinds of adhesives, silica gel, two-component glue, instant drying glue, water-soluble glue, etc.
All kinds of solder paste, conductive adhesive, RTV adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, epoxy adhesive, polyurethane and so on
All kinds of high viscosity UV glue, optical glue and so on
All kinds of coatings, auxiliaries, emulsions, viscous raw materials, paints, oils and fats, etc.
screw valve
Glue dispensing for a mobile phone case and mobile phone screen
Conductive adhesive and shielding dispensing
Dispensing the speaker of the mobile phone and potting the battery of the mobile phone.

Bicomponent Screw Valve or Pump

0.15cc bicomponent screw valve
Bicomponent Valve
The two-component dispensing screw valve is developed for the dispensing and filling process of the electronic industry. It is mainly used to control the mixing proportion of two-component liquid. Users can control the flow of conveying medium according to the rotating speed of the motor, and make a certain percentage of the difference. The two mediums will be evenly stirred in the mixing pipe at the discharge end to avoid the solidification of the mixing glue in the pump. Taking the place of the traditional pneumatic dispensing valve, the two-component dispensing screw pump can be directly installed on the mechanical arm of the equipment, which saves space and cost of the automatic equipment.
BLDC motors and the control system
Bicomponent Screw Valve

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