K type Solenoid pumps KP4, KP1 and KP2



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K type Solenoid pumps

▶Available for acid and alkaline liquid;
▶Continuous work, steady flow;
▶Low noise, long life;
▶Good Sealing, NO leakage of liquid;
▶With temperature control insurance slots;
▶Self-priming Ability.
KP4 Pump
Voltage: 100-240V/50-60HZ
Power: 35W
Ideal Fluid: 20℃ water
Room Temperature: At 25℃
Ambient Temperature: >0℃~60℃
Working mode: Continuous Insulation level: Class H
Integrate Diode: Diode,R2000 2000v
Max. Pressure: 3.0Bar
Flow Rate(OBar): 1250ml/min
Noise(1M): <65dB Life: Above 500hrs
Dry pumping function: Not Available
Installation: Not for underwater
Weight: 415g
Dimension: 122×54×46.8(mm)
KP4 solenoid pump
KP1 750ml/min 15.0bar pump
KP2 550ml/min 20bar pump

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