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Stepper motorized auto pipettor

A plunger pump with a total capacity of 100uL.
During the life cycle of the pump, it has extremely high and stable quantitative suction and discharging accuracy. When testing with deionized water as the medium, the repeatability accuracy is as follows:
Percentage of suction and discharge liquid to total capacity
Repeatability accuracy CV
2% <1.5%, 10% <0.5%, 100% <0.3%
Plunger full stroke: 12.7mm (2000 steps)
Advanced zirconia ceramic plunger processing technology, strict inspection procedures, and a unique sealing scheme ensure that the service life of the pump can reach more than 3 million cycles without maintenance Care.
The parts and materials in contact with liquid media have good chemical resistance.
1. The standard configuration of the pump head material is acrylic (PMMA), and high molecular materials such as Teflon (PTFE) can be provided according to customer needs.
2. Plunger material: Zirconia ceramics, engineering plastics.
Optical detection of the end position, the photoelectric sensor can determine whether the pump is at the initial point of suction.
Long-life, high-performance 1.8° two-phase stepping motor.
stepper motorized pipettor

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