Peristaltic pump glue dispenser for epoxy resin glue



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MT-410 semi-automatic peristaltic pump glue dispensing machine

Standard equipment with manual dispensing switch
Built-in high-precision potentiometer, dispensing time can be adjusted
Standard equipment to prevent leakage of vacuum institutions
Available manual (MAN) / quantitative (TIME) two modes of dispensing function
Has a wide range of adjustment from a low pressure of 0.05 MPa to a maximum of 0.70 MPa so high viscosity materials can also be handled
With test switch, the machine debugging easier
Speed: 0~200rmp
Spit out the amount of glue adjustment range: 0~999.9
Back suction amount adjustment range: 0~400
Minimum spit amount: 0.0001ml
Applicable material viscosity: 10000 cps below, e.g 502 glue
Vomit mode: stable action mode (Quantitative spit), manual control mode
Power: AC110V+/-10% 60Hz AC220V+/-10% 50Hz
Power consumption: 30VA
External dimensions (mm): 188*168*88
Weight: 3.5KGs
Package Included:
1x Glue Dispensing Machine

TP-50 automatic peristaltic pump glue dispensing machine

Voltage: 110V/220V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 30W
Dispensing amount setting: 0°~999°
Back sucking glue setting: 0°~99.9°
Dispensing interval time setting: 0 second ~ 9.99 seconds
Minimum dispensing amount: 0.0005ml
Rubber speed (rotation speed): 0~200 rpm
Repeat accuracy: ±0.005%
Packing size: 27.5*22.5*10.5cm
Weight: 3.3Kgs
Note: 110V voltage is not in stock, the lead time 5-9 working days
Control method: electronic pipe compression method
Dispensing function mode: cycle mode / quantitative mode / manual mode
1.Using original wear-resistant rotor mechanical device, effectively prolong the service life of the pipe, and better save the production cost
2 using the backlit LCD display, the dispensing parameters directly clear
3. More convenient manual switch control
4. No air pressure, convenient operation
5 with function shortcuts, and the installation is very simple, no annoying adjustment work
6. Standard level signal input interface, free to carry automation equipment to control
Applications: high-precision spit dispensing applications such as plug-in wiring, mobile phone keypads, remote control buttons, VCD, DVD heads, heads, solution dispensing, and other precise machines
Applicable glue liquid material
Loctite quick-drying adhesive, cyanoacrylate, electrolyte, ink, liquid, oil and other liquids with a viscosity of 10,000cps or less, Epoxy as example
Usage bonding, fixing, spot coating, wire coating, etc.

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