THT Automatic plug-in line



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The price is for one meter automatic plug-in line line, start from 2 meters
Line frame using high-quality aluminum (40 * 40) and A3 steel plate welding production.
Line height of 1.9 meters, total 0.5 meters, every two meters with a set of 25W motor and governor, each station length of 1 meter.
Line body aluminum adjustment seat front side fixed, moving by the screw to adjust the width, to adapt to the PCB board width of 50-250mm.
The height of the wire table is 750 ± 20mm.
Transmission guide with a dedicated PCB board production of aluminum production, both sides of the chain support pcb board; 0.3-2.5m / min.
Line body lighting with 30W with a fluorescent lamp per station, each lamp with a switch.
Each station configuration: A4 hard plastic cover for a storage technology board, a set of boxes.
Line surface using electrostatic spray processing, color for the computer color air conditioning gray.

THT Production Line
THT Automatic plug-in line+Lead-free dual-wave soldering machine+THT PCB substrate output machine

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