Lead-free laminar or dual wave soldering machine

L2520 * W1200 * H1520mm
L3150 * W1200 * H1570mm


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Laminar Wave Soldering Machine

Lead-free laminar wave soldering machine
5mm tin tank outside the heat to produce less slag
wave soldering machine

Technical Parameters:
Tin furnace temperature 300 (℃)
Starting power 11 (KW) Normal operating power 4 (KW)
MWZ-250 wave soldering economical lead-free dual-wave soldering machine 5mm tin tank outside the heat to produce less slag
No ventilation system
Crest double peak
Operation mode Touch screen operation + PLC control system
Substrate size 50-250mm (width) * 100mm (height)
Transmission speed: 500-1800mm / min
Flux tank capacity: flux 5L (flux level is too low alarm)
Flux Spray: Scanning spray, 0.4-0.81 / h adjustable
Air supply: external access 0.3-0.5mpa
Infrared preheat: 1100mm, two preheating, room temperature -200 ℃
Cleaning tank capacity 140kg
Tin tank S3mm stainless steel
Tin tank capacity 260KG (solder page too low alarm)
Peak height disturbance wave is less than or equal to 11mm, broadband wave is less than or equal to 10mm, frequency adjustment
PCB transport direction left → right
Transmission angle 3-7 ° adjustable
Transfer claw form hook double round head claw piece
Power supply power three-phase four-wire AC 380V 16KW
Body size L2250 * W1150 * H1400mm
Equipment weight 650Kgs

THT Production Line
THT Automatic plug-in line+Lead-free dual-wave soldering machine+THT PCB substrate output machine
dual-wave soldering machine

Dual-wave Soldering Machine

NSI-300 or NSI-350 soldering machine which has Laminar Wave and Turbulent Wave Soldering Sections.
Dual-wave Soldering Machine

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