Integrated Stepper Motorized Rotary Table

Rotary TableInstruction on how to operate with RobotDigg integrated stepper motorized rotary table? This is the power interface, the input voltage is 24VDC , and the current is 3A. Be careful that the positive and negative poles can’t be reversed when wiring, otherwise the driver will be burnt. This Yellow one is direction switch, and this green one is enable switch, press it and motor go offline....

Linear rail comparison of HIWIN vs RobotDigg 440C SUS vs GCr15 hardened steel

Hi Guys, today we want to show you the difference between linear rails from different sources. Here you can see there are three same type linear rails which are HIWIN origin, RobotDigg 440C stainless steel and GCr15 or hardened steel China mainland copy. All the rails and carriages was put in the air indoor condition in Shanghai, yearly average humidity is over 50% without any maintenance for over...

How to Maintain a Reflow Oven?

Reflow Oven Maintenance Proper reflow oven maintenance can extend its life cycle, keep the machine in good condition, and improve production efficiency and product quality. One of the most important tasks for properly maintaining a reflow oven is remove the built-up flux residue inside the oven's chamber. Although there is a flux collection system in modern reflow machines, there still is a big pr...

Stepper motorized syringe pump

Syringe pump How to control syringe pump using stepper motor? Arduino, easy driver and stepper motor, joystick and limit switch? Stepper moves CW and CCW When hits limit switch 1 turns direction and again when hits limit switch 2 turns to other side When limit switches are pushed in the same time to control the relay to use the valves Speed control, so it will be able to basically control volume p...

MPG Pendant, Mach3 or Mach4

MPG Pendant What is MPG Pendant? MPG Pendant stands for Manual Pulse Generator Pendant or Handwheel(Chinese translation?) A manual pulse generator (MPG) is a device for generating electrical pulses (short bursts of low current) in electronic systems under the control of a human operator (manually), as opposed to the pulses automatically generated by software. MPGs are used on computer numerically ...

Selection of peristaltic pump system

Stepper Motor Peristaltic Pump Peristaltic pump system is mainly divided into three parts: peristaltic pump head, peristaltic pump pipe and peristaltic pump driver. 1. Selection of pump heads. 1, the pump head is divided into single channel and multi-channel transport fluid. 2. Hose should be replaced easily. 3, there is easy to fix the hose. 4. Fine tuning ratchet to change the pressure pipe gap ...

Teflon coated lead screw

Teflon coated lead screw 1. Stainless steel lead screws why teflon coating is applied? 2. Teflon or PTFE solid lubricant get rid of what problems? 3. Teflon coated lead screw threaded linear stepper motor. Lead screws are one of the most common and cost-effective tools used to convert rotary motion into linear motion. Advanced materials and coatings allow them to be used in a multitude of applicat...

What is Simulink?

Simulink, an add-on product to MATLAB, provides an interactive, graphical environment for modeling, simulating, and analyzing of dynamic systems. It enables rapid construction of virtual prototypes to explore design concepts at any level of detail with minimal effort. For modeling, Simulink provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for building models as block diagrams. It includes a comprehensive...


Timing Pulley Classification by Mounting Beginning with the most inexpensive options, good for fitting into tight budget scenarios where the load is not a big constraint, set screws provide security for only the lowest loads. These use friction of the set screw against a set screw flat on the shaft for their holding power. With the addition of a keyway, they can provide a mounting solution for low...

ACME vs Trapezoidal Threads

ACME and trapezoidal threaded products appear similar at a glance. In fact, these two threads were developed around the same time and are more similar than different. What is the difference between ACME thread and trapezoidal thread, and which should you choose? Until the late 1800s, square threads were in common use for heavy loads and motion transfer applications. There were two problems with sq...