RobotDigg Kossel 3D Printer Kit Tutorial

RobotDigg Kossel 3D Printer According to assembling manual, the hardware installation is easy. Only we need to use finger to rub basing on the embarrassing angle of the stepper motor. Although the wire connection is a hard work for me as a greenhand, don’t worry, it will become easier since we have upgraded version soon. There’re some important wire plug. Just follow the instruction map. Following...

Hollow Shaft Stepper Motors

What is hollow shaft stepper motor? Hollow shaft stepper motor is stepper motor with hollow shaft or bore on the shaft, the hollow shaft can be divided into 3 types according to RobotDigg Coarse bore hollow shaft stepper motor A hollow shaft stepper motor with coarse or relatively rough machined bore is used for Air, Beam or Cables...

3D Printer open source popular firmware or software

There are list of active reprap electronics. 1 32 bits Community based, tested and supported electronics 1.1 Generation 7 Electronics 1.2 Smoothieboard 1.3 Duet 1.4 Replicape 2 8 bits community based, tested and supported electronics 2.1 Melzi 2.2 PiBot for Repetier Motherboard 2.3 RAMPS 2.4 Sanguinololu 2.5 SAV_MKI 3 RAMPS derivatives (8 bits) 3.1 Megatronics 3.2 BAM&DICE 3.3 BAM&DICE-DUE...

China LED SMT machine development

2008 LED patch into the lighting and light source products, a simple single LED patch products, do not need high production accuracy, the domestic enterprises see the opportunity to invest in research and development of simple double-headed LED placement machine. This is the first generation of the initial type of placement machine, such machines do not have visual identification devices, usually ...

Storage and preparation before printing the solder paste

 Soldering tin paste series Soldering tin paste is the most important joint material for modern printing wiring board and surface makeup technique(SMT). It is determinate factor for ideal and steady soldering effect that chooses appropriate tin paste. Its alloy composition and content and flux type should be concerned. Storage of solder paste The solder paste should be stored in refrigeration...

RobotDigg EU Tax Free

RobotDigg release a new shipping option "EU Tax Free" In fact, the Tax was paid by shipper. The order will be shipped to UK firstly and Custom Clearance made there, it delays 2-3 days compared with ship directly from China to Europe countries. After the clearance in UK, there is tracking code available to the destination countries. It's also known as Special Line Express Shipment Europe countries ...

The Difference between Cartesian, Delta, SCARA and Six-axis Robots

The use of Cartesian and six-axis robots, as well as selective-compliance-articulated robot arms (SCARAs) is on the rise. They automate tasks to accelerate cycle times, increase throughput, and eliminate bottlenecks. Advanced controls make the robots user-friendlier than ever, with fewer backend-programming requirements. And in some cases, online tools let end users and OEMs quickly choose and con...

F1 Modular DIY 3D printer SET RobotDigg Presentation

F1 Modular DIY 3D printer SET can be a 3D printer or be laser carving by exchanging a head.Is not it cool? When unpacked: A bunch of modular components, the assembly process is simple A few screw, follow the instructions on the line. Connect according to the instructions Installed on the drive, this operating system is very simple. No need to install, directly copy into the computer. Masking Tapes...

3D Printer Controller and Driver

When we talk about 3D Printers, we come to personal or portable 3d printers the most. When we talk about 3D Printing Technology, we conclude to FDM the most, even though SLA is getting popular. RobotDigg is going to launch LCD based SLA 3D Printer. Why? Because we are Makers, we 3Ders who are chasing to make 3D Printing Technology practical, affordable and easy to get. Today RobotDigg is going to ...

RobotDigg, We’re Together

Not only every RobotDigg Team Member are together, from the 2 days site down, I strongly feel that RobotDigg customers are also together with us. Compared to the goal rank in 100-year enterprise, RobotDigg is a young team running on equip makers business besides a stepper / linear stepper motor factory. The team is full of young people, a young warehouse, a young website but full of energy and cre...