Linear rail comparison of HIWIN vs RobotDigg 440C SUS vs GCr15 hardened steel

08, Mar, 2019

Hi Guys, today we want to show you the difference between linear rails from different sources. Here you can see there are three same type linear rails which are HIWIN origin, RobotDigg 440C stainless steel and GCr15 or hardened steel China mainland copy.
RobotDigg Linear Rails
All the rails and carriages was put in the air indoor condition in Shanghai, yearly average humidity is over 50% without any maintenance for over 1 year, first let's check how is the performance before lubrication. I am Not sure if you can identify what they are from this video, but from first person view I can tell which one is HIWIN without a touch. The one is still shining must be HIWIN origin I think.

Here we go, this one is HIWIN origin let's show you in details (video closer), you can see there is mark on the rail and carriage "HIWIN". The longer one is RobotDigg 440C Stainless Steel rail and carriage, and this one is the GCr15 steel ones. Let's get in hands and check the performance: HIWIN origin ones seems great which is quiet and smooth. Forget to mention that HIWIN material is 55 grade steel. RobotDigg 440C stainless steel ones performance great as well. The GCr15 steel ones get rusty on the rail surface, carriage slides Not that smooth and the bearing balls in it must be rusty as well.

After WD-40 spray lubricants