MOSFET Repair on RAMPS Board why and how

Firstly thanks to Contemporary Maker Rob Schwartz, his blog explain why and how to repair the MOSFET on Ramps 1.4 Board "When I first got the RAMPS 1.4 board, I wondered why the power MOSFETs for the hotends and the heated bed had no heatsinks. However, after connecting the RAMPS board to the printer, they seemed to work just fine. I soon forgot about the problem entirely... but that was the wrong...

Stepper Motor Linear Actuator

Last week we talked about the stepper motor, and this week we want to go further about the topic which will be stepper motor linear actuator or linear stepper motor. There are three types of linear stepper motors and we are talking about the integrated stepper motor linear actuators, they are External Drive, Non-captive and Captive Linear Steppers. Haydon Kerk a linear motion specialist provide wo...

Delta Printer vs Prusa i3

There are talks on Reddit about which to buy, a delta printer or a prusa i3. Both of the 3d printers are RepRap origin suitable for personal 3der or maker. What advantages and disadvantages are there to a delta printer vs something like a prusa? Advantages to a delta printer: large build area (especially vertically) ease of scaling the design vertically (just lengthen some rods/extrusions) simpler...

Difference between a Kossel and a Rostock RepRap

What is the difference between a Kossel and a Rostock RepRap? The above pictures are from RepRap, it can be read that on the left is a linear shaft and linear bearing combination and on the right is a aluminum profile and linear rail delta robot. 1. Both are delta robot RepRap built in 2012 by Johann in Seattle, USA. And the difference is that Kossel is based on his Rostock prototype. Does that me...

Outline of Stepper Motor

Hi, this is Tiger Huang from RobotDigg, today’s topic is “Outline of Stepper Motor”, here you can see is a Nema17 4 lead wire bipolar 1.8 degree single stack linear stepper motor. Let’s dismiss the linear stepper motor to find out what’s inside and the factors of a stepper motor. Firstly it’s stepper motor, not servo motor or normal dc motor. There is only one piece magnetic steel which should be ...

X-CUBE LCD based SLA Resin 3D Printer Tutorial

Some of the material will be hardened after heating, some substances will be hardened in case of cold, and this material met with the light will occur hardening, this phenomenon will be called "light curing." Photopolymer A material called Photopolymer, which consists of a polymer monomer and a prepolymer, typically a liquid, a photoinitiator (a photosensitizer), a UV light of a certain wavelength...

Common problems when surface mount components

Generally, SMT includes surface mount technology, surface mount devices, surface mount components, SMT management Common problems when surface mount components 1, nozzle deformation, plug, damage, lack of vacuum pressure, air leakage, resulting in suction unsuccessful, take material incorrect,or throwing material because of a wrong identification. Solution: check the equipment daily, test the NOZZ...

Fidget Spinner Tricks

If RobotDigg owe you a story of 2017, here it is. Fidget Spinner Is there tricks for Fidget Spinner? RobotDigg do Not have such tricks. Starting from early 2016, when in Feb of 2017, fidget spinner is roaring. You can find it quite noisy on Esty the most popular Handmade, Vintage & Creative Goods Store and Thingiverse. Reporting from my China shipping partner, 80% parcels express to US is Fidg...

OpenPnP Projects China and Worldwide

OpenPnP is a project to create hardware and software for a completely Open Source SMT pick and place machine that anyone can afford. It's good to be Open Source, even though I am user of IPhone5&6, BUT I know that Android is the the world’s most popular mobile Operating System because it's open source, users can edit and improve the edition. Similar open source projects are growing, Open Sourc...

RepRap Calculator

1. Stepper motorized lead screw or ball screw is high quality and more reliable in precision 3d printing, RobotDigg Tr8*8 linear stepper, Tr8*2, Tr8*4, 1204 Ball Screw are getting popular for quality 3D Printer builds. 2. Personal 3D Printer are getting involved in two directions portable mini or large size, industrial high microstepping stepper driver, Nema8, Nema11, 0.635mm pitch, 2mm pitch lead...