Reprap Stepper Motor

If you want RobotDigg to give you some ideas on Reprap Stepper Motor. Here we are. Just as the reprap forum has been showed up, Nema14 and Nema17 Stepper are popular as Reprap Stepper Motor in small and medium sizes of 3d printers like Huxley, MendelMax. Nema23 is supplementary to Nema14 and Nema17 Stepper Motors. We have some comments on the Nema23 stepper motor. Robotdigg do Not Nema23 Stepper i...

3D Printing in China

3D Printing in ChinaI am not sure when 3d printing comes to China but the first brand of personal 3d printer I know is Up!. After that I find there are 3d printer replicators from Hangzhou, Jinhua and Shenzhen. The word "replicator" is a word with wisdom. Makerbot 3d printer is copied by many Chinese manufacturers. It seems that 3D printing comes to the public in China after TV News. Mos...

Combine Order

What is Combine Order?Combine Order is an order with several different items. Take a example: You want to buy pencil from a shop, a eraser may be needed, so you buy a pencil and a eraser at a time. To RobotDigg, you buy a Nema17 stepper motor, pulley and belt as one order is Combine Order.Why Combine Order?To save shipping cost. We see that some clients want to buy only small quantity stepper moto...


In the last month June, 2013. RobotDigg are putting lot of items that are necessary to build a Step Extruder.Now we have .4mm Brass Nozzle, Thermal Tube, Thermal Core, Heatsink, Heater Cartridge and Kapton Tape to supply for the Stepextruder.RobotDigg is still working on more parts for the stepextruder, the next supply will be Bar Mount(Chassis Block). And we may offer 12V and 24V cooling fan in t...

Aliexpress Store

RobotDigg is now available on Aliexpress: Good news is that you can pay us through Credit Card3D printing industry is open source, 3D printing hobbyists share what they create. This is 3D culture and is the really great thing at the heart of 3ders.Thanks to Peter Liwyj! Peter helped us a lot on the translation work and the job was done terrifically. RobotDigg ...

10000pcs gt2 pulley

T2.5 pulleySince March, 2013 RobotDigg begin to machine Timing Pulleys to meet clients' requests besides stepper motor and Acme threaded rod stepper motors for 3d printers. T2.5 16 teeth Pulley a Chinese standard Trapezoidal tooth profile Timing Pulley is our start.MXL pulley and GT2 pulleyIn the middle of March, 2013, RobotDigg have many more requests on Timing Pulleys after we offer stepper moto...

Shopping Guide

Q&A:How do RobotDigg accept payment? We accept Paypal and wire transfer. Now Aliexpress is our channel for Credit Card payment. The aliexpress address link is: RobotDigg Aliexpress StoreWill RobotDigg accept paypal so that we, the buyers, can have some sort of buyer protection against fraud? We take Paypal payment. And can issue the Paypal Invoice.How long before you ship? The lead time depend...

External Drive Threaded, Non-captive and Captive Linear Stepper Motors

Stepper Motor Linear ActuatorsWikipedia gives out a definition of linear actuator: Linear Actuator is an actuator, in contrast to the circular motion of a conventional electric motor(stepper motor), that creates motion in a straight line. Linear actuators are used in machine tools and industrial machinery, in valves and dampers, and in many other applications where linear motion is required. Robot...

Threaded Rod or Threaded Shaft

8mm smooth rod and M8 screw are widely applied in 3d printers. A nema17 stepper motor, a 5mm shaft to 8mm screw coupler and a M8 screw was prevailing as Z axis solution for a 3d printer. After that a name called Threaded Rod NEMA17 Stepper begins to be known between 3ders. Why a threaded rod nema17 stepper or a nema17 stepper with threaded shaft? 1. Much neater than Motor, coupler and M8 screw opt...

What is children's preferred 3d printer?

Happy Children's Day.What is children's preferred 3d printer? If I were child, I would like RigidBot and ROBO 3D. RigidBot seems cute and ROBO 3D looks colorful. Wow, that is not the turth. They both are good 3d printer.RobotDigg is going to supply 3Ders with more product options recently. We are trying to do gt2 pulleys 20 teeth/grooves 5mm bore or 8mm bore, 36 teeth 5mm bore as our standard offe...