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DIG, DIG, DIGGING the Suez Canal Digger, RobotDigger?

RobotDigger? Dig, Dig, Digging the Suez Canal. The 101-kilometer-long Suez Canal was opened in 1869, connecting the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. It is the most convenient waterway from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Its repair is of great strategic significance to Europe, because 70% of Europe's imported oil passes through the Suez Canal. Unexpectedly, a 400-meter-...

How Do Linear Actuators Work?

Linear actuators are one of the vital parts of many mechanical components nowadays. These convert rotational motion into reciprocating motion, usually used in machine tools, industrial machinery, and in many other places where linear motion is necessary. Utilizing linear actuators are more efficient due to safe and clean motion control. There are two distinct capacity load variables in operating L...

CHMT36VA pick and place machine digest

1. Component height makes no difference and nozzle hitting too hard on PCB? Notice that changing the component height value does not change anything in my CHMT36VA? When setting 0805 resistor with 0.5 height and the nozzle hit the PCB very hard. I tried to change to 1 or even 1.5 and I do not see any difference. Maybe my machine is not calibrated. Sometimes hit so hard the component bounces and la...

VORON2.4 the best CoreXY 3D Printer

Ever before, RobotDigg has a close eye on the CoreXY 3D Printers and it's a pity that most of the innovations do Not come to success as expected. There are many topics on the CoreXY construction on Google+ since 2016. RobotDigg manufactured a 2GT 2mm pitch pulley which is special for the CoreXY 3D Printer builds designed by Toolbotics in early 2017. VORON2.4 Release on GitHub

2020 is challenging on the supply chain

COVID-19 broke or is damaging the balance of supply chain It comes to the end of May 2020, but the Pandemic Economy Phenomenon is still there hung up. What does it mean? 1. It seems China comes back to work from this Feb 10 but most factories or service providers are starting the business until March and Hubei is back in middle of April. Children at least in Shanghai are still staying home at the ...

Pandemic impact everything these days

RobotDigg are doing the best to be your reliable Supply Chain 1. How your company is adapting operationally to COVID-19? RobotDigg are based in Shanghai China, we need to be on duty Feb 1st if we act as normal years, the 8th day of Chinese New Year 2020. But all were unexpected that we can Not get back to work because the Lockdown were applied to almost all the companies including us for sure the ...

Face Mask Making Machine is Money Printer

COVID-19 the Black Swan of 2020 Because of the COVID-19 China's recovery from the Chinese New Year holidays is delayed by 1 month or more. Now the Coronavirus seems under control in China but Europe and USA are getting into bad situation as we know. During the time the end of Jan to the last 10 days of Feb, face masks are in short in China because the demand increased unexpected huge. Especially a...

How is the Novel Coronavirus in China now?

How is the Novel Coronavirus in China now, Feb 2020? The Coronavirus does Not delay the shipment from Shanghai at most :-) FedEx is coming RobotDigg everyday. But we are running out of stock linear rails and some other items. In fact the situation is that 1. People from their home town after the Chinese New Year holidays are limited to go back working place if they do Not leave at 1st, Feb. 2. Eve...

7DoF Robot Arm

7DoF Robot Arm (part 1) So here there are all the necessary files to build the part 1 of Another 7DoF Robot Arm. I even included the files for the Arduino (Teensy). Brushless motor: Multistar 9235 100KV from Huge slew bearing: inner diametre: 100mm, outer diameter: 116mm, width: 8mm (100x116x8mm, name: RA10008) Some other bearings (6707, 6710, 21x15x4, 18x12x4) Belt: GT3, 188teeth, ...

Desktop CNC Router, Engraver

As a woodworking lover,maybe you’ve been to a big woodworking show and were mesmerized by the immense industrial CNC machines in long time ago.Yes,these machines be called CNC Router, CNC Engraver, CNC Mill which are mainly used in the woodworking and related fields, such as wood panel engraving,cabinet making and so on,it features rigid structure and high precision. CNC Router suitable to make ca...

How to select injection molding screw

Plastic injection machine screw and barrel has the function of conveying,melting,mixing,compression,measurement and exhaust,which playing an important role in plasticizing quality. Screw and barrel is the main core unit of the plastic injection molding machine,such as the heart of the human, which can directly reflect the performance of the machine.So how to choose a good screw and barrel is the p...

How to improve the performance of cheap linear guids

Linear guides from RobotDigg The RobotDigg linear guide rails, despite also coming from China, are in my experience of better quality than the cheapest Chinese guides. Both the machining and the materials used are of higher quality. They cost a bit more than the cheap Chinese ones, but nothing extravagant. Out of all options this one seemed like the best value to me, so I used their 440C SUS MGN9 ...

Plastic Injection Molding Machines

When it comes to plastics processing tools, plastic injection molding machines are without a doubt one of the most versatile pieces of equipment. These machines can be used to make virtually anything, ranging from mini hearing aid parts to large individual parts like tractor hoods.The so-called plastic injection moulding process refers to: the plastic material in the barrel of an injection molding...

Technology used in smart-farm industry

The current state of global food production is so full of contradictions. We produce more than enough food for every person on earth, yet hundreds of millions go hungry each day.Also cultivating the food we need to survive is a damaging process, with emissions and pollutants from agriculture threatening both the environment and human health. Recognizing a necessity for more sustainable and efficie...

Desktop CNC Router

As a woodworking lover, maybe you’ve been to a big woodworking show and were mesmerized by the immense industrial CNC machines in long time ago.Yes,these machines be called CNC Router, which mainly used in the woodworking and related fields, such as wood panel engraving, cabinet making and so on, it features rigid structure and high precision. CNC Router suitable to make cabinet door, office furni...