Plastic Injection Molding Machines

14, Nov, 2019

When it comes to plastics processing tools, plastic injection molding machines are without a doubt one of the most versatile pieces of equipment. These machines can be used to make virtually anything, ranging from mini hearing aid parts to large individual parts like tractor hoods.The so-called plastic injection moulding process refers to: the plastic material in the barrel of an injection molding machine is plasticized into a melt by the sheer heat that is generated by external heating and screw rotation, and then the melt is fed into the cavity of a certain shape through the application of certain pressure, where, after cooling and solidification to become the parts what you want.
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Horizontal and Vertical Injection machines
Horizontal plastic injection machine work by injecting melted plastic into a clamp that contains a mold, with the end shape produced being a reverse image of the mold in the clamp. These machines are ideal for both simple and intricate plastic parts with great detail. Machine styles include electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and so on.

Desktop Injection Molding Machine
Our vertical injection machine can be used to produce a product with an insert introduced so the plastic is molded around the insert. Examples of this would be screwdrivers and electrical components. Vertical injection molders are usually configured with either a shuttle table or rotary table to convey the mold.
Injection Molding
Vertical sun visor clip injection molding machine