D202X-R2 5K or D400X-R4 10K Joystick POT



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Joystick POT

Joystick POT for dolly camera.
Analog stepper driver JT322AN
Stepper Motor NEMA 14 or other stepper motors.

Module Number: JH-D400X-R4
Resditance Value: Standard 10KΩ
Resditance Tolerance: ±20%
Independent Linearity: ±1%
Resolution: Essentially Infinite
Outpoot Smoothness: 0.5% maximum
Scope of application:
1. Move photography and television control system
2. Curative imaging system
3. Film frequency compile and produce equipment
4. Automatization machine control
5. Instruments for industrial and scientific us
Package include:
1 x Joystick potentiometer

New supply D202X-R2 5K two dimensions XY play joystick potentiometer

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