Slip Ring 5A 10A 30A with Flange OD 12.5mm, 22mm, 30mm Rotating Electrical Rotary Joint

2 channels 5A per
8 channels 5A per


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Capsule Slip Ring

Slip ring/Rotary union applied to any devices where required to transmit power and signals when rotating, hole size from 3mm to 300mm, circuits from 2 wires to 300 wires.

Fully meet the 360 degrees of unlimited rotation of the image and data transmission work with small noise, long life, small rotation torque, smooth running dynamic resistance change value is extremely low, small volume, compact structure
Speed:250 RPM or Customized
Channel number:4-24 Channel
Rated voltage:240VAC/DC
Rated current:10A/30A
Operating temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +80 ℃
Contact material: gold
Wire Size:AWG12#,AWG17#  Silver-plated Teflon UL
Wire length: standard 150mm
Compressive strength: between the two channels≥300V 50Hz
Insulation resistance:300MΩ/300VDC
Dynamic resistance fluctuation value: minimum 10mΩ
Shell material: engineering plastics
Working life:≥5 million rpm(depending on the working environment and speed

Below 3D drawing for the installation guide, for example, mounting a slip ring to a robot:
1. Mounting the flange to the robot shaft;
2. Connect the wires to the equipment;
3. Fix the stator to the static part of the equipment with screws.

Slip ring models are applied in many applications and types of equipment and provide system solutions worldwide.
It involves wind power, controllers, industrial turntables, robots, engineering machinery, CCTV video monitoring, medical equipment, military radar, and so on.

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