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Smoothieboard ARM32 Mainboard

Smoothieboard is an Open-Source Hardware CNC controller designed by the Smoothie community to run the Smoothieware firmware.
Its main design goals are :
Uses as powerful hardware as possible at the time
Can control several machine types ( 3D printers, lasers, CNC mills/routers )
Easy to set up and use
Easy to do weird, new and exciting things with
Easy to develop for
This page is for v1, the first version of the Smoothieboard hardware.
The board uses the LPC1769 microcontroller, an ARM Cortex-M3 chip :
32-bit architecture
120Mhz frequency
512kB ROM ( program space )
64kB RAM ( execution memory )
Compared to lots of other boards, this allows for faster/smoother movement, more features and more extensibility.
The board runs the Smoothie firmware, which has been designed and perfected to take best advantage of the hardware, to make the board easy to configure and use, and to add cool features.

Smoothieboad Wiring

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