Ball Spline 8, 10, 13 or 16mm solid or hollow shaft



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Hollow Shaft Ball Spline

Ball Spline is similar to Ball Screw which is used for linear motion, but it's Not ball screw. Ball Spline is different from the classic Spline with guide gear or teeth, it is more like the linear rail but round profile with two columns of the guide bearing ball construction.
There are solid shaft and hollow shaft ball splines. Hollow shaft is designed for cables or tubing to be through which is functioning like the slip ring.

For other requests on ball spline please send us an email for a quote. The listed are hollow shaft with Flange slide block and 200mm, Raydent surface treatment.
Ball screw and ball spline in one piece is also can be manufactured as per request.
Ball Spline

Harmonic Drive Reducer and Ball Spline

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