Reciprocating Linear Actuator DC geared motor swing crankshaft



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Reciprocating Linear Actuator

1. The angle can be adjusted: the angle can be changed quickly, and it can be used in a true vertical 90° with flexible angle adjustment.
2. Bottom suction cup design: In the bottom design of the stand, 4 large suction cups are added. Better ensure the stability of the bracket, so that the bracket will not shake.
3. Aluminum alloy material: The surface has been polished 27 times, and the structure is tightly designed.
Select Speed
Reciprocating Linear Motor has a variety of speeds to choose from
Package includes:
1:Telescopic Linear Actuator
2:Power supply with speed control
3:Stand kits
4:End connector
Reciprocating Actuator
Reciprocating Crankshaft

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