Aluminum profile set for Voron CoreXY 3D Printers



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CoreXY 3D Printer Frame of Voron

RobotDigg has been worked with CoreXY projects since the year 2014 and we are proud that the VORON Design is one of the most successful CoreXY 3D Printer projects or Kickstarter.
VORON Switchwire 3D printer aluminum profile set of black anodized T-slot precut and drilled.
3060 - T-slot
520mm - 2 pcs.
3030 - T-slot
400mm threaded on both sides - 2 pcs
360mm drilled on both sides - 1 pc
300mm threaded on both sides - 2 pcs
2020 - T-slot
340mm threaded on both sides - 1 pc.
340mm - 1 pc
Voron Switchwire Frame

250mm printing area Voron
2020 T-slot
240mm 1pc
330mm 1pc
350mm 2pcs
370mm 10pcs
430mm 4pcs

300mm printing area Voron
2020 T-slot
290mm 1pc
380mm 1pc
400mm 2pcs
420mm 10pcs
480mm 4pcs

350mm printing area Voron
2020 T-slot
340mm 1pc
430mm 1pc
450mm 2pcs
470mm 10pcs
530mm 4pcs

Voron 0 CoreXY Printer 1515 black anodized aluminum profile
200x15x15mm 16pcs
100x15x15mm 3pcs
Voron 0 1515 profile

Voron Linear Rails

RobotDigg has a range of linear rails for your builds of Voron 3D Printers, and from the beginning of this CoreXY 3D Printer, we bring the Black Anodized Linear Rails MGN7, MGN9 and MGN12, besides that 440C stainless steel linear rails and also linear rails HIWIN genuine of the sizes.

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