Underwater Thruster F2838-350kv-Z 2.4KG thrust with propeller



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Underwater Thruster

Note: The motor can Not be connected with power supply directly, it needs the ESC module. Otherwise, the motor will be burnt.
1pc CW Thruster and 1pc CCW Thruster
underwater thruster
Propeller diameter: 60mm
Propeller aperture: 4mm
Underwater propeller parameters
1, voltage 12V, maximum thrust 1.12KG, maximum current 6A
2, voltage 16V, maximum thrust 1.5KG, maximum current 7.7-8A
3, voltage 24V, maximum thrust 2.4KG, maximum current 11.7A
The above data is the test data of the 60 four-leaf plastic paddle propeller, and the test data of the propeller without the paddle is different.

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