Peristaltic pump tubing pharmed BPT from Saint-Gobain



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Pharmed® BPT Tubing

We are wholesale of this imported peristaltic pump tubing from France
Suitable for various peristaltic pump
Grade No.: Saint-Gobain Pharmed BPT tubing
Color: Yellow
Temperature: -60℃ to 135℃
Hardness: 64A
Breathability: 80
Anti-UV: A
Anti-ozone: B
Acid and alkali: General
Pump life-time: 1000 hours
Certification: USP Class VI、FDA、NSF、ISO 10993
Application: Non-toxic, non-hemolytic, UV and visible light impermeability, protect the photosensitive fluid;
Very suitable for tissue and sensitive cell culture, fermentation, synthesis, separation, purification and process control in the production of filtration and fermentation control, aseptic filling, BPC piping systems, food and beverage, cosmetics, biological products, pharmaceuticals Industry, solenoid valve, sealing machine, fusion machine using.
1.Permeability (for nitrogen test) The higher the value, the better the air permeability of the tube, and vice versa.
2.Pump life test conditions: pump tube 17 (6.4 * 9.6 * 1.6), room temperature 23 degrees, the use of the United States Masterflex peristaltic pump and 3-roller Easy-Load pump head, 600rpm speed, displacement back pressure Opsi, water medium, continuous
Run uninterrupted until there is a gap in the tubing (this value is provided for Saint-Gobain and for reference only)

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