Teflon Microwave COD digestion tank PTFE vessel



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Teflon Microwave COD digestion tank PTFE vessel for Synthesis Reactor
Material: 100% PTFE
Capacity: 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 100ml, 200ml
Excellent corrosion resistance.
Please control the temperature below 200 centigrade, and the pressure below 0.4Mpa.
Do not close the inner cap completely when heating the vessel, to avoid too high pressure inside of the vessel.
PTFE Synthesis Reactor

All PTFE digestion tank performance
1. Appearance is pure white
2. High temperature resistance: use temperature -200 ~ +250 °C; short-term resistance to 300 °C on the hot plate, open fire heating needs to be used on asbestos online.
3. Low temperature resistance: -196 ° C can be maintained at 5%;
4. Corrosion resistance: It has extraordinary chemical resistance and can withstand almost all chemical solvents (strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia and various organic solvents); 5. Resistance to insulation: dielectric properties are independent of temperature and frequency;
6. High lubrication: the lowest friction coefficient (0.04) in solid materials;
7. No adhesion: no adhesion to any substance; no toxicity;
Anti-pollution: low metal element blank value, lead content less than 10-11 g/ml, uranium content less than 10-12 g/ml
COD Digester Tank

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