Laboratory compact spin coater glue homogenizer



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Laboratory Spin Coater Glue Homogenizer

Laboratory compact spin coater / Spin Processor EZ4
Laboratory compact spin coater EZ4 NEW
EZ4 spin coater is a high-performance compact spin coater. It is designed for high uniformity with thin material coatings. With its small footprint, the spin coater can be installed in a fume hood or a glove box. The upgraded program can store up to five recipes and each recipe could be edited with five spin steps.
Motor power: 75W
Speed: 100-9999RPM
Speed resolution: 1RPM
Maximum single step length: 3000s
Time resolution: 1S
Voltage: AC 100-230V
Scope of application: can handle fragments (less than 1cm) to 4-inch wafer substrates
Size: 210*265*213mm
Product accessories selection:
Standard configuration with three kinds of loading trays (diameter 10mm, 25mm, 55mm ).
According to the size and requirements of the substrate, we can provide the design and processing of embedded or lever-type customized carrier trays.
Customized microporous ceramic vacuum adsorption trays can be provided for flexible film substrates.
The spin-coated inner cavity is easy to disassemble, which is convenient for cleaning waste glue, and the inner cavity can be replaced.
Oil-free vacuum pump (above 15L/min) or vacuum generator is optional.

Packing List
EZ4 compact spin coater
Power cable
English manual
PU vacuum tube (Φ6*4mm X 2m)

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