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Nitrogen flow: 2~5,000Nm3/hr
Nitrogen purity: 90~99.9997%
Nitrogen pressure: 0.5Mpa~1.2Mpa (can be boosted with an additional nitrogen booster)
Nitrogen dew point:-70℃~-45℃

PSA Nitrogen Generator Working Principle
PSA nitrogen generators utilize pressure swing adsorption technology to extract nitrogen gas from compressed air, providing an on-site nitrogen supply.

PSA Nitrogen Generator Workflow
PSA nitrogen generators use two adsorption towers filled with Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) material. This CMS contains many microscopic pores that have different adsorption capacities for nitrogen and oxygen molecules under pressure.

The towers alternately cycle through adsorption and desorption:
Adsorption – One tower uses pressure to adsorb oxygen onto the CMS, allowing high-purity nitrogen to flow through continuously.
Desorption – The other tower releases the trapped oxygen in a desorption process, regenerating the CMS for the next production cycle.
This synchronized switching between the two CMS-filled PSA towers provides a reliable, non-stop supply of on-site nitrogen. The proprietary CMS and precision tower cycling are key to generating nitrogen for industrial applications.

To provide you with the most suitable unit, We'd like to gather some additional information about your specific requirements and usage.
Please share the following details with us:
Which application will the nitrogen be used in?

How much nitrogen gas is consumed per hour?

How much nitrogen purity level is required?

The location or area where the nitrogen generator will be installed? Can you tell me the altitude of the site above sea level? This will impact air density.

The details of the power supply and voltages available on site. This is necessary to select correct motors, and electrical components. Please specify voltage, phases, and frequency.

When is the target installation date for the nitrogen generator?

For the customize price please Email us with your requirements to:

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