Deblistering Machine for Blister Packaged Tablets Capsules n Softgels

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Series aluminum-plastic drug stripping machine is an automatic stripper machine for recovering medicines in a defective aluminum-plastic blister package tablet, capsule, soft gel.

Semi-automatic and fully automatic deblistering machine will be widely used in blister packing machine operating and adjusting, empty finished blisters, poor seals and wrong batch date coding from the blister packing production line.

SVD series blister stripper is in 304 stainless steel casing, micro-motor, first-stage reducer, roller combination, guide plate The micro-motor and the first-stage reducer drive a set of rollers that simulate the action of manually peeling the tablets, and the whole vacuum-coated aluminum foil tablets Are peeled off from the defective packaging board, and the medicine particles are separated from the packaging by the guide plates and the rubber-blocking sheets collect.

SVD-80, SVD-120, SVD-120A are designed for blister packing machine operating and adjusting, short production runs and multiple product changeovers.
SVD-130, SVD-160 are designed for recycling demands especially the blister packing mistakes during mass production.
All of these deblistering machines are in stock and can be sent out within one week.

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