Brushless DC Motor Underwater Thruster for ROV Vehicles

24V 5Kg
24V 6Kg


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Underwater vehicle ROV Thruster

RCD-MI60 300m underwater thruster is a power unit that can provide thrust for underwater equipment (instruments) or underwater robot, specially designed for ROV, AUV, underwater vehicle, water or underwater leisure equipments, aquaculture industry, underwater cleaning equipment and so on, with high efficiency, large thrust, small size, use flexible and easy to control of features.
Underwater Thruster
1. Meet the working environment within 300 meters depth underwater. New design, more safety, more reliable, longer life, more convenient maintenance.
2. The 60mm diameter 4 blades metal propeller provides thrust up to 7Kgs.
3. Control propeller can effectively provide positive and reverse rotation.
4. Gearless reducing speed structure, use the brushless DC motor to drive directly, reduce intermediate links, improve the transmission efficiency and to reduce equipment failure rates.
5. The full set used 6061 aluminum, surface anodized, output shaft use 316L stainless steel material, able to meet different use requirements of fresh water, seawater and other special environment.
Type: Brushless DC Motor
Model: RCD-MI60
Voltage: DC 24V
Rated Current: 16A
Max Current: 17A (short time)
Rated Power: 375W
Max Rotate Speed: Approx. 8200rpm/min
Max Working Depth: 300M
Max Thrust: Approx. 7kg
Net Weight: Approx. 0.85kg
Package Includes:
1* Brushless DC Motor

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