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Q&A:How do RobotDigg accept payment? We accept Paypal and wire transfer. Now Aliexpress is our channel for Credit Card payment. The aliexpress address link is: RobotDigg Aliexpress StoreWill RobotDigg accept paypal so that we, the buyers, can have some sort of buyer protection against fraud? We take Paypal payment. And can issue the Paypal Invoice.How long before you ship? The lead time depend...

External Drive Threaded, Non-captive and Captive Linear Stepper Motors

Stepper Motor Linear ActuatorsWikipedia gives out a definition of linear actuator: Linear Actuator is an actuator, in contrast to the circular motion of a conventional electric motor(stepper motor), that creates motion in a straight line. Linear actuators are used in machine tools and industrial machinery, in valves and dampers, and in many other applications where linear motion is required. Robot...

Threaded Rod or Threaded Shaft

8mm smooth rod and M8 screw are widely applied in 3d printers. A nema17 stepper motor, a 5mm shaft to 8mm screw coupler and a M8 screw was prevailing as Z axis solution for a 3d printer. After that a name called Threaded Rod NEMA17 Stepper begins to be known between 3ders. Why a threaded rod nema17 stepper or a nema17 stepper with threaded shaft? 1. Much neater than Motor, coupler and M8 screw opt...

What is children's preferred 3d printer?

Happy Children's Day.What is children's preferred 3d printer? If I were child, I would like RigidBot and ROBO 3D. RigidBot seems cute and ROBO 3D looks colorful. Wow, that is not the turth. They both are good 3d printer.RobotDigg is going to supply 3Ders with more product options recently. We are trying to do gt2 pulleys 20 teeth/grooves 5mm bore or 8mm bore, 36 teeth 5mm bore as our standard offe...

China Source of GT2 Pulley and Belt

GT2 pulley and beltThere are many types of pulley and belt, the difference is not only Tooth Profiles. GT2 Pulley and Belt is prevailing after 2012.Outside U.S., it is really hard job to find a good source of GT2 pulley and belt. RobotDigg starts its pulley machine service from this year. T2.5, MXL pulleys and belts, after experience to provide these pulleys and belts, we wins lots of approval.Som...

Stepper Motor for 3D Printer

What stepper motor are you using in your 3d printer? NEMA17 steppers are the most popular choice as a reprap stepper motor. But are you just a follower? What is a good source of affordable stepper motors for a reprap printer? Reprap Wiki has a list of NEMA14 and NEMA17 stepper motors for 3D Printers. Besides price consideration, what do you need for your 3d printer building, a Nema17 stepper motor...

Linear Motion Solutions---RobotDigg

RobotDigg try to list you solutions of linear motion or z-axis solution of CNC machines and 3D printers.Innovations on linear motion are great news for designers, makers, hackers, cnc hobbists, techcrackers and 3ders. RobotDigg will follow these up and bring you with more useful information. 1.Solenoid. Solenoid is popular in old machines and now you can find them mostly used in game machines and ...

More than 3D Printer---RobotDigg

RobotDigg is more than 3d printer. We are a linear stepper motor professional manufacturer from China which includes External Drive, Non-captive and Captive stepper motors.1.CNC to 3D Printer. RobotDigg care about your Z axis solution, we don't recommend Coupler and Metric Screw especially for small and mini cnc machines. We recommend you a threaded rod NEMA11, Nema14, Nema17 or Nema23 stepper mot...

Order More, Save Most.---RobotDigg

RobotDigg tell you the truth: Order More, Save Most. 1. Save on shipping cost RobotDigg can post sample order without Stepper Motors below 1Kg worldwide to save your shipping cost. RobotDigg supply very competitive price for Order over 21Kgs to U.S, Canada and West Europe, shipping cost by FedEx is only 6.2USD/Kg. For order over 1Kg to U.S, Canada or West Europe, we don't suggest CHINA POST Ai...

Shopping Cart of RobotDigg

Order More, Save Most, not only on shipping cost but also discount price. Welcome to RobotDigg, our shopping cart system ISN\'T complete cause the shipping cost to different countries in different ways are varied. We are glad to follow client\'s request how to ship the order. CHINA POST Air Mail: We are thinking about all standard China Post Air Mail when order below 1Kg but the stepper motor are ...