Threaded Rod or Threaded Shaft

07, Jun, 2013

8mm smooth rod and M8 screw are widely applied in 3d printers.

A nema17 stepper motor, a 5mm shaft to 8mm screw coupler and a M8 screw was prevailing as Z axis solution for a 3d printer. After that a name called Threaded Rod NEMA17 Stepper begins to be known between 3ders.

Why a threaded rod nema17 stepper or a nema17 stepper with threaded shaft?

1. Much neater than Motor, coupler and M8 screw option.
Threaded Rod NEMA17 Stepper do not use coupler to link, stepper motor comes out with a threaded shaft.
2. Threaded Shaft is better qualtity and resolution.
RobotDigg offer #304SS Acme leadscrew as the threaded shaft, compared with a #45 carbon steel M8 screw. It is much better performance.
3. Threaded Rod NEMA17 Stepper saves you time and money to source for M8 screw, couplers and stepper motor.
If your request quantity is small, we can not ignore the shipping cost when you source items anywhere. You may need to buy a M8 screw from one place and a coupler the other space. But to buy a threaded rod nema17 stepper, you do not need to find where for a 5mm threaded shaft or a Tr8*8 leadscrew.

What length threaded rod do you prefer for your z axis?
150mm long Tr8*8 leadscrew, 280mm long threaded rod and 350mm threaded shaft are range of RobotDigg.